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  1. From my own experience, took it when I was 18/19 years old. In Sweden, they are definitely more liberal when it comes to this medication. Nothing mentioned about cancer patients, nor anything about risks better alternative than death. Not even about lots of young people that have their healths destroyed permanently. That sounds just awful.. But I recommend you talk about this with a doctor, who I believe would not use these terms.. at all.. They have the experience and knowledge that others do not. I took it, many of my friends did, many famous Swedish bloggers did. All were just fine. There are risks in everything in life. Important to not blow everything out of proportions. Otherwise you just isolate yourself into a corner and eventually get too afraid to act on anything in your life.. one could go nuts for only focusing on things that hold you back. Yes, my bones hurt a little for a few months.. funny feeling and makes you think about how it feels if you were old.. interesting experience actually... and I constantly had dry skin. But luckily we have moisturizers for that! Oh, and try to take it during the wintertime. Otherwise you are going to miss out on a lot of fun in the sun during the summer. And our vitamin D's are very important and a good way to not feel blue. Very uplifting post. Good points and it works wonders for motivation. Always happy when I see posts we all can relate to and at the same time benefit from them.
  2. It is absolutely not your fault for feeling this sad but it seems that she loves you very, very much.. and when you feel hurt, she feels hurt. I have had this relationship with my parents too, so you are not alone... look at it this way. If she wouldn't get sad, that would, for me at least, seem strange. She wants you to be happy and loves you.. that is the only thing I can see in this picture. Of course it was wrong to project that anger by telling you that. Because this only escalated the situation and it reached a point to where there is a sense that you feel to hurt to understand her and vice versa. The majority of parents feel this way, especially when they feel that they cannot control what is hurting you, and that puts them in a situation of helplessness. A horrible feeling of not being able to help. She is angry at herself, the rest is only projections.. Then there are some parents more vocal than others.. I have had my share... I have had the exact same feelings as you have right now.. and I could not figure out why my parents were, what I thought at the time, so cruel. I was only a kid, that felt punished, twice! And it hurt especially much when it came from people closest to me.. the ones I loved, and felt loved by, the most.. years passed.. but as I began entering adulthood I could sympathize more and more, especially with my father that took this chapter in my life very hard on himself. Today I understand him completely, but at the same I understand that hurt teenage boy like no other did. This will fortunetaly benefit my future children, when I will have children of my own. I will be more self-conscious about my own projections, words and feelings, and at the same time I will understand my loved ones, if they ever were in a situation like this. Tell her that you want to understand her, let her try to make you understand her.. it is a two-way relationship. Forgiveness is the first step. After that, you can start to heal and learn from this situation. That will make you both grow as individuals. Remember, this situation is new to her also. And it is not your face that hurts her.. do not think like that.
  3. Your thoughts in which you express through your words , are a therapy for me and, hopefully, for many others. I personally find this very supportive. Even though you've written these thoughts many times before, it is worth repeating again and again, as a reminder to us all. Your words are helpful and kind. Keep 'em coming! I've seen my fair share of beautiful women. And you look like a super model.
  4. Amazing post. Thank you for being so supportive and insightful. You are an inspiration and your post might be that little extra push to get into the right state of mind and get a positive momentum in life. And that little push might be the difference between seeing success, as opposed to seeing failure in life. Your recommendations to different methods made me look into the different options I have here in Bangkok while I am here and there is actually many good doctors here. I will try to keep you updated on different methods that I find here.