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  1. Subcision on yourself (at home) who else is doing it?

    My skin smoothed out by perhaps 30% since making this thread; nothing life changing. I did three subcisions (having used roughly 75 needles total) on top of numerous TCA + Glycolic peels, Retin-A combined with dermarolling. I am unable to say if my subcision technique was proper in a surgical point of view; I read over many journals, but it was difficult to hit my scar(s) at all angles as opposed to a surgeon doing it for me. This was simply an experiment to see the healing capabilities of my skin; and I was bargaining for an easy way out (there is no easy way out) but have now accepted that I have faulty genetics, and that trying to overcome faulty genetics is like trying to chase the sun. That is not to say I am not in touch with real surgeons, I am, but it need not matter as I have (almost) come to accept this dire situation: There is no fighting fate.
  2. Scar Type and treatment options

    You say "collagen stimulation" as if it is easy (or even possible to any large degree) to fill deep indentations out of thin air; but you've been unable to, this is why you and I are here today. Even in your own words: You have done numerous treatments (needling, topicals, Co2) to only have minimal results. The logical final step is to attempt masking the problem, not fixing it.
  3. Scar Type and treatment options

    Here is the truth: Silicone injections are a last-step treatment with proven (permanent) results. Who has time to spend years on needling their severe acne scars while youth slips by them, for a 5% improvement? You might. I do not. Silicone has risks; but it does not matter, with severe scarring the term "risk" means absolutely nothing (because we are already at rock-bottom) There should be a questionnaire for all new members on Scar Forum - You roll a two-sided dice: Side one: Your scars vanish. Side two: You die. If you wouldn't roll the dice, you do not belong on this forum. Registration denied.
  4. You are mixing causation - correlation. Scars are not the indicators of our autoimmune-like disease - The acne that caused the scars is, and the scars are just the byproduct. Years of suffering (example for the sake of this argument) very severe acne-congolbata would leave anybody scarred, regardless of how fortified their immune system is (this is a paradox anyway, nobody with a fortified immune system would suffer such acne in the first place)