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  1. Jojoba oil making me break out?

    jojoba oil is one of the only essential oils I can slather on my skin and not risk a breakout. Interesting to see different results.
  2. Red marks fading

    isn't the pie or pih club great? Yeah I'm in the same boat. I get PIE/PIH very easily and I used a sunscreen that people are expecting to be recalled because of the 3rd degree burns it produces and Ima wait 2 years before I hit the cosmetic therapy. Lucky it's just one spot on my face, but it's about the size of a dime and is a deep red.
  3. What is this lump?

    Got something similar myself. Headed to the doc tomorrow, hopefully its not a tumor or something.
  4. Shoud I quit differin and topicals in general?

    From my own experience. I've only ever had acne in my t zone. I started getting pimples in grade 9 and got them regularly in my t zone until I was 20. I'm now 22. I went to the derm when I was 17 because I was too smart for my age. At 17 I already understood that 90% of dermatologists will try to shove something down your throat and on your face for a fix. I also understood how many people were having trouble with topical and oral acne solutions (including but not only accutane). The derm prescribed me monocycline and retina a. I kept the perscription in my cupboard for an entire year before I threw it out. I read all the side effects of these drugs and couldn't buy into the whole antibiotic for acne world. I'm 22 now and have had no acne since my teen years. My acne was definitely hormonal (I'm a dude), because as soon as my hair growth thickened on my face and high cheek hair started growing, I stopped getting acne. I get the odd blackhead or zit but they go away within a week and they are months apart. I'm so thankful I didn't listen to my derm. Don't get me wrong, dermatologists are educated doctors, but acne itself is still undiscovered, so even doctors are playing catch up to the (disease,virus,gene,allergy,irritation).
  5. Since you've tried everything I'll suggest things that are usually forgotten about: No masturbation method. There are users here that claim they only get acne when they masturbate. Are you physically fit?And by that I mean are you able to execute the most basic yoga moves? Do you feel pain doing handstands and headstands? I believe highly that knots in our body (the ones massage therapists work out) stop the body from healing,and can shut off organs from lack of oxygen.. I am a massage therapist student, and I remove knots all over my body on a daily basis, and not only does it help with stress but my face is in good shape, I remove my own facial knots on a weekly basis.The knots sit on my cheekbones,and jaw line mostly. If you haven't had a knot removed it's hard to explain the sensation and benefits until lyou seem them for yourself.
  6. Best Moisturizers?

    Cetaphil brings a red colour to the edges of my face and nose, it makes me look awful. And Yeah, after I discovered tea tree oil 4 years ago I havent gone back to BP/or Saliyclic acid once.
  7. Silk'n Revit - Scam or Legit?

    I would say the opposite. Useless for acne and good for healed lesions and other skin areas.
  8. My best advice. If you're only dealing with PIE or PIH. Ditch the lightening routine. I've come to terms that I will make my acne free skin worse if I start adding new things to change my tone.
  9. Best Moisturizers?

    oh interesting , you don't have a daily routine ? Im a female but i don't wear make up. My face is super dry from bp, so Im in need of a moisturizer lol If I was using bp I'd definitely be using a moisturizer. I don't need one I spot treat with tea tree oil dilution combo with an essential oil which doesn't leave me dry. My skin gets irritated easily so I don't touch my skin for most of the week.
  10. same. My skin would look like a porcelain dolls if PIE or PIH didn't exist. I get 1 cyst a year and it always lasts 2 months and doesn't heal completely until a 1.5 year cycle of skin shedding. Because my skin isnt as bad as most, people seem to comment on the hyper pigmentation like its a cut or a birth mark because its bright red for the whole couple years. I'm lucky though I know so I don't curse the gods. Ive always wanted clear skin and I feel that my hyper pigmentation is like chasing a carrot on a stick to a horse. I always feel like I'm getting there but nope. However when I'm really trying to be self demeaning I slap on primer foundation and setting powder to cover my red spot or spot(s) depending the year. I hate that even part of my head feelings like I can't exist with a red mark or two. I'm a dude btw. Some people just suffer from PIE or PIH worse than others. I see people on accutane removing most of the pie or pih in the time it would take to remove one of my spots. I'm amazed how their skin balances out
  11. Best Salicylic Cleanser?

    I don't have much experience with the cleanser department but I always see people posting topical salicylic acid is better than a wash. Just food for thought sorry I don't have any recommendations as a cleanser. I've heard good success with glycolic wash.
  12. Best Moisturizers?

    added: I also only clean my face twice a week with a clay mask that I do not let dry and a muslin cloth Apply jojoba oil mixture afterwards. I'm a male who does not wear make-up.
  13. Best Moisturizers?

    Awesome ! I wish you luck and please keep me posted. Also where didn't oh buy your jojoba oil ? In my city there are like 10 essential oil stores. All from local to organic to international. I got the organic NOW Canada brand.
  14. Best Moisturizers?

    I'm going to hop off the cream and lotion train for a bit and use a spray mixed with aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, and rose water as a moisturizer. I'll let you know the results.
  15. Acne and anorexia

    I found when I was starving and smoking my acne was at its clearest. I previously read that long term starvation reduces oil production. In a way your skin is shutting down as an organ, so it will just age and die. Yes my face was clear when I was starving but it looked decrepit and lifeless.
  16. you should videotape yourself and show us that might be a better way to fix it.
  17. Sure. -He's energetic and stays busy on his agenda -Always smiling -When he wants to talk to you he locks you dead in the eyes and speaks without breaking contact (people who are conscious about their acne tend to let their eyes gaze and back away from people as they speak in a subconscious tone) - When he walks he has a full stride like he`s going somewhere important and maintains a great posture as he moves in general -When he makes decisions he backs it up, so when people have their doubts he can shove it in their faces modestly - He has a tone that makes him sound curious and interested into what you`re saying, you feel like he`s present all the time Honestly if he told me he had never worried about his acne ever in his life, I would believe him because that`s how he acts. I`m sure he does worry and stress because it is severe. I mean, I don't know if I could pull what he does off.
  18. This one dude at my work right now has severe cystic acne. He's super confident,keeps getting promoted and has girls chasing him . I imagine people would treat him the same if he didn't have acne.
  19. No.... The science shows a correlation. This isn't a proof it is only a research method.
  20. moisturizing with coconut oil

    Same weird reaction here. My eyes felt like I was having an allergic reaction and I started forming acne that I usually wouldn't. Literally my left eye felt like it had animal hair in it all the time after the cysts started. Been coconut oil free for a while now and I'm pretty clear. Maintained use of organic coconut oil while I was using it.
  21. The author just gave their opinion on the studies. The references for the studies are near the bottom of the page. Exactly. And his opinion is geared towards a sales pitch. Those studies are not enough to conclude Acne is layered somewhere within a dominant gene.
  22. moisturizing with coconut oil

    Used coconut oil for 3 months with great improvement and even told my friends to start using it. Skin started getting itchy around month 4 and started forming cysts.
  23. Wait?... You're going to cite a source that doesn't even cite itself and the author uses the terms "I believe". Well Hitler believed a lot of things too. I find it extremely comical that acneeinstein.com is a sales based website without referencing scientific data and you believe every word they preach? You must believe new things everyday
  24. This thread literally makes me want to vomit on my keyboard. What if passing on the gene is .01%? Do you have scientific evidence that acne is hereditary and not just a coincidence when seen as such? Do you have any understandings of genetic material and how it transcends into being visible and the conditions it requires? Do you believe all people born on this planet with acne are in severe emotional pain? Do you believe everyone suffered like you? They don't. Go get help. I mean that sincerely, I can't tell you what kind of resources are around you, but they're there and we are always here.
  25. Lucky. I breakout from coconut oil and I get dermatitis from using vitamin E