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  1. sally added a post in a topic Got Banned From For No Reason?   

    Actually my frustration is entirely from the lack of communication from this ridiculous company. Now I cannot even access the site unless I use a proxy, then the site miraculously loads instantly. I don't even know what the problem is.

    Was there a misunderstanding? Was there a problem somehow with my credit card? No word from them whatsoever. Just a ban, apparently even my IP address has now been banned, and I don't even know why. I swear I've done absolutely nothing wrong. I join the minority of customers who've had a terrible experience with owndoc, I guess.

    I'm giving up and ordering a cheapo derma stamp from Amazon.

    I've decided the people who run owndoc are crazy megalomaniacs.
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  2. sally added a post in a topic Got Banned From For No Reason?   

    Well the only response I've received so far from the CEO is to redirect me to the helpdesk which banned me in the first place. This is the most bizarre, unprofessional encounter I've ever had in more than a decade of online shopping.
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  3. sally added a post in a topic Got Banned From For No Reason?   

    i just want to add that the last time I've had any form of forum participation at all was years ago, as I'm now a busy working mum in my 30s... But if you check my posts you'll see I've been posting on this forum since 2002, and am a non-offensive, reasonable person. I am bewildered by the lack of explanation and being banned from their help desk.

    I emailed the CEO at [email protected] and am awaiting her response. I had purchased the derminator, some rollers and needles, and an ointment.

    Please share your thoughts and experiences... Would greatly appreciate input.
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  4. sally added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    Got Banned From For No Reason?
    I bought about 260 USD worth of products from owndoc yesterday to treat some hyper pigmentation and boxcar scars... To my shock my money was refunded without explanation, and when I submitted a ticket to ask why, I was promptly banned. Am genuinely shocked.. Never experienced this in all my years of online shopping. Anyone had the same experience? What could be the reason?

    Could it be my location? I'm from singapore, but have no idea why this would merit such rude treatment. I've also never posted on any of their forums or had any form of communication with them before.
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  5. sally added a post in a topic Singaporeans?   

    me, hikarino, and there's a long thread in the over-the-counter section " Singaporeans please help mi out" .. there're lots of them! But they dont post very much here
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  6. sally added a post in a topic TCA Peel Available for Home Use?   

    many months ago I saw it on ebay. I'm not sure it was TCA, I think it was phenol.. but other than that the wording and everything's ( packaging etc) exactly the same. I was intrigued so I read through her feedbacks. There was a very irate customer who said she was fleeced and that it was nothing but a common toner. I don't think this is trustworthy.
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  7. sally added a post in a topic Chinese herbal medicine works   

    my body always feels warmer than everyone else's and I sweat a lot! What does this mean, I'd really like to know. It started at puberty...
    You have any idea coco?
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  8. sally added a post in a topic Chinese herbal medicine works   


    I live in Singapore so chinese medical shops are everywhere.. no problems getting these ingredients. Is it a lot of work making them everyday? Also did the doctor ask you questions about your body before giving u this list? As in, whether you have constipation etc etc. What kind of acne did you have?
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  9. sally added a post in a topic Chinese herbal medicine works   

    could you please please tell me the list of ingredients and the amount?
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  10. sally added a post in a topic Got photos, need advice.   

    The pictures are too blurry, it just looks like you have nice skin.
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  11. sally added a post in a topic Vitamin A and accutane   

    wow 300.000 iu is scary. i was thinking along the same lines as you, lookingforsolution, so I've begun taking about 25,000 iu, with 8000 in beta carotene form. 300,000 iu is craziness I think, because vitamin A is fat soluble and too much can be toxic. Can you provide any links to some info?
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  12. sally added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    facial hair + oiliness = blocked pores?
    I really don't know where to post this question, it doesn't seem to fit anywhere..

    Today I finally managed to extract a blackhead that has been around for 3 years. I'd tried countless times in the past resulting only in bleeding, but never managing to extract the head. I think I only managed to now because of the glycolic acid I've been using.

    I was shocked at the size of the blackhead... I could not imagine that there was so much hardened stuff plugged up there! And when I examined closer, there was a teeny curled-up strand of hair embedded near the tip. Does this mean hair is responsible for blocked pores? I vaguely remember a dermatologist mentioning this to me.

    I have fine hair at the sides of my face too, but the skin there is perfect... maybe because I don't have oily skin there.

    So I have cystic acne only on my cheeks, where my skin is oilier (but not excessively) , and where I have some slightly noticable hair. I shave the hair weekly/ forthnightly.

    I have done a couple of hair removal treatments but some of the hair grows back after a while. I was unwilling to invest any more money in it because it is soooo darn expensive. But I recall an extended period of clear skin after my treatments... and I'd have no comedones until the hair grows back!

    So do you guys think facial hair + oiliness cause blogged pores? Do you think laser hair removal is the answer?

    Other than cystic acne on the cheeks I don't get any pimples of the smaller variety anywhere else.
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  13. sally added a post in a topic What should i do?   

    Oh ya I forgot to add, although Retin-A cleared me up the effect went off when I stopped using it. And I was always tempted to because I didn't like the flaking. But the effects of accutane last long after you stop taking it. Acne might recur but not as badly, I think.
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  14. sally added a post in a topic What should i do?   

    Retin-A cleared me up too, but I really hated the flakiness. I did well on accutane, minimal side effects. My skin was bothersomely dry only the first 2 weeks, lips remained dry most of the time, but it wasn't serious. But I had to make a conscious effort to stay out of the sun, which is just as well because the sun here is a killer. You can go in the sun but you need sunblock.

    Personally I think its worth it becayse cysts cause scarring. I have some scarring which under certain lighting look horrendous.

    If you're afraid of serious side effects why not try what newcastlegirl is doing. I find it really interesting but haven't tried it myself. I heard accutane is just a megadose of Vitamin A... and her approach sounds really healthy... I might try it soon ...
    seems like it would need more effort and commitment though. You're less likely to give up on accutane because it is a prescription drug with a proven track record.
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  15. sally added a post in a topic What should i do?   

    Hi there!

    sounds like my situation! I had mostly comedones, and patches of cysts on my cheeks. Anyway after a couple of years of antibiotics and retin-a ( I had lots of flaking, very annoying) I finally got accutane and after that I was clear for a couple of years.

    But now a couple of cysts are returning... I think I grew complacent. I started assuming that my skin was now " normal" since I was clear, applied gunk on it like tea tree oil., creamy moisturisers. I'd advise you to get accutane and then maintain the effect with differin. It works quite similarly to retin-a, but no redness/flaking.
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