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  1. Most of the red marks are old. I have my partner wash my back daily and she comments that most of the red marks are just scars. But I think you're right about cystic acne. This is doing my head in now I've had this all my life and it's frustrating. My back and shoulders are full of scars. I'd love to know why I'm prone to getting this acne. How are you getting on with your treatment? Is it working?
  2. @SimpleMutton Thanks for the reply It's been a while since I posted. I don't each much sugar ... but I notice if I have a chocolate bar, and sugar in my tea, the next day a breakout is certain. I also notice when I exercise I get a breakout. Here's where I'm at at the moment. Not sure if it's improvement or got worse. What has helped me a little is not picking or scratching. If I pick/scratch it gets worse so I avoid doing that. Sometimes I forget. I have the odd few appear, but I hope I'm getting a handle on this. How long does it take for the red/brown marks to go away?