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  1. Hello, my name is Kevin and I still suffer from Accutane side effects. I'm a "veteran member" of, and I'd like to briefly share with you something about me, and hopefully you can take away something from it. I took Accutane in 2010, it is now approaching the year 2016. I visited the doctor many times for an answer, excluded myself from social activity, and wasted money on supplements. Please take my word that none of those will do you any good. I'm sure many old-time members moved on because they realized, "I cannot allow Accutane to take anymore away from them, especially time". Don't get my wrong, to this day I am looking for a solution, but this does not mean to obsess over it and let the side effects paralyze your life. I am currently working harder than ever to graduate university, consistently hitting the gym, and pay close attention to my diet, hoping it would all come back to me in the future.  I've learned that the main problem was never acne, but the obsession over your physical appearance. This lead to myself, and probably many of you as well, making the regret of their life of taking Accutane. Please, I hope we can all learn from this lesson. If only we were patient enough to not act from impulses, from a quick fix, then we would not be spending so many years trying to fix a problem we caused. We need to own up to our mistake of taking Accutane. This leads to the end of my motivational talk, and my following solid advice for you guys. Let me start with I am not cured. The main side effects I'm experiencing is thinning of hair (main problem), chronic dry skin, digestion problems, deteriorating vision, and anxiety. My opinion is to use diet as your main solution to long-term Accutane side effects. Kale and asparagus are staples. I started a plant based diet two weeks ago (not vegan or vegetarian). And I have cut off red meat and poultry from my diet. I am not advocating veganism. This post is dedicated to the recovery of our health, and I will not force upon my lifestyle on anyone. Ever since I started a plant based diet, which means for your diet to mainly consist of whole feeds, plants, and healthy eating in general, I have been rewarded with a few perks. By the way, I still eat fish every now and then. 1.) Naturally waking up earlier 2.) Brighter and healthier complexion 3.) Frequent bowel movements  I believe 1 and 3 are crucial in our recovery, because it is a sign that our body is properly functioning, almost like a machine. Too many of use believe there is a quick fix to everything, which is why we took Accutane. Believe me, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. We are living in a generation where many of the lies told to us by society is finally starting to surface to our attention, thanks to the internet. What I mean is, negative news of authority, agriculture industry, pharmaceutical industry, and any other groups are swept under the rug, and we just turn a blind eye. All these speculation on the forums about supplements and research of chemical reactions are just what they are; studies. There is no way for any of it to be realistically proven to be effective to our problem unless we use ourselves as guinea pigs, which I strongly advise not to do. Lets stop believing that taking a pill can magically solve the problem. Besides, most of the supplements we are taking are found in foods. I don't think taking a mechanically measured dose 100mg Vitamin C pill is as effective as getting it from foods as we are intended to. I don't want to sound like a hippie, so I'll stop with this ramble before you guys think I'm "one of those people, but you get the point... I hope we can put some attention not only on supplements and medications, but also a holistic approach to our problem. I did not create another thread because I feel like everyone with the same symptoms should gather on this one thread. I wish you all the best of luck, and remember to be patient, we got this. "The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition" - Thomas Edison TL:DR Suffered side effects for 6 years. Focus on other life goals instead of obsessing over this problem. Look for a solution while continuing to live life. Use diet as a main approach. Plant based diet including asparagus and kale. Stop ingesting supplements and prescription drugs, you will most likely be left with another problem in the long run.   PS: Wow, I registered on this forum in November 2006. Its almost been a decade since I have been allowing acne and my concern of my physical appearance to dictate my life. Please, lets all stop this madness. I saw IndigoRush on youtube the other day and he seems like he's living life despite his Accutane side effects! Good on him