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  1. flipside added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    sorry i dont have time to read this whole thread, but i just wanted to share some tips i have for green smoothies:

    pears work best for me... ive tried apples and the texture was too watery and way too sweet.

    use parsley.... parsley makes the taste of the green smoothie very nice, no matter what other greens you include. parsley is very pleasant on its own, and seems to over-power the not-so-pleasant taste of kale and dandelion greens, etc.

    my typical green smoothie:

    2 medium-size pears
    large handful of parsley
    medium handful of dandelion greens
    medium handful of kale (one large leaf of the lacianato kind)
    1 cup of water
    ------> blend to a smoothie

    make sure to chew as you drink it... it adds salivary enzymes, and breaks apart more cells from the greens to release all their nutrients.
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  2. flipside added a post in a topic natural toothpaste   

    toothpaste is a completely unnecessary product

    dont believe the hype

    just brush with water

    and floss every night

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  3. flipside added a post in a topic Intestinal/Digestive Cleanses do NOT cure acne.   

    "mucoid plaque", now thats a term i've NEVER seen mentioned in any medical literature.

    wikipedia has some good reading on mucoid plaque:

    generally though, psyllium husks, chlorella powder (with cracked cell wall), and herbs that aid digestion (dandelion, milk thistle) should help keep your insides happy and healthy.
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  4. flipside added a post in a topic Intestinal/Digestive Cleanses do NOT cure acne.   

    labgirl, these terms (or variations of them) are used widely in the medical literature... just check pubmed for "intestinal dysbiosis" and "leaky gut":

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  5. flipside added a post in a topic Intestinal/Digestive Cleanses do NOT cure acne.   

    to me, toxins means environmental pollutants (absorbed through air, food, water, skin contact), plus your own inflammatory mediators, cytokines, free radicals, pro-inflammatory prostaglandins, complement, and excitotoxins (glutamate).

    all these chemicals lead to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation within the body and skin. increased inflammation causes hyper-proliferation of sebocytes and keratinocytes leading to more acne.
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  6. flipside added a post in a topic Intestinal/Digestive Cleanses do NOT cure acne.   

    ^^^^^^^yeah, what she said.

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  7. flipside added a post in a topic Which states in the US have the best quality air all year round?   

    san jose california has filthy air but it clears up whenever storms role through.

    hawaii, i imagine, probably has the cleanest air. i plan on moving there some day but im not sure which island.

    i've never been to canada but my guess is the air is cleaner up there.
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  8. flipside added a post in a topic Drinking water with meals   

    you're kinda off topic Guy...
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  9. flipside added a post in a topic Drinking water with meals   

    ive noticed my cat always takes a few sips of water after eating her food. i think a little water is ok.... like half a cup or less. but a tall glass of water would probably mess things up.
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  10. flipside added a post in a topic Linoleic Acid Deravitives in the Epidermis   

    sorry, i havent had much time to look at this stuff...

    bryan, im guessing you already saw this initial study on MK-386:

    they found that "In conclusion, MK-386 is a selective 5R1 inhibitor in man and is associated with a substantial suppression of sebum DHT without an influence on semen DHT".

    but the abstract you posted doesnt mention MK-386 so are you sure they used this drug in the study? (for some reason i couldnt get access to the full text through my school)

    in any case, it doesnt surprise me that the 5a-reductase type 1 inhibitor didnt improve acne. it just points out that acne is multifactorial and is not easily treated with a purified (synthetic?) substance (as all diseases should not be treated with a purified substance). it would be interesting to see if the drug actually lowered sebum production and still didnt improve acne. if it didnt even lower sebum production, that would just highlight the fact that sebum production is influenced by a variety of factors.

    im glad you posted the study... its prompted me to start learning more about how androgens affect acne, and sebum production.

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  11. flipside added a post in a topic I will probably never go back to the OTC forums again.   

    pheremone, do you rub your balls while you type? or do you just pat yourself on your back?
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  12. flipside added a post in a topic Linoleic Acid Deravitives in the Epidermis   

    Bryan can you point me to that study please. If legit, it would certainly contradict the marketing efforts of a number of acne-product companies out there... and i think the literature often cites 5-alpha reductase inhibition as lowering sebum production.

    LabGirl, thanks for clarifying the linoleate/linoleic acid thing... i've taken a buttload of chemistry courses and probably should have known that... but i hate chemistry, lol!... i mean its cool on the surface, but all the nomencalture, and learning all the diff reactions in ochem was a pain... Yeah, your're probably better off finding a research opportunity nearby... im sure it was nice to get that offer though. i dont think i could stand working in a lab all day so kudos to all the researchers out there.

    hehe, we're just a bunch of acne geeks.

    DrNick, this would be a great hypothesis for a study... and maybe there has already been a study on this... or atleast an epidemiological study on fatty acid intake and acne.

    You would also have to consider omega ratios and all that jive to make sure the increased linoleic is actually used by the body.

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  13. flipside added a post in a topic Linoleic Acid Deravitives in the Epidermis   

    Great info, thanks LabGirl. And congrats on the fellowship offer, do you think you'll take it?

    I have a few ?s I hope you can help with.

    Where and how is linoleate produced from linoleic acid?

    Why does a lack of linoleate induce hyperkeratosis in the cells of the follicular epithelium? Does linoleate have an inhibitory effect on keratin production by these cells and how does the signaling occur? Or do the chemicals that take the place of the decreased linoleate have a pro-keratinization affect?

    What role do microbial (mainly P. acnes) lipases play in all this?

    I often read that P. acnes lipases break down triglycerides in sebum into free fatty acids, which then irritate the cells of the follicular wall. But what exactly does irritation mean and why do the free fatty acids cause the irritation? Also, how exactly do the free fatty acids interact with the follicular wall cells?

    Thanks, any insight will be hellpful...

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  14. flipside added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    article - grains explained...
    this article makes a good argument against grains, especially with the link to autoimmune diseases.

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  15. flipside added a post in a topic how to control blood sugar?   

    thanks for the tip ross, im not really in the mood to buy any supplements at the moment, i just dropped painful amounts of money on PD, fish oil, and a shower filter (but i did score on the filter - 25 bucks for a handheld on ebay).

    i think i'll try to eat more foods with high chromium values like broccoli.

    you can get the straight skinny on chromium right here: http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/minerals/chromium/
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