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  1. Scarless Healing

    Every non injured tissue on your body completely regenerates. Wounds with a diffusion distance less than 2mm can regenerate completely. Tissues that reepithialize in under 2weeks completely regenerate,.. Then you have various scientific papers that have shown complete regeneration that have been shown on this thread..
  2. Scarless Healing

    Well I take the objective information in the PNAS type journals and scientific statements more seriously than something stated on a message board. Btw I would guess the things you have been let down by are things that use subjective statements that say something like '50% or 90% 'scar-less' improvement...' You will always be let down by statements like that. Whereas complete regeneration is objective. When will it be here? hopefully soon.
  3. Scarless Healing

    Looking at the gemstone site, it looks iike a gel will be used on humans in the next year or so... Btw, imo, you cant define if something is 5% or 90% better. What is 90% to you may 5% to another. Things are either completely regenerated, or incompletely regenerated...