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  1. What type of scarring do I have?

    @Hopefulx Whatever you can afford and is most convenient for you. My only warning is summer is coming, when you TCA, you need sunscreen at all times, and to wear a big hat, ... it's fresh skin after all. Some avoid their TCA's till the months where they are more indoors (Fall/Winter). But you can start there. Subcision is also a good place to start as it works on the divots, but it can be expensive too. Start where you can, the more you do the more results you will get, and plan on this happening for a few years until your happy with the outcome. Drs will push expensive laser, just say NO, peels and microneedling will be just as good if done at the right strength.
  2. Red marks "appear" in the evening

    Often the treatment for this is laser vbeam or quadrostar pro, its a vascular laser for veins and arteries. What your describing is when your flushed, warmer or cooler, or more active, some people even get Rocesea and flushing. You can also read this here. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  3. Hyperpigmentation From Acne

    We made a faq to this frequently asked question These are not scars as some often think..., they are wounds that take a long time to heal, hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  4. Is this PIH or PIE (with image)?

    Darker skin can often have PIH, there is a very simply test. Push on them, do they go away, then it's PIE, if not it's PIH. IT could be either. These are not scars as some often think..., they are wounds that take a long time to heal, We made a faq to this frequently asked question hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  5. Bleaching Skin?

    Hydroquinone is skin bleach and does help with PIH. But this is the standard treatment for PIH, along with Vitamin C serum. I cannot advise you on what to do with your mother, as this is a treatment for PIH, it's up to you to decide. Please see the faq for more info. We made a faq to this frequently asked question hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  6. Acne scars and marks

    Hi there, these are not scars, they are wounds that take a long time to heal, We made a faq to this frequently asked question hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  7. Is this Hyper pigmentation?

    Hi there, responded to your private PM concerning this. Checkout the faq I made concerning Hyperpigmentation as well: hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  8. We made a faq to cover this commonly asked question hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  9. Acne scars and laugh line

    @Negga Wow don't do retin a and accutane at the same time, they say to only do accutane. Retin A is for after you finish. You cannot do most things while on Accutane, especially if your doing retin A as well. You can miconeedle when you stop accutane, It's up to the Drs discretion if you can subcise after Accutane, some make you wait 3-6 months after, and some do it while your on Accutane. Check with the Dr. You can only use retin a when your fully healed and not taking accutane. Meaning a week or two before tca you must stop and until you are healed after (a few weeks) then you can start using it again. During microneedle a day before, and a day after. IT can be started and stopped whenever, it's like BP for zits, a topical you use when you wish to.
  10. The Derminator Thread

    @keving100 You can buy pure HA serum on Amazon and Ebay. When I say pure, it's the main ingredient, and there isn't a bunch of other stuff in it. Yes you can use it before after and even as a moisturizer right after a shower when your face is wet to lock in moisture, you can also moisturize on top for added benefit. It will not react like other products to the open skin, since it is in our skin. I think this and vitamin C (use this only a day after you microneedle and are healed a bit), Retin A like products are the best things we have for aging, hyerpigmentation and scars. Also acid peels of course, which Dr's use expensive lasers instead of now for $$$$.
  11. @Noa27 You stop a week or two before a tca peel, and a few weeks after the peel you can continue (when you heal basically). With microneedle you can use it 24 hrs after. I use it as upkeep. It promotes cell turnover, and refreshing the skin, it's topical vitamin A basically. You can stop whenever or start whenever with it, like BP for acne. You don't need to use it if you don't want to, you can always try a tube of the .5%, a little bit goes a long way. Moisturize and sunscreen are important.
  12. Acne Scars suddenlt started appearing :(

    These are surface rolling scars. They are best helped with TCA peels, and microneedling over a year or two. You can get it done at a local med spa, Dr's office or esthetician . I would alternate microneedling with the tca peels, every other month. You can also do this at home. Many of us here use which is a microneedling device. I would start on a retin a, tretinorin, isotex, retinol cream, you can buy it on Amazon or ebay. This will increase cell turnover, and help with healing. Just make sure to stop it a few weeks before and after your chemical peels. For the red you can get laser called v-beam or quadrostar pro done, this is great for pigment only. To learn more about these treatments goto the faq in my below signature, find sections microneedling, and acid peels.
  13. What type of scarring do I have?

    @Hopefulx I have given advice to thousands and dealt with their issues especially from laser ruining their face with side effects. To answer your questions: You will need around 3 subcisions, some need a bit more. Yes Med spas are great for acid peels or a esthetician. Drs, Med Spas, or a esthetician can do your microneedling. You will need several rounds of Acid peels and microneedling over a year or two at the med spa, as much as you can do. Lactic and TCA is ok, if they test it on you and it has good results, that is the key, seeing how you heal and increasing if you heal well with it.
  14. Just+had+subcision+-+documenting+w/+photos!

    @91baby Retin A you can purchase from ebay, the usa site, and have it shipped there, you have a harder time importing thing in with customs so hopefully its not impounded. Your doctor could possibly prescribe as well. It's a standard beauty cream, so she should be ok with this. As you dry out, you could do it a few times a week .5% percent . In that case I would wash your face, apply the cream (retin a) then HA, and any cream over it at night. Skin boosters are great for dehydrated skin, they can be used superfically, Dr Naomi in Sydney loves them. Yes you probably should finish your subcision first. Do some glycolic or Jessner peels maybe that's all you need. I just wanted you to be prepared it will take off minimal amounts of epidermis. Something is better than nothing. I think the majority on Holiday, or take a few sick days off and do it with a weekend. This is why you do a tiny spot test to see how you heal, and what you can do during that period. Only the first page has the majority of my posts, safety, and studies on the acid peels sub
  15. Pitted Acne Scars.

    You posted this already on February 25th, Here is my advice below to your other post, you can try microneedling, I do not think it will solve it alone, also some acid peels would help weather tca or glycolic and possibly take care of the hyperpigmentation issue. Please stop retin a a few weeks before and after the peels. ............ I see Those rolling scars on the upper cheek. I would do subcision and filler for that at the doctos office.For the smaller ones you could do full cheek TCA peels and microneedle once a month by alternating at home or the doctors office / med spa. I cannot tell from the pic if you have icepicks tca cross is the best treatment for this. For color issues V-beam is your best option (vascular laser) if you have PIE ( you can pres son them and they go away) for the red color to become skin color. IF you have pigmentation that always stays, you can use skin bleaching cream, ipl, photofacial, glycolic peels or tca will also fade them over time.To recap Subcision with filler or with cupping / vacuum will help those higher cheeks scars. TCA peels will resurface the texture. Microneedling / dermastamping will induce collagen. Scars are never one and done they take a year or two to do the work on. Expect 50% improvement realistically with several treatments, maybe more. We do not advocate for laser resurfacing as there can be fat loss. You can earn about all these things in the faq below in my signature, sections microneedling, tca, and subcision.
  16. What type of scarring do I have?

    @Hopefulx We do not advocate for lasers here at after hundreds of cases of side effects from the procedure. We start with non energy devices first. Laser does not do much for surface textural box cars. Regarding your cyst, they can excise it with small stitches . Yes that seems excessively high for treatment, call around to "board certified" derms, it will be 500 -100 but your cost seems excessive. Check their yelp reviews and real self reviews . You have surface box cars that are textural. I would get subcision with a Nokor needle and filler. You will need of these. I would also get (DR or Med Spa) or you can do them at home medium TCA acid peels for the texture. This will help most with the surface issues. If your skin is sensitive you might have to do glycolic peels or pixel peels with the esthetician instead of tca (less results, but more sensitive). I would alternate monthly microneedling, most of us use here with the tca peels, one month one procedure, then the next, whenever you heal, as much as you can. I would use retin a, tretinorin, isotrex, or retinol based cream to treat your face for cell turnover which will help your skins condition. This will take a year or two of treatments. To learn more about all of these goto my signature below, and click on the faq, find microneedling, subcision, and tca acid sections.
  17. MSFSnake Cysts Indenting Condition

    @Brawn New studies do not show this at all, same thing with depression it supposedly caused. That is old data. Most doctors now do low dosage accutane 20mg a day or the have patients skip days as needed or take off a few weeks before and after treatments. Of course laser cannot be done like this because of it's mechanism of energy delivery. Also premature closing of growth plates is a bit of a cause and effect situation don't you think, if they don't take accutane, then they scar and look 10 years older or have issues to deal with which far outway any benefits of growth plates. Dermatology today has hundreds of articles on Accutane debugging original myths and FDA scare tactics. The biggest issue was females who got pregnant while on it and deformity, also taking multi simultaneous medications. A acne vaccine is 5-10 years off but will only be offered to children sadly.
  18. Just+had+subcision+-+documenting+w/+photos!

    @91baby Retin a, aka tretinorin, isotretinorin, isotrex, retinol can also be found in various over the counter creams. Paula's choice has one with Retinol. These are not as strong as retin a but still work the same way. The advantage of these items is cell turn over and antioxidant properties. The skin brings out fresh skin quicker, and heals more rapidly. If you ever run into drying issues use a heaver cream or skip a few night(s) in between application for less results. I use this often at night. You can put a moisturizing cream over it once it dries into the skin. HA is not drying, what is happening is your skin is drying, and it's sucking up the moisture. Here is a trick. When your face is wet and out of the shower this is when you apply HA because it locks in the moisture. Some people need more moisture on top of this and put a thick cream moisturizer or lotion coating on top. Glycolic is less strong than TCA, they even sell it on here i the store. I just don't want you to be mad at me when you get minimal results as this is not a strong peel with major down time. In the study of those acid pee white papers , All things acid peel link you should read. They all use strong peels, keep this in mind if your getting minimal results. Pixel Peels are considered low down time peels but are only sold in Dr's offices and Spas. Jessner peels are also a good alternative peel. You can read all about them in the All things acid peels link the faq towards the bottom. The doctor who does microneedling should be able to do skin boosters: Restalyne Vital on you, she does filler right? I see this helping you as well. INTRODUCTION Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a glycosaminoglycan composed of alternating D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl- D-glucosamine monosaccharide residue. These are cross-linked to form long unbranched chains, which form an anionic biopolymer. The 3-dimensional structure forms a space-occupying molecule, and the chemical makeup draws a large volume of water to the compound. Due to its combination of properties, endogenous HA contributes turgor and elasticity to the dermis. Hyaluronic acid has become the leading dermal filler due its combination of low allergenicity, high biocompatibility as demonstrated in ocular and intra-articular uses, and longevity. It is suitable for injection into facial skin, where, in addition to providing immediate and short-term augmentation, it appears to induce longer-term effects by stimulating collagenesis by native fibroblasts.1,2 Improvements in its in vivo longevity by cross-linking have further boosted its popularity. To maximize its utility and range of applications, HA has been prepared in a variety of forms, which vary in viscosity and formulation. Hyaluronic acid's viscoelastic properties are a function of the length of the molecular chains of the polymer, cross-linking, concentration, and particle size.3 Medium viscosity HA is best for moderate lines and wrinkles, such as glabellar lines and nasolabial folds. It is injected into the mid-to-deep dermis. Finer HA formulations are available for correction of fine facial lines, such as perioral and periorbital rhytids, and are injected in the superficial dermis. Specialized formulations are designed to be injected into the lip, while others indicated for restoring volume lost due to natural aging or HIV-related lipoatrophy are injected into the subcutaneous or supraosteal regions. Restylane® Vital is a low-viscosity HA gel, available in 12 mg/mL or 20 mg/mL. It is injected with a metered dose injector that deposits 10 μL per injection site (Figure 1). Given the properties, superficial injection, and microdosing delivery technique, Restylane Vital is an excellent candidate product for the treatment of ice pick acne scars. Twelve patients, whose moderate to severe ice pick acne scars had responded well overall to fractional laser resurfacing but who exhibited residual deep focal ice pick scars, were treated with Restylane Vital. The improvement was immediate, as expected, and the treatment was well tolerated by all patients. Restylane Vital therefore appears to offer an improved treatment modality for the treatment of acne scarring. Skin Boosters for Face Author: Dr Naomi / 28 Oct 2015 Skinboosters injection into cheeks Skin boosters are related to dermal fillers in terms of what they are made of, the difference with skin boosters compared with dermal fillers is that they are not structural, ie they only improve the skin, rather than improve the supporting structures of the face. Aging of the skin Over time, levels of the naturally occurring substance responsible for maintaining skin hydration, HA, reduce. Hyularantic acid is a moisture binding substance in the skin, giving the skin firmness, plumpness and elasticity. It helps prevent lines wrinkles and fold forming. Moisturizing the surface of the skin with creams cannot replace the Hyaluronic acid loss which is occurring over time. The solution is to restore the skins natural hydration where the loss is occurring. What are skin boosters? Skin boosters replace the body’s Hyaluronic acid and rejuvenate the skin from the inside, it restores the skins hydrobalance, improves the elasticity and skin structure. Creating a youthful luster and glow What is the procedure for skin booster injection? The patient has consultation and photos and signs a consent form. For skinbooster injection into the face, a cannula is most often used. A small injection of local anaesthetic is given in 4 areas on the face (2 at each hairline and 2 at the jawline) a fine needle then creates a hole through which the cannula can enter. The skin booster is injected through the cannula Pain relief during treatment A numbing cream (eg EMLA or LMX ) may be applied to the area prior to the treatment (45 minutes prior is ideal) Glad wrap may be used over the numbing cream to increase its effect. If a cannula is used, local anaesthetic is used prior to the cannula being introduced into the skin There is local anaesthetic in the dermal filler Ice is always used to decrease pain and to reduce the risk of bruising. Very rarely patients will use Penthrox for skin boosters Nitrous oxide (happy gas) is available for patients to use How will I look immediately after the skin booster injections? There will be redness and swelling The skin around the 4 entry points for the cannula may be white due to local anaesthetic. Who is suitable for skin booster treatment? Everyone is suitable (not pregnant or breastfeeding patients) in particular; * Those with tired and dry thin skin, lack of skin tension * Those patients with signs of skin aging * Those who want the most natural looking results * Those who are frightened of dermal fillers because or are already happy with their structure, but still want to improve their skin. These patient will be very suitable for skin boosters * Those with thin skin * Those with acne scarring Results for skin boosters: Improved skin elasticity tone and thickness. Smoother and firmer skin Prevention of wrinkles, lines and folds Protocol for skin boosters one treatment, once per year suggested, but many patients have it 6 monthly because they love the results Side effects risks of skin boosters Bruising occurs in a significant number of cases. Swelling in the injection area will occur. This may last for 5 days Infection is a very rare complication, but always a possibility when the needle goes into the skin. Necrosis (blood vessel being blocked, interfering with blood supply to the skin) is very rare. This could lead to scarring Need for further treatment: How long until the patient will see results The results will be seen immediately. Results will improve over the next 3-6 months as collagen stimulation effects start to show Cost of skin boosters From $420 per ml. Full face requires 3-4mls. So typical cost for treatment is $1260 Before and after skinboosters, dermal filler, lightening cream and tretinoin Before and after 1 treatment of 3mls of skinboosters in cheeks.
  19. is microneedling effective in treating acne scars?

    There is questionable material in this thread, as such it is now being locked down. It's starting to take a inciting tone, if you do not like microneedling don't do it. But it has worked for countless thousands. 1) We are not your Dr, Therapist, Preacher, Plastic Surgeon, nor do we prove anything. Goto them for this, it's what they are paid to deal with. 2) We have provided White papers by big medical studies providing all of the things we recommend, the contrarians can simply search for past posts and threads, white papers, conferences with panels talking about these treatments, and first hand experience, or research to prove all the treatments work. I have seen no official studies by the naysayers with any proof they do not work in a controlled environment other than mere "feelings." Please search on Google to provide such studies. 3) We do not provide pictures, that anything works here, that is not the purpose of this sub, it is to give advice to those who have scars, pictures can obtained by doctors who pay for such services. Pictures from controlled studies are much better in their fairness of results. 4) Dr's still offer microneedling and they are board certified in treatments. 5) If you have a reason to not "like" something, please share the thought behind that, simply stating it does not work, does nothing for the community or to hep others. Feelings, do little in acne scar treatments for effective results . 6) Treatments do not work for all, different ones, work for different individuals and scar types. We only offer the treatments that have a history of working
  20. How could I make my skin PERFECT? Money is no object!

    @mr.t152 Hello, I see you posted this twice on the site. I don't know if you realize this, but it comes over like we are a beauty blog or a Hollywood gossip show. I volunteer my time helping people with acne scars. It debilitates their life. I see no where on your perfect skin anything is wrong. The second pic is insulting: its photoshopped (airbrushed to the max), dudes wearing makeup, and contacts. IT's fake and not real. Do you have some BDD body dysmorphia going on, wanting perfection. IF so please consult a therapist as they can better help your unrealistic expectations than anything I can offer, this is what the human ken doll suffered with if you look him up he had hundreds of procedures to look perfect. Perfection consumes many who have had acne before. IT can be worse than the acne and after effects. No treatment will fix this but therapy. If you have unlimited money I suggest you consult some of the top plastic surgeons off , they have reviews on that site. They can offer you hundreds of techniques and surgical solutions to fit what you have in mind. For your red goto any doctor that has v-beam or quadrostar pro, this is hyperpigmentation / flushing, not a scar issue.

    @meesh13 there is no such thing as saline subcision by a doctor, that is a very old procedure before fillers became mainstream. Today we use fillers with subcision with far better results. The body absorbs saline in 24-hrs. There is vacuuming if you cannot afford filler using a Asian cupping vacuum from like Amazon. This has variable results and works for some. Please read my faq in the below signature, and goto the subcision section. Dr's are at the bottom as well.
  22. Just+had+subcision+-+documenting+w/+photos!

    @91baby Thanks for sharing the pics, I see as we talked about before TCA peels helping you and skin boosters which are superficial HA injections they have in AUS, Restylane vital is one brand there are several. This will hydrate your skin and help some, but of course the peels will resurface that top texture. Have you thought about using retin a cream aka tretinorin and vitamin c serum with your microneedling at home between treatments for upkeep. I think that would help alot.
  23. Acne scars and laugh line

    Laugh lines are often corrected with filler, Your surface box cars and icepicks can be helped with subcision with filler. TCA Cross for the icepicks, and Full face TCA peels for the surface scaring. IT will take several treatments over a year or two. I see hyperpigmentation so please use hydroquinone aka skin bleaching cream and vitamin c serum, and retin a before and after your acid peels. I want you to get a microneedling device and alternate microneedling a month and the next month do a peel as many times as you can for a year. To learn more about microneedling, subcision, and tca acid peels please goto my faq below in the signature and read those sections.
  24. Looking for some advice on my scarring

    @GenuineScrew You have been given good advice above. Med spa for tca peels, or glycolic. You could get tca cross for the large pores between your eyebrows, etc. I would buy a microneedling for upkeep and do some peels yearly. How about you tell us how you cured yourself, and the lifestyle changes you made. That would be most helpful to everyone. Many have extremely severe scars with deformity. So they would enjoy some hope as some of them cannot leave the house. But yes I understand how scars can forgive the pun, "scar us for life." It's like a overweight person who changes their situation, they always feel part of them needs to be fixed or is inferior. I would suggest therapy if BDD or concentrating on little flaws is a issue, we can become hypercritical through having acne / scars. The one positive is it makes us sensitive to others who have gone through harder times in their lives, in ways others can not understand.
  25. is microneedling effective in treating acne scars?

    I have and I have given thousands of people advice on here. As other users have said it's the type of scarring and severity that matters. Don't use cognitive dissonance and say all of anything because it works for some people. Does it work for major scars, NO! But That is why acne scars are a multi treatment approach which varies, never one and done. Just saw amazing results with a guy who did 1.5mm microneedling and serum only on surface box cars, this is months after he stopped (not micro swelling). When your body gets cut, it refreshes itself and "heals," Thus microneedling works with the body's wounding and healing process. Is it magic, no. I have seen great results as I have consulted with many less severe cases with microneedle and tca peels. Please read my FAQ to get a better under standing of microneedling and other procedures or provide proof why microneedling does not work if you are making a claim "it does not work."