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  1. jsmithson added a post in a topic New anti sebum drug: MTC896   

    I notice that the trial finished in April but no results have been posted by the company. I'm very interested to see what happened!
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  2. jsmithson added a post in a topic Study Shows Amount Of Oil On Your Skin Impacts Amount Of Oil Being Produced.   

    Wow, what a dynamite study!

    A good guy who used to come here said there was evidence for a constant sebum excretion rate. I don't remember the studies myself. This guy even performed a study on himself to test the theory! I can say of myself, my skin just keeps getting more oily as time goes by. So it seems to me to be a constant sebum rate.

    But what if the feedback mechanism to stop sebum production doesn't work in my skin because my sebum is not viscous enough?

    Another study I saw said that acne skin has less saturated and more unsaturated fat than normal skin. Unsaturated fat is less viscous than saturated.

    I hope more research is done in this area!

    I just noticed the date on this study: 1974! Oh well, I guess more research in this area is not likely.
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  3. jsmithson added a post in a topic Doxycycline   

    Have you tried benzoyl peroxide?
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  4. jsmithson added a post in a topic New anti sebum drug: MTC896   

    Wow so here I am 4 years later responding to the thread I started! It's amazing news that this drug has finally made some progress clinical trial wise. I actually wrote this one off since nothing happened for so long. I suppose the outcome they're looking for will be an improvement in acne since that's where the dollars are - us poor oilies are probably not a big enough market to justify the insane clinical trial expense.
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  5. jsmithson added a post in a topic No Moisturizer Works For My Oily Face   

    If you have oily skin your water barrier is probably not working properly so you get dry skin. I'm not sure if the oily skin is a cause of TEWL or a symptom of some other problem which also causes TEWL?

    My dermatologist told me that Tretinoin - which I see you have also used - causes dry skin.

    If you're very oily then reducing the oil will probably improve the quality of your skin. Topical tretinoin won't reduce oil. If you're female you could try some anti androgens (check other threads). If you're male you might try large doses of vitamin A (check other threads). I'm not a fan of megadosing on vitamins but that's a personal thing!

    I'm currently using BP. This is the only thing I put on my skin. The BP I use - which I get from my local chemist - contains a moisturiser in addition to an oil absorber. My skin is reasonably good quality while I use it. Unfortunately it doesn't help with oil production . I tried Dan's BP but my skin didn't like it!

    I'm about to try chlorophyll PDT at home to address the oil production. If I have success I'll come back here and talk all about it!
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  6. jsmithson added a post in a topic Hormonal Oily Skin   

    You're graduating high school at the age of 14 - far out you must be a smart one!

    I have the same problem as you. Too much oil and when I'm not vigilant I break out.

    I've read much about this problem. You may be stuck with it for a long time but there are some things you can do to help. I have tried these things and they give some degree of control over the problem for me - they may work for you too:

    1. Diet

    Check out this diagram:

    http://www.nutritionandmetabolism.com/content/8/1/41/figure/F1 (it's from this article http://www.nutritionandmetabolism.com/content/8/1/41).

    When the levels of IGF-1, insulin and growth hormone go up in the body, skin will produce more oil. Diet has a big effect. To lower these chemicals you should avoid these foods:
    - anything containing large amounts of carbohydrate such as candy/confectionery, soft drinks, fruit, fruit juice, rice/pasta/bread/grains, breakfast cereal, etc.
    - dairy or dairy derived (milk, cheese, whey protein)

    Some more points:
    - some of the above foods have a mild negative effect on my skin but others cause my skin to go beserk! In the beserk list: low fat milk, high fat cheeses like brie / blue cheese, some brands of chocolate
    - you should know that a low glycemic index (low gi) diet is actually different to a low glycemic load (low gl) diet. A low gl diet is more effective because it minimises carbohydrates across the board not just those that are absorbed quickly.
    - I'm following the caveman diet (except fruit) which meets all the above requirements.

    It's real hard to stick with this diet. But I've found that even after a few days my skin is in excellent condition.

    2. Resistance training / working out

    Don't do this. Seriously!

    The harder you work out, the more growth hormone you produce, and in turn the more of the other chemicals I mentioned too. I've noticed that for 12-24 hours after a heavy workout my skin puts out twice as much oil.

    Cardio is fine.

    3. Topicals

    I'm using an alternating nightly routine of tazarotene 0.05% and bp 2.5% (use the topical over night). If I miss a night of the topicals (occasionally I just can't be bothered) my skin definitely deteriorates.

    I think bp is more of a preventative measure than a spot treatment. You should probably use it all over.


    I wish someone had told me these things when I was younger. I felt that my skin was out of my control and that there was nothing I could do. I'd been doing all of the bad things listed above since I was 16 and it was only my reading scientific papers in recent years that I managed to piece it together.

    At your age, you want to fit in to your social group and the opinion of your peers is important to you. Having bad skin makes you believe that that task is more difficult. The key point is that you need to disconnect your sense of self worth from your appearance. I made this mistake for too many years: I thought that because some others didn't approve of my appearance that I was not a worthwhile person. Now that I'm older and I'm past that, I see how silly that state of mind is. But it doesn't seem silly when you're living through it.

    I know where you're coming from bro! Good luck.

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  7. jsmithson added a post in a topic Yes, Sebum Is Affected By The State Of Your Skin... (Likely Product Use)   

    Honestly you have no idea what you're talking about. You've come into this forum and said "I don't care what scientific evidence there is to the contrary; I've read all the forum posts and here are the answers". You perpetuate the widespread ignorance on this topic.

    Every few weeks some newby comes into this forum and makes some ridiculous claim. It's kinda frustrating. Maybe Brian should make a sticky thread that answers all the newby questions. That should cut down on the noise.

    Ignorance is exactly what pharmaceutical companies love to take advantage of. They can sell products that do absolutely nothing to help - because they know customers know very little. Forum topics like yours help them.

    I've got no problem with "I'm sick of product XYZ - it did nothing for me - I'm gonna try ABC and I'll report the results". I've done this myself.

    It's time to stop this thread and move on to something more useful.
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  8. jsmithson added a topic in Oily skin   

    Controlling oil with.... lactoferrin!
    It's amazing what you find when trawling pubmed


    The key point is that a reduction in sebum was found through taking lactoferrin: a milk protein.

    I'm about to start a 400mg per day experiment of lactoferrin and see if there's a reduction in sebum.

    My sebum is out of control and systemic retinoids and topical polyphenols are unfortunately out of the question for me!
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  9. jsmithson added a topic in Oily skin   

    New anti sebum drug: MTC896
    Hey y'all!

    Just came across a clinical trial for this topical drug that is due to finish in the next few months. It is an anti sebum drug that works operates on melanocortin receptor 5 (I've not come across this line of research as an anti sebum target). The drug was discovered by Mimetica.

    The drug is specifically targetted towards anti sebum effects. We should know in the next few months if it is effective and safe.

    Though it is not mentioned, it looks like a phase 2 trial. I think it has to go through the more expensive and time consuming phase 3 trial before it can be made into a product.

    See "http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01254162?term=sebum&rank=1"

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  10. jsmithson added a post in a topic Levulan PDT with Blue Light or IPL   

    I had a laser dermabrasion done on my skin about 15 years ago. I'm not sure it's exactly the same as PDT laser?

    The dermabrasion stopped the oil production for about 12 months. It was just one operation and was done under a general anaesthetic. My skin was painful for a few days and it took something like 2-3 weeks for it to heal. My skin looked fantastic for about 12 months - then the oil came back to the same level it was at before.

    It was damn expensive! Something like $1000 dollars 15 years ago.

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  11. jsmithson added a post in a topic Got Prescribed Accutane Purely For Oily Skin   

    What the hell is a cave man diet? And the external urine therapy!!!! hehe you gotta love us oily skin folks - we'll try anything!

    Seriously though - I tried low dose accutane therapy a few years ago without success. I was having a 5mg tablet once a day. I found that the oil stopped for a few hours but then got going again when it wore off. I tried this for months. At the end of it there was no noticeable change in oil output.

    My assumption after my experiment is that you need continuous oil stopping for a long period (at least two weeks) before you can permanently affect oil output. Continuous oil stopping is hard - you either take a small amount of something at regular intervals (every few hours) or take a huge amount so that the stuff builds up in your body.

    Last of all - accutane has bad side effects (the product literature has a list as long as your arm). But the one I found most negative is the psychological effect. Even at 5mg every day I was getting really depressed - and lethargic. Life lost all it's color when I was taking this stuff!

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  12. jsmithson added a post in a topic Got Prescribed Accutane Purely For Oily Skin   

    Wow there are some interesting comments in this thread!

    I'm suffer very oily skin but it's not as bad as oil king (rolling down into your eyes after 20 mins? far out!). All hail the king!

    Anyways here's my story:

    All those who suffer this problem will understand how it affects your life. Nobody around me has oily skin so I stand out. I'm not a shy person and I can hold a conversation but I definitely have relationship problems.

    I went on a treatment of isotretinoin about 15 years ago and it worked very well. My skin was perfect for a year or two but then it returned to the status quo. I tried a second course about 5 years ago - a low does course. It stops the oil while you are on it but after a few weeks it comes back. I also experienced psychological effects: I started feeling mildly depressed and lethargic about life in general. No fun at all! Personally I will not use isotretinoin ever again. It has very nasty side effects (and I didn't experience many of them) and doesn't deal with the problem in the long term. I'd rather live with a lake of oil than use that product.

    I use so many products to prevent bad skin these days - and my skin is about 95% clear - however my skin is still super oily.

    I've been researching the oil thing on pub med for some time now and according to the research the problem with my natural sebum production is that it has the wrong mix of lipids. Over production - as is the case for me - causes too much unsaturated fatty acids to be created which causes problems for your skin. Hopefully if I can squash the oil problem I can stop using so many skin products to keep the skin clear!

    The latest miracle cure is nobiletin. I'm not using the one from sana fela. I hate to be negative but if they won't tell you how much is in the container it probably contains almost none at all. The research I've seen talks about 1% being a good proportion. I'm thinking of starting up a blog to talk about my experience in this area. While it's still early the initial results are amazing!

    pchic: Jojoba is a good oil for moisturization - if you can handle the shinyness - and is definitely non comedogenic however it does nothing to reduce sebum production.

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  13. jsmithson added a post in a topic my accutane log :)   

    Actually I'm taking the stuff so I'm not likely to tell someone to not take it. The side effects can be a pain but you do what you gotta do to fix your skin.
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  14. jsmithson added a post in a topic Adult acne and relationships   

    I remember being self conscious like this. So much of the problem of acne is psychological. You need to get on with your life. I think of it like this: real people will accept you for who you are. The fake ones won't - but the fake ones aren't worth knowing.

    You'll find that you're blowing things with your boyfriend out of proportion. I'm bet he's not bothered by your skin. I'm sure he just wants you to be happy. Think of it from this angle: if your boyfriend had some other problem you didn't have - like having one leg longer than the other (ok that's a weird example) - you wouldn't care about that would you? When he insists it is causing you to not like him you'd wonder what he's talking about?
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  15. jsmithson added a post in a topic Cortisone   

    Hmm cortisone sounds pretty extreme. If I were you I'd drop the SA. Make sure you're using 5% BP. Try tretinoin cream overnight - it might do the trick.

    Your skin looks really good in the photo?
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