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  1. 2thoseWhoHaveTriedSubcision??

    I had a total of four subcision treatments and had no marks, holes, scarring, etc from the procedure itself.
  2. Collagen remodeling and format is a process that takes months to complete, so you should expect any 'overnight' results from any procedure that you may have done. Any redness and swelling should, for the most part, be gone in three to four weeks. I had a couple of subcutaneous lumps that took about two months to subside,so you can't rush the process. If you have hyperpigmentation issues, talk to your doctor about a 25% or 35% TCA peel. I did seven of these at home, but I had major problems with the last one I did. So, I suggest having a dermatologist do them for you. I would wait at least 90 days before you have another procedure done. Also, I am a big fan of microneedling. By the way, your photos look great. You should be on the road to a better complexion soon. -Matt
  3. Right % of TCA for my scars?

    I would suggest that you: 1) speak to a dermatologist about TCA CROSS. Don't try this at home because it could make your scarring much, much worse. 2) look into needling Both of these processes will help develop collagen to help fill in these small pits.
  4. subcision for acne scars

    My advice is to be patient with the progress. Collagen and elastin production takes weeks and typically months. I also recommend a healthy diet with lots of exercise. Why exercise? It forces the blood throughout your arteries,veins, and capillaries and allows the growth factors, hormones, vitamins, etc., to spread where they are needed. Supplements such as zinc and topical vitamin c are also important to the production of collagen and elastin. Consider needling if you are not already doing it. I also found that the chemical peels that I did also jump started the collage production. I knew that I was making major progress when my dermatologist and his nurse complimented me on my youthful looking skin. Finally, wear sunscreen everyday to protect your skin. The collagen remodeling process is one that does not occur overnight, but takes months to complete. The wait is worth it.
  5. subcision for acne scars

    Great journal! I wish you great success with your recovery.