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  1. Hi Mr Ketogenic. In your "What I Did About It" section, you mentioned all the things you've done for your diagnosis Do you mind writing more in detail about each of these remedies? Thank you, much appreciated.
  2. Let's be careful not to turn this into a pity party. It's always easier to give up and talk about how we ruined our lives. But for myself and many others, I'm still challenging myself to look for new ways to fix this. It's not going to be a one week or one month recovery. Anyways, have anyone else here ever had successes with fermented foods (kefir and kombucha specifically)? What were your experiences with it and how did you prepare it? Also, why are we just ignoring that guy's awesome testimonial?
  3. Hey guys, just checking back in. So it's been more than half a decade now since I've followed this thread, and I am happy to see we are actually progressing in terms of finding out a cure. Back in the day most of the regulars on this thread were generally close-minded to the idea of healthy eating being a possible cure. Most of the thread used to be overrun by recommendations of using other drugs, or superdosing on vitamins/supplements as an attempt to reverse the damage done by Accutane. I think the great thing about putting diet as our main means to our road to recovery is... 1.) All the vitamins/nutrients in supplements can be found in whole foods, and at the right doses at well 2.) By not focusing on drugs and supplementation, we are more able to trust one another's advice over the internet that no one is trying to "sell" anything from a company Update about myself... Been eating healthy, and I also stopped eating dairy and beef. However, I'm checking back in because I've noticed my hair is still continually thinning. Also, I've been getting comments that I've aged quite a bit, to which I agree. I'm sure this isn't due to me naturally aging, as I am only 22, and my general appearance just seems unhealthy despite my healthy lifestyle. I'm not giving up though, as I know the road to recovery will be long, and it is too quick to assume that the damage done is irreversible. Anyways, I noticed many of you are talking about parasites. This is something new that I never heard of on this thread back in the day. How are parasite related to Accutane damage? Also, can some of you share what has worked for you in general overall health, and more specifically for thinning hair? Mr Ketogenic mentioned candida overgrowth and cutting out sugar. I've tried that and it is more difficult than it seems... Any tips? Let's all contribute. Good luck y'all, and I'll be back