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  1. Coming from a person who has experienced this orange-peel like texture for over two years, it doesn't just go away. I can tell you that. We have essentially damaged our skin due to being overly abrasive and using harsh products. It can happen for a number of different reasons but it doesn't just go away overnight. I'm 17 and have been trying to get rid of it for over 2 years!!! Leaving your face alone won't do it any justice because it will stay like that...the healing process is..well, non existent and takes FAR TOO LONG. Honestly I wouldn't listen to anyone who tells you to leave your face alone. You need to get a good regime and stick to it. Just make sure you're being careful as you don't want to make matters worse. Your skin is far too sensitive to be mucking around with harsh chemicals/exfoiliants. You sound like like you're in the early stages of this condition, as this is exactly what I experienced (and I'm sorry to say it, but it doesn't get any better). What I'd recommend: Use ingredients on your face that have been proven to shrink pore size and help with clogged pores and uneven texture. I would suggest the following ingredients: Niacinimide, a cleansing astringent toner, a low dose retinoid (be careful w/ this. Research for your specific skin type). I'd recommend products from The Ordinary. Inexpensive and very, very high quality ingredients. Recently came into the market with the likes of Wayne Goss raving about how amazing the skincare line is. BUT, my skin still hasn't healed. I've used Duac for my acne (which I think caused it all), differin, tetracycline etc. None of which I'd recommend. Extremely fed up with this condition though. Hopefully some of my advice will help you. Check out the post I made about it in the forum section. You might find some advice there for you. Keep me updated!! Using this forum to share my journey and hopefully get rid of this once and for all. Good Luck
  2. A few people have tried retinol as a treatment. It varies between people and there's lots of things such as retin a (which damaged my skin) retinoids etc. Going down this route is totally up to you but ultimately you will need to remember your own specific skin type and how it reacts to things. I would research a bit so you can have an understanding for how it will effect your specific skin type (which is, what?) You never know until you try it though. But, it can have consequences. For instance, I used Duac to treat my acne which has gone almost completely, but I am left with orange peel skin (and have been dealing with it for a few years now). Would've preferred to have the acne then this horrible texture to my face. How is your new regime going? And how did you get this condition? I am currently using a foam witch hazel wash, a cleansing astringent toner and niacinamide from The Ordinary in the morning. Evenings consist of exactly the same routine, + retinoid 2% from The Ordinary. (This stuff is amazing for clearing acne scarring.) P.S. if anyone has any updates or can share ANYTHING hat has helped them with this please share!! ❤️
  3. I don't know how much longer I can deal with this guys...
  4. I disagree with you. My skin has been damaged as there are parts of my face like my jawline and upper cheekbones that haven't got these large pores. If it was genetic I would 100% believe the pores wouldn't be as big as they are now. I said how I experienced a burning sensation on my face from a retin a. From that day on, my skin has been a mess. Before that, large pores were not a problem. I totally believe it is a side effect of acne I've had in the past. Diet doesn't come into it for me. It would be helpful if you could say what helped your skin though. Any advice is much appreciated but I know my own skin. Thanks for your response. I've got these on the sides of my nose. If the rest of my face had sabaceous filaments then I wouldn't be left with loads of pinpricks (pores) over my face. Not sure how to get rid of sabaceous filaments though?

    Is this stuff okay to use even if you don't really have dry skin? My skin texture is appalling, I made a post about it on here which you may have seen (photos attached) http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/365823-orange-peel-skin-disaster-w-pictures/?page=1 as myself and @BrokenPorEcelain have been dealing with the same issue. Thankyou!