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  1. Your Being Lied To By Perfect Skin Photoshopped Youtube Celebrities

    I am not being lied to when I step outside for a walk and 99.5% of the population has seemingly normal skin. At my age even more-so, the average person has skin-tight, clear, unscathed skin (as they should) and In fact I was one of those people before fate struck and obliterated my physical being like nothing else.
  2. I am not stopping, but I need something more effective and more invasive. I need better methodologies. I need a complete face overhaul. I do not have my entire youth to waste with topicals and needling for "slight" improvement. Slight improvement is not good enough, because I am still disfigured thereafter. If dermaroller and TCA is the best we have in 2017... I have no idea what to say, my journey as a human being is finished.
  3. I've done the Retin-A, Dermaroller, TCA route for over a year. Improvements were there, but slight. It's not enough. I am still an absolute freak of nature in the eyes of employers, females (bye bye to any chance at companionship or casual sex) not to mention the entire rest of society. The above protocol (RetinA, Dermaroller, TCA) Is great for people with mild skin problems, not me. I have severe scars in the grade 4 range (ie. visible from 1 meter away, over 25+ marks) there is fat loss on both cheeks, and surface scars covering 75% of the entire cheek area, such as: Box scars, pockmarks, and others that I am unable to classify (let's just call it 'destroyed' skin) not posting pictures because it's simply too embarrassing and pathetic showing my faulty genetic abnormalities; use your best imagination. My budget: $7500USD. This might not be enough seeing how these 'doctors' are becoming ever-so greedy, so I could raise it further if need be, to maybe $10,000USD. There has to be guarantees of some improvement. I am not funding Dr. Goldbergs new stainless steel La Cornue fridge and kitchen set then walking out of his office with nothing to show for it. Can you lay out a (hypothetical) start-to-finish plan on how to get at least 50% improvement with current technologies? Please no 'visit a psychologist' or TalkTalk app suggestions. These are the only solutions: 1) Remove my scars, 2) Transcend from my primitive flesh body into another dimension, or 3) Die into nothingness. Thanks. Have a good day everyone.
  4. Infini RF after Silicone Microdroplet Injections

    How bad is/was your scarring, and how much did the silicone improve your skin? Curious to hear this.