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  1. Constantly Oily Skin

    Anyone else have oily skin all the time? My face, neck and back are always oily. By the night time my face looks shiny because of the oil. I have in the past literally wiped it from my face. Heaven forbid I rub my eyes when my face is oily. That hurts like hell! Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Your age bracket

    32 If that's you in the pic you don't look a day older than 25
  3. I posted on here back in December when I had real bad back acne. I went to the doctor who gave me some cream that didn't do much. The back acne was bad. Lots of lumps that were itchy and painful. Almost boils. I think the term is "cystic acne". I had about 30 different spots, probably more. Angry ones. Around April/May time I had a dental infection and was on antibiotics. Like magic my back acne went away. But, fast forward to this week and it's coming back. I can feel the lumps forming. Very itchy. If I scratch them they grow bigger. Even rubbing them with cream causes them to inflame. At the moment I can feel about 3. But I still have a lot of red marks for the previous acne. I know it's coming back because I didn't have any new ones appear for weks. Antibiotics worked, but now I've stopped them the back acne is returning. Had acne all my life. I'm 32. The back acne went away on its own year ago but seems to have reared it's ugly head. This is so stressful, and depressing. Anyone else in my boat?