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  1. Am I a candidate for Subcision? Boxcar or Rolling scars?

    Oh I know, no worries ;-P I give too much information sometimes haha. One day you can take over for me ;-P
  2. Please help :( embarrassing scar

    Could be a infected pore, or scarred pore or some other dermatological condition, maybe a macule. I cannot see a pic to tell. IF there is no infection and it's small enough, you can do TCA cross on it, it will make it wider but raise the scar bed (bottom) to even it out. It must have defined walls. if it is a pore,... do a spot tca peel with a lower percentage over that area. Some people get those microdermabration devices w/ rotating tip online if it is not that bad and have success. Have you tried Retin A / tretinorin cream before you do that? If it i a color disregard either of those and do PIE or PIH treatment in our skin section of the faq below (my signature) and goto pie and pih, otherwise look at the enlarged pore treatments also in that section. A dermatologist, or med spa facial would be best, if it is infected or full of excess sebum you could make it worse by doing treatments
  3. Advice for 1st TCA 35% Peel

    Fatty parts go deeper, forehead, under eyes, chin, etc are thin so turn it down to 1.5mm >. I often with the derminator will do a pass at a deep setting, spot treat the scar individually, then do a step down from that, once or twice ... eg. 2.5mm, 1.5mm. Let the blood dry and spread, do not wash it off until a few hours after. Only needle at this depth once a month. Alternate your derminator and TCA peels.
  4. Am I a candidate for Subcision? Boxcar or Rolling scars?

    Derminator / Dermastamp = collagen production. Collagen production softens scars. This of course will not release tethers, or fill up the volume loss (filler). But it is a good option with the other things to treat the issues. It's the closest thing we have to lasers and can do at home. He also will need a peel or dermabration to soften texture after he is done with sub and filler. When I give suggestions, choose what works for you and what doesn't ... that's just a option;-)
  5. Am I a candidate for Subcision? Boxcar or Rolling scars?

    I think subcision with filler would help. The filler especially. If they do not cut a pocket with subcision then it will donut around the scar. They need to release the bonds. The best subcision uses a nokor needle, make sure they use this. It has a scalpel on the end. I have never scarred from subcision using nokors. You only other options are lasers (possible fat loss / dermabration is better), which I do not recommend, and dermabration which will make the scar more spread out but not filled. A combo of subcision, filler, and dermabration would work well for you. Superficial scars (texture) don't do well with subsicsion, dermabration helps more or acid peels. Deeper scars need filler and to release the strong tethers. I want you to get a dermastamp or the derminator on and stamp those spots to do some collagen induction at home. By the way I am around your age so I get the age related aspect of the treatment as well (what this does to scars). I use sculptra personally for fat loss, subcision, and HA filler. I've done all the types of treatment.
  6. Youtuber Mariah Ximena explains her needling process

    It can be, it's not as good as Nokor, and especially not as good as someone with experience. But if that's all you have you can treat it, takes longer, and must learn how to do it and if it even works for you. There are parts in the face that can make you go blind or die, Drs know. The needles she uses are very superficial and would do nothing for major scars.
  7. AMVC spontaneous scarring

    This is not true. HIV patients get sick with all sorts of things, including facial wasting (below) which is much worse than acne scars. He used filler to correct the issue. Scars can also occur from nutrition, auto immune, smoking, drinking, other health issues, family history, stress,, and hormone imbalances. Bacteria can make acne like scars. Look at the below it's from Staph. Acne scars while they are bad , are not as bad as many people have it. I suggest you see a therapist. There is a smartphone app called Talkspace which you can do from home or see someone face to face. Often acne scar surfers have unrealistic expectations (I am many others have had this) part of our healing is through therapy. You can get cheaper therapy at colleges as well, even if you don't goto one. If people in wheel chairs and all sorts of things can live life, so can we. It is the media and Movie Stars that make us buy into the perfection and fake photoshop for small things that seem life altering.
  8. White Acne Scars?

    There is only one thing you can do, a member came up to treat the hypopigmentation. Please look at the below faq, goto skin section , and then to hypopigmentation area. Some have not applied sunscreen to these areas (everywhere else) and microneedled them. Lack of pigmentation is one of the hardest things to treat.
  9. Youtuber Mariah Ximena explains her needling process

    I ordered needles over a year ago, so maybe she has changed them. I know the derminator ones sucked, but the ones that are manual are ok. Diabetic needles are too thin for acne scars. They are 31G and most subcisions are 17,18,19G because tethers are strong with a Nokor, some doctors use 25G or 27G needles. That girl had superficial scarring so maybe it was easy for her. Yah can be hard if you don't know the anatomy, or use numbing cream. Tethers are deeper than the shallow epidermis.
  10. Advice for 1st TCA 35% Peel

    That looks about right on frosting. Look for medical acetone in google shopping. You need to test a spot to see your skins reaction before applying fully. I may be mistaken but fingernail polish remover is acetone, may have other things in it. Do not do a multi layer 35% peel. It should work at that percentage. I think you need to do a test spot as I have read there is a diffrence between those 2 brands and strength. This is why I don't buy those brands, they are considered industrial chemicals not medical. Hence why they tare so cheap. My favorite company is Makeup Artists Choice, excellent customer service for their TCA. Your skin may be resistant to treatments, the higher you go it can lead to complications though. I think you should be microneedling dermstamping ( derminator) form the pic with 1.5mm or above and alternating Monthly with your TCA peels. This will encourage collagen production.
  11. Fractora post treatment- normal healing?

    Read these reviews on fractora, they are mixed on it's results for acne scars For redness, Are you using tripple antibiotic cream and keeping it moist enough, this is the best way to avoid scarring, some use vaseline. Take a antihistamine for the swelling. Many use honey aloe vera are great for redness and healing. Once a day use gaze to do dilute (water) white vinegar pats (don't rub). This sterilizes and cleans We cannot do anything about the inflammation until you heal more and see the doctor. It's important you see your doctor, wear a hat and scarf till you get to the office if you need. We can work on the redness when you heal more.
  12. Need advice.

    I moved this to the hyperpigmentation, as it's not a scar. If you press on them and they go away they are pie, if they stay they are pigmented and pih. Skin bleaching cream can be used on the dark spots, retin a cream, peels like glycolic, ipl, bbl, or photofacials. You can get these done in a med spa. Take a look in my signature below, the faq for the skin section and pie and pih.
  13. Youtuber Mariah Ximena explains her needling process

    You can also buy manual ones from their site like the girl has, I do subcision more than a tiny needle, but I agree a manual needle even a standard one would be better than the derminator for control. I don't like that the derminators single needles are flexible, it should be solid on a stamping device. If you look in the cone area.
  14. Am I a candidate for Subcision? Boxcar or Rolling scars?

    Yes you would be a good candidate for subcision and filler. Can you pull the skin between your fingers and notice a improvement, this simulates subcision. I agree dermabration is much better than laser, without the risk of fat loss. It of course has long down time, is bloody, they should have given you more lidocaine if it hurt maybe a pain pill as well. You can also do deep peels like Phenol or TCA, but they are not individualized to the scar like a skilled dermabration. You could subcise and do filler, so it does not re tether, and then do your dermabration when they pop back up. Typically 3 or 4 are needed of each. You could do that over the next year or two. I cannot tell as the photo is on a angel they are a combo of rolling ad boxcars, definitely atrophic. I would not even consider bellafill until you have HA filler after your subcision and see how you like it. There is no going back with Bellafill, and if it's done wrong, then your stuck. Bellafill also has side effects/ Better to start out and see how you like the filler or what you would like to change when and if you do Bella. I have a mooncrater like scaring so I can understand, and think the bet ting would be subcision, filler, dermabration, and finally Bellafill if you wanted to touch it up. Keep us updated with what works for you. Learn more about subcision in the faq below under it's section (it's in my signature).
  15. Advice for 1st TCA 35% Peel

    Ok sounds like your pre peeling. Some people do a Jessner pre peel a week before to break up the Stratum corneum. When it's time for the TCA, Are you cleaning the oil off good enough. Some people have very oily skin. In the doctors office they use a product that is like odorless mineral spirits to remove the oil. This gives a much deeper peel than a simple alcohol cleanse. I wonder how effective your TCA is. Some TCA is not really 35% and people don't get results. The stuff they sell on ebay is often buffered. Hopefully your getting frosting (white) if not then it may be oily still (The skin). When to use the HA serum, I would do it a few days after. For your first few days you want something very moisturizing like vaseline, biafine, or triple antibiotic cream. This is like when you have laser. You will do daily gauze dilute (water) white vinegar pats to the skin, to kill bacteria, and clean the old Vaseline off. Do not rub of course, pat.
  16. AMVC spontaneous scarring

    Goto the dermatologist please, these posters have not been back in months. This is the best person who can help you. I would post in the normal acne sub or if this is to do with Accutane / Retin A the prescription medication sub forum as they are the best to deal with it and others are taking the medication. You can also ask this question on for doctors to answer.
  17. Acne scars

    Thanks you for sharing. So this is a scar issue. I will move this post to the scar section. I see Those rolling scars on the upper cheek. I would do subcision and filler for that at the doctos office. For the smaller ones you could do full cheek TCA peels and microneedle once a month by alternating at home or the doctors office / med spa. I cannot tell from the pic if you have icepicks tca cross is the best treatment for this. For color issues V-beam is your best option (vascular laser) if you have PIE ( you can pres son them and they go away) for the red color to become skin color. IF you have pigmentation that always stays, you can use skin bleaching cream, ipl, photofacial, glycolic peels or tca will also fade them over time. To recap Subcision with filler or with cupping / vacuum will help those higher cheeks scars. TCA peels will resurface the texture. Microneedling / dermastamping will induce collagen. Scars are never one and done they take a year or two to do the work on. Expect 50% improvement realistically with several treatments, maybe more. We do not advocate for laser resurfacing as there can be fat loss. You can earn about all these things in the faq below in my signature, sections microneedling, tca, and subcision.
  18. Scar treatment with Tapan Patel

    Infini is for all skin types, ... I would think he does not have the machine and thus is pushing the machine he does have HIFU. I may be impressed. Like Hope says it would be nice to see your photos close up of your scars, and see the results so we can be objective on the treatment. I have heard of combos before, but never with HIFU as that is not as controllable as RF microneedle and can go quite deep for those who are old and saggy. Dr Chu does subcision I am told. We also have a doctor now in Denmark. Please see the signature below, faq, and the bottom references. Always trying to add more contacts in Europe, hard to find good doctors.
  19. Infini RF after Silicone Microdroplet Injections

    If you have read about the risks and are comfortable. Then I say do it. Why not. Your doctor is responsible if he is fully aware you have had these type of injections. You know the risk that you may have side effects. They will be treated with antibiotics and or Steroid creams and injections. Bellafill is actually safer with laser or microneedle. It is lab controlled, the size is optimal to not have as many side effects, there are very few micro spheres to carrier, the balls are completely spherical with no alteration in side or shape. Silicone is dependent on the injector. It's the perfect incubator for biofilms, they love to attract on the surface medical silicone or not. The FDA did not approve it for this reason. It also migrates. Very few doctors eve do this procedure, so they specialize in this and it's aftercare. I have no idea where they will be in 10 years as others will not deal with the complications. Again side effects happen 7-10 years for some people, but they can be taken care of. Again I am glad you find a good doctor who takes care of you, I hope you enjoy the outcome you are looking for.
  20. Textural issues/scarring

    There are no new treatments per say, just different protocols. They are doing IPL, BBL, and long pulse lasers for melasma / color correction issues now. I can see this helping you get a more even skin tone. You could goto your derm or a med spa, I've even seen coupons for v-beam and photo facials. I see a texture issue, and think TCA full face peel would help a few times a year to get a improvement. I am not a big fan of lase resurfacing as you can loose fat (unlike the lasers above that do nothing for skin texture or fat, they work on veins and color). If you have done a medium depth peel I would do stronger ones. TCA at stronger percentages can help and Glycolic. Have you considered sing skin bleaching cream to even out the melanin. Retin A and this go well together. Finally I have seen people get Infini RF Microneedle for this , and it has helped. Please see a doctor to know if you are a candidate. I find it better than laser and more controllable. There is down time.
  21. Youtuber Mariah Ximena explains her needling process

    She did mini subscision, on her small scars are not that bad. Glad she got some results and this can help others. This is why I advocate TCA peels and micro needling (the derminator from has a awesome single needle to do this. Thanks for sharing!
  22. Hi there, as you know, acne must be under control for scar treatment. Otherwise it's a waste of money and will drive you mad. I would get on accutane if cysts are still a issue fore you, these cause new scars. You have icepicks, which tca cross I see rolling scars that need subcision and filler or subcision and cupping / vacuum. I see Box If treating with a derm I would do tca cross and subcision and filler. With a tca or whatever peel is appropriate for your skin type by your med spa or practitioner. Some darker skin types must do glycolic and salicylic acid. I would microneedle or dermastamp your individual scars at home or by your practitioner. You need to alternate acid peel, the microneedle, then again for a year or two. Remember acne scars are never one and done procedures. You can see a 50% improvement (possibly more) to keep realistic expectations with lots of treatments each will give a improvement. We do not advocate lasers to start with as they can cause fat loss, this should be your last option, lots of practitioners love to push this $$$$. Please look at my faq below in my signature, it has a tca section, subcision section, and microneedle section.
  23. i need help me deciding which acne scar treatment is best

    They could be like Hope said sebaceous hyperplasia (trapped oil / sebrum) in the clogged pore, in grown hairs, or hypertrophic pores. For sebaceous hyperplasia they use a hyfecator aka electro sugery with a needle to scrape them off in a derm. Many also use a laser and spot treat them for a similar but more costly treatment. I would see a dermatologist to deal with them. IF you cannot afford it I would try a glycolic or salicylic acid peel which are fine for darker skin tones.
  24. What scar lightening regimen will be suitable for me?

    Keep doing a few TCA and microneedling, it takes time, some people take a year or two of treatments. Looks good!
  25. Infini RF after Silicone Microdroplet Injections

    Silicone, even microdroplet is risky. 7 to 10 years out is when people have side effects. By the nature of the substance it can migrate (move) as you age), be a platform for biofilms, create granulomas, and for most people that are supper fat deficient it does not stay micro when enough is injected to fill the area. I would be cautious about doing Infini RF as it could stimulate the silicone to have granulomas reaction or keloids. IF they do it please let the doctor know you had silicone micro injections and they will possibly be more superficial with your treatment to avoid issues. Some doctors will not do this to take on the liability. IF there is any issues you may need steroid injections. You can always do TCA peels or dermabration and avoid stimulating deeper into the skin with side effects, these are more topical.