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  1. Subcision in Europe

    Or Germany? Anyone who performs tradtional subcision with the Nokor needle? Or traditional subcision with Nokor anywhere in Europe?
  2. Fat Graft Dermal Graft Prp Dermarolling

    Does anyone here know the name of the doctor who performed Wolkenbruch's fat graft and subcision in Germany? I would appreciate it
  3. On Wednesday I wil get another scar treatment: subcision + microneedling + filler. I usually take several supplements to increase my wound healing/collagen production: opc (red wine/grape seed extract), vitamin c, vitamin d, several minerals, map (master amino profile), zinc and vitamin k2. I stopped taking them a few days ago. I feared the side effect of opc and vitamine k2 because they make the blood thinner like aspirine. Was it a good idea? I want to start taking them again after my scar treatment on Wednesday or Thursday. Is it a good idea? For my hypopigmentation I started to put Melagenina Plus from Cuba. I stopped putting it, too. I haven't experienced any improvement yet, but I used it only a few days. I don't know if I can start putting it on the hypopigmented areas after my treatment. I also bought the Melgain Lotion from India, but it has to be used with an uvb lamp. I wanted to use Melagenina first before trying the Melgain Lotion to improve my hypopigmentation Several years ago, Lamarr recommended the use of Led light therapy (red, infrared and yellow) in combination with needling or subcision. I have a red lamp and red/violet lamp at home to increase the collagen production and reduce acne. Should I use it? I have too many supplements, creams and devices at home and I really need your help what to use pre and post treatment (subcision + needling +filler). And I still do get pimples. Can I take mynocycline?