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  1. I've seen a bunch of gorgeous men and women with acne. It doesn't sound like acne has ruined your sex life but warped your perspective on attractiveness due to your own insecurities. There are many people with clear skin who are pretty ugly.
  2. To me, ( no expert, just experienced lol) it looks like over the skin acne which should be easier to treat than underneath skin acne. Have you tried the regimen? I would just do a sal acid facewash plus benzol treatment and moisturizer for a couple months. Remember to drink alot of water and teas! The teas that are best for acne would be green, white and red. Maybe try looking at your diet too, I know for some people dairy makes them prone to break outs.
  3. I've always been self-conscious about my acne scars, apparently my friends don't even see them when they look at me unless I bring it up and point it out. Nobody treats or looks at me in a way that makes me feel like I have them so sometimes I forget! Unless you're a model, the most critical person of your skin will be yourself.