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  1. Chest and back acne scars WITH PICTURES

    Depends which type of laser you mean. For the hypopigmentation there is the laser and uv treatments in the FAQ under skin excizimer is it or something. To resurface any fractional co2 laser works or an ablative erbium laser.
  2. Subcision Tomorrow - Questions?

    It's in my scar faq (signature/ top of scar sub) Q: What is Vacuuming / Cupping / Suctioning After Subcision (Prevents Re-Tethering)?The role of suctioning is to prevent re-tethering, induce repeated hemorrhage, delay healing. You should begin suctioning 24 - to 48 hrs after your procedure. Depending on how you heal you will want the wounds to be closed enough that you don't break them open when Suctioning. You will continue this 8 times a day for 4 seconds for 2 to 4 weeks after your subcision, you can also do it 3 times a day (3 sets a time of 15 seconds, or however long you can stand it). This will enhance the results of your subcision. We recommend doing filler after subcision for consistent and instant outcomes... It's not as cost effective (filler is expensive) and vacuuming / cupping / suctioning with a acupuncture cupping set from Amazon or ebay. You will get possible bruising after subcision because of the hemorrhage creating filler under the scar and in the pocket wear make-up over this. You can moisturize once the wounds are healed. You can wash your face once the wounds are healed. Until then use Vaseline, or triple anti biotic cream. To wash you dilute white vinegar with water ,pat the area.
  3. This is most likely PIE, but possibly PIH or Hyperpigmentation. It's a common question and we made this faq with various treatments, Laser works the best (Vbeam or Excel V for pigment issues) I would see a dermatologist to discuss some of the bumps of active acne. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  4. Hyperpigmentation / acne marks

    These are wounds from the after effects of acne, its a pretty common question we get here. Checkout the faq we made with lots of treatments. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  5. Shallow scars from Cysts are making me sad. Any Solution?

    @jacky101 You are young at 15, your body will heal alot as you age. I think with time your hyperpigmentation could fade, it takes a very long time, and your scars will get better. Please go discuss with a doctor your issues, I am not allowed to give advice to those under 18. The witch hazel and rose water is worth a try. You could try some natural facial masks as well. Aloe vera is very good for healing, honey is great as well.
  6. @Noa27 Yes, you must squeeze all excess out, so there is very little. Especially for TCA, Mandelic is more forgiving.
  7. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    @QuanHenry Please go see Dr. Novick. This has not been mine or others experience with TCA Cross. You will need a few of them, they do widen and pop up the scar bed, ... they are red as they heal. Icepics are deep. The scar bed should be raising, is this happening? Try some hydrocortisone (for 2 weeks) and possibly some hydroqunione aka skin bleach. If you want PM me a close up pic of the icepick. Discuss possible subcision with him as well. Can you send Novick pictures through email. Tell us what he says.
  8. How do i get my scar to lighten?

    This is PIE, we made a FAQ to this common question. Please checkout this faq we made to address multiple treatments to this issue. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  9. Yes Hypigmentation treatments work they are never one and done. Laser is most effective. It takes several. My faq has lots of treatments for PIE. I Would start hydroquinone aka skin bleach and vitamin c and see if this helps your skin. Great get the dryness under control, this is not good. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  10. For redness, dark marks, this is hyperpigmentation This is a commonly asked question. checkout this faq we made to address multiple treatments to this issue. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  11. Minor scars/marks - questions on how to proceed

    Yes you can use hydroquinone aka skin bleach and BP if needed. Vbeam and Excel V are verry effective also IPL photofacials. They do cost money and you need several but they are most effective. Yes they can do it on your back.
  12. This is a commonly asked question. This appears to be PIH. Hyperpigmentation. Please checkout this faq we made to address multiple treatments to this issue. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  13. Acne scars/marks from accutane

    @Crisp This isn't acne scars, it's hyperpigmentation. I see no indents. I will move this to hyperpigmentation. We made this faq to this frequently asked question. Please check it out. What you have is the after effects of acne, wounds. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  14. acne scars *pics*

    @Hiimhere99 These do not look like scars to me, they look like hyperpigmentation pigment issues. The side effects of acne, wounds. I see no indentations. For PIE and PIH we have a few treatments. Please let me know if this is the issue (color) and I can move this to the hyperpigmentation sub and give you proper guidance. For If there are shallow box cars on the temples, a spot tca peel should help at a med spa or drs office. I do not understand what's going on with the forhead. Looks like you need a few TCA peels and microneedling many of use use here for this.
  15. What is the name of this procedure?

    @acne_scars_acne_scar Yes I think they gave you terrible after care. The nurse should be replacing those steri strips and changing bandages. The Dr should have looked at it several times. It could have become infected, or moved (bandages). Why again do you need another surgery and you cannot do a filler or fat injection with Vbeam or excel v laser for the redness hyperpigmentation. Of course when they raise it the texture will be off but you can improve texture through TCA peels, laser, or dermabrasion. Yes I do not think the redness will fade by itself without proper laser for pigmentaiton and creams such as hydroquinone and vitamin c serum. I do not believe as such a injection will get rid of redness, It will lift the scar and potentially avoid surgery for you, the you can work on texture and pigmentation. They have changed Vbeam to ave less Purpura some years back now, the old mach did this. Funny many say the purpura helps fade the pigment more. There is also Quadrostar pro an excel v. Dr. Patel in London might have these no idea or a med spa. Why do you need to go under the knife, cant you just raise the scar, resurface, and deal with the ds. It's closed after all. Seems excessive. But he is a Facial PS and they cut things. Go see Professor Chu in London first for an opinion. Potentially: " Are steri strips strong enough to hold a small wound together, even after the stitches are dissolved? I fear I may have removed them too soon, causing my own downfall here. " Bad wound care and management by the Dr. I would have used Botox, and a better banadage system. There should have been a less linear scar made.
  16. Needling on tip of nose?

    I am not seeing a indent on the tip of your nose? Regardless yes you can microneedle, not a issue. I do not know how much improvement you will get as the nose is not skin it's cartilage, greasy, and not like the skin structures elsewhere. Some have had better results with acid peels or Retin A cream. IF you want to do TCA cross have it done by a doctor or med spa, the nose is the one area with mixed results of improvement.
  17. Response to the Above ^ You Posted March 21 Hi, I had applied 80% TCA peel on the nose about 5 days ago. It frosted the skin immediately for about 1 hour with a greyish/brown color. The next day the skin turned darker, I panicked and removed the layer prematurely on day 3. The skin layer below was terribly red but what I don't understand is that the 8 huge pores like O holes are gone. Is this temporary? You were responsible for the outcome for your peel. No where on page 1 do we tell you to use 80% TCA, secondly we say test a single tiny test spot with diluted (Water) TCA and see the outcome. You did not follow these basic safety steps. The nose is made of cartilage not normal skin, its greasy, takes a long time to heal, and does not respond the same, you cannot just slap 80% TCA on it. Secondly you need several treatments of TCA to get a good outcome. I suggest you go see a DR and have them perform this as you have damaged yourself. If TCA is so bad why does every major scar expert DR still perform Cross and Peels, ... because they work if done properly! This isn't something to go mess around with and slap 80% or 100% on, you will disfigure yourself. I NEVER tell people to go above 50% with cross and 25% with peels ... After test spots , safety, and building up at different lower percentages. IF you cannot do basic safety steps please goto the doctor, or if you have any reservations. NEVER pick or peel your skin, you will scar yourself. Of course Microneedle isn't laser, no one said that. We said you can get similar results with acid peels and microneedle as lasers, if you research this Drs want $$$$ from laser (less work / more flashy). Lasers have MORE side effects, pick your skin with laser and you could end up in the ER or have disfigurement. We don't give you a laser to take home and turn the power up to 80% , so why would you do this with acid? Safety First!
  18. Subcision + Suction: Looking for a device!

    I cannot see this providing enough suction compared to a cupping device. Way overpriced too. Also how to do you clean this properly with alchool etc. Just get a cupping device, it's easy
  19. I'd go see a dermatologist. This could be numerous things.
  20. 2 year old scar/dark spot on forehead

    I wouldn't be doing laser until they do something about the color. This should be your main issue. Resurfacing is easy with Acid peels aka TCA, etc. You need to see your skin DR they just want $$$$ and to sell you laser quickly. What is causing the color is more important that surfacing it. Infini RF is the best out of the bunch RF microneedle. But I do not know what it will cause the spot to do. IT could have pus or a vein issue. This really needs to be seen by a derm.
  21. Red coloured skin after scab

    This is PIE It's either a wound post acne PIE, or PIH hyperpigementation from acne (pigment). We made this FAQ to this frequently asked question. Find more solutions in that post. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  22. Clogged pores changed into red

    This is PIE or PIH, the test is in this post we made. It's either a wound post acne PIE, or PIH hyperpigementation from acne (pigment). We made this FAQ to this frequently asked question. Find more solutions in that post. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  23. Retin-A Micro caused hyperpigmentation

    Yes it can cause PIH, it's a chemical exfoliant after all and speeds up skin production. You need Hydroquinone aka skin bleach amazon and ebay. Vitamin C serum. There are many other soltuions for PIH We made this FAQ to this frequently asked question. Find more solutions in that post. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  24. Caveman Regimen for scars

    We made this FAQ to this frequently asked question. This is PIE not Scars. It's basically a wound. Find the solutions in that post. hypopigmentation-read-before-posting/
  25. I answered your other post (double post).