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  1. HEY bro or sis but don't worry i think everyone does to certain extent so your not alone ...... best of luck
  2. Need help with skin

    OMG thanks a lot everyone for the quick response, n yeah life is to short , I guess its time to nut up or shut up.
  3. Okay a friend invited me to her Zumba class tomorrow but I'm insecure about my skin because I had a bad reaction to some soap I used so my face is red peeling n my eyelids are raw n red plus I like her , what should I do, I want to go but my mind is so lost on what I should do. Should I wear makeup idk , thinking about making sorry excuse not to go. Sorry if this is not in the right thread but I'm lost.
  4. acne rant

    hey try to relax I know it sucks to have hormonal acne but I know the more I stress the more acne I get n the bigger they get. Try Stop looking into the mirror until your of your period. Good luck n hope that helps
  5. Well turmeric does have an inetial breakout to anyone you have to stick with it tho Maybe try it when you wont go out as much? Honstly with acne I believe we should work on our confidence more than our acne but im not strong enough to do it either so im just a hypocrite No your right , your absolutely right, we need to work on our confidence more then we do our acne. funny things is the more your worry the worse it will get overall since stress does cause acne in some n does more harm to the body then good. but it takes time n i know what you mean sometime it is hard to take our own advice but all you can do is try your best...
  6. hey anytime n i understand it's better to go a healthy route but good luck to your son.
  7. Ill have to give this a go when i have the extra money....thanks for the free advice
  8. lol idk what to say, I mean I know acne can do alot on someones mental state but either you crazy or seeking attention but goodluck. Note - I'll never sell my family soul for my problems or anyone else just mines.
  9. Yeah I wish I had all the answers, it's like I had so many plans with my life but acne is still in my way n just don't know why. I'm only 20 bro n it's had for all of us living like this daily. But yeah get on accutane that might be the answer your looking for n good luck.
  10. I feel you bro, I'm in the same boat. Just can't figure out why the hell my face is a mess maybe my hormones idk but see if it could be your hormones I feel you bro, I'm in the same boat. Just can't figure out why the hell my face is a mess maybe my hormones idk but see if it could be your hormones
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience, there is a thread on this website you can follow "No masturbation experiment, anybody wanna try with me? "
  12. what treatment did you use to stop the breakouts? My skin is the same when it comes to the scaring( in- large pores) and clogged pores.
  13. I'mMe

    and I'm U. Yes but it depends on ingredients. The stuff with the added (sugar,oil,etc) bs yeah but peanut itself can be. But pls don't go to crazy on what I could or might not be that breaks you out , that shit almost drove me insane trying to figure out. Good luck
  14. Ah I see , that makes me wounder I don't blame you though.
  15. No one is allowed to advertise on this site.
  16. Yeah it's like why in the hell are we more prone to it, I need a fucking explanation if it's not a gene that can be pass down. Craziest thing is why are faces more prone to it lol the rest of my body is clear most of the time
  17. Holy fuck I'm glad you po holy fuck I'm glad you post this, back in school I used be that pretty boy that was cool n social with everyone. Now I'm a fucking mess , my skin is discolored with white spots from picking n red n irritated from using tropicals. This is one of the couple of reason I want to avoid everyone I use to know , I'm really just thinking about going on accutane n stopping the Tropical's so my face can calm down , good luck with accutane
  18. I hate beans lol but my diet (vegetables,fruits, rice, meats,olive oil) lately I've been just eating fruits and rice n some salad with pumpkin seeds( trying to budget ) but I still can't figure out why I broke out with 3 inflamed pimples. Maybe my hormones are out of balance or just the stuff my derm having me put on my face plus I'm on antibiotics. But reality I'm just going to assume most people on this site, just want to get rid their acne epidemic n not really worried about Alzheimer or anything else that is not skin related. Sorry if that came of in a negative way but I'm just so frustrated of why my skin is so acne prone now then it was when I was younger dieting. But thanks for the info, you are always great when it comes to that.
  19. well good luck man , share me in on the experience.
  20. Bro just pay n escort to kiss you lol I mean why not?