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  1. subcision for acne scars

    Great journal! I wish you great success with your recovery.
  2. Today is Day Seven of my 25% TCA Peel. My forehead, temples, and the bridge of my nose are the only areas that have not fully peeled yet. To help expedite the healing process, I am doing the following: 1) applying cool compresses of white vinegar water (one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water) to my face three times a day 2) applying tea bags twice a day to my entire face (the tannic acid is supposed to help with burns) 3) applying hydrocortisone at least three times a day. My cheeks and chin look pretty normal now. Just slightly pink, but nothing that looks out-of-the-ordinary. The good is this: I can begin to see areas where the skin is getting ready to peel. So, I am hopeful that the healing process will continue as normal. I think that my forehead is not healing as quickly this time because I may have applied too much acid and applied it a bit unevenly.