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  1. Don't loose hope, you are still young. I felt so awful and ugly in middle school, I was flat, short, had acne, braces, no friends. You just have to start putting yourself out there little by little and find the right group of people that will accept you and love you despite your acne/ scars, gain some confidence in yourself. It may take years but once you realize you are more than the pimples and scars people will see that as well. I use to never want to look in mirrors, one time my mom put one in front of my face I was so frustrated and mad at her. I went through severe acne and I still have alot of acne scars but now that i'm older and more confident, I have no trouble interacting with people, i've even been able to model. Yeah I get frustrated when I see my acne scars but my friends have told me when they look at me they don't even see them till I point it out. Also, I've been doing derma rolling and I think it's been helping!. I hope something in this post helped you.
  2. Don't let this stop you from realizing your full potential, passion is beautiful. 
  3. Yeah, when I left the consultation room and went up to the receptionist for a follow up appointment I told them I did not want to see her and wanted a different dermatologist  I felt kinda bad but not really. If i'm paying that much money, I want someone i'm happy with.