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  1. Hi guys, I randomly came across this forum and I completely relate to each of you. I was an acne sufferer and I did all of those things. Avoiding mirrors was my main one. I have been acne free for over 6 years without the need of medicine. My skin and gut healed just by changing my nutrition. Nothing crazy. I joined acne.org during my acne stages and I am still here to help anyone who is looking for permanent solutions. Let me know if you have any questions. I know how you feel. I've been there. And with complete certainty I can tell you acne can be completely eliminated.
  2. 40 yo and finally acne free...mostly

    Hi ShmilyM! You can make fish bone stock if you'd like. Fish stock is also very beneficial in particular for those suffering with thyroid problems. Any bone works: beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork, etc. You can even simmer it for 3 hours. What I like to recommend, if using the stove is too complicated, is to use a crockpot instad. OR! If handling bones is too much for you, there's an awesome product from Vital Proteins, which is collagen powder, exactly the same thing in the stock, but in powder form and flavorless. You can add it to your teas, coffee, smoothies, etc and get the same benefits as if you were consuming homemade bone stock. Here's the link in case you'd like to check it out: [link removed] The batch I make lasts me for a week, but it is for me and my boyfriend. It lasts about 4-6 days in the fridge and longer in the freezer. If I may, I'd like to share a video I posted on Youtube on bone stocks in which I teach how to make it, store it and how it helped my skin. That's awesome! Delovely!! There's nothing better for the skin than real healthy foods. Plus it is delicious, it adds lots of flavor to any recipe. That's one of the healing foods I recommend my clients to consume as well, they see improvements not only on their skin but also their hair and nails grow faster and stronger. Super happy for you and your son!
  3. 40 yo and finally acne free...mostly

    Hi 10ecgirl, it was more than inflammation caused by gluten. It was overconsumption of refined sugar and refined carbs, low quality fats, physical and emotional stress. The root cause of most skin problems is in the gut. I like to treat my clients as individuals because although all of them suffer with acne their root cause may be different. It can either be bacteria or yeast overgrowth, lack of nutrients, incorrect nutrition, leaky gut, gut inflammation, etc. A nutrient-dense diet, meaning healthy fats, avoiding refined sugar and carbs, bone stocks be probiotic-rich foods will allow your skin to start healing. Like you I treated my acne with medicine after medicine without enjoying permanent results. When I obviously began to change my nutrition according to my body's need it was then that I began to see real permanent results. Here's a little more info on my story and acne journey: [link removed] Hi there! I completely understand. It is all about finding harmony to our nutrition. One of the many foods that help me heal my skin were bone stocks. I wrote a brief article on my page on how bone stocks help heal the skin and how to make them. Here's the link in case you'd like to learn more http://nakedflavorsnutrition.com/miraculous-food-for-healthy-skin/
  4. Water Fasting For Acne

    Hi Colbs, How was your nutrition before the fasting? Is your digestion in good condition? Meaning, do you have bowel movements daily? Before doing any fasting it is always important to make sure that your paths: endocrine, digestive, respiratory are open, otherwise any type of detox/cleansing program can end up clogging your body with more toxins. I have dealt with chronic acne for many years, I have tried fasting, cleansing programs etc, until I understood that the root cause of my acne was a compromise digestive system. I had candida (type of yeast in the gut) overgrowth, which robs your body from nutrients that you're consuming and ends up affecting your skin and other organs. I have been acne-free for the last 6 years, just by improving my eating habits. I am now a nutritional therapist and mainly focus on acne sufferers. With my clients I first focus on improving their nutrition, digestion and assimilation the body starts to repair and detox on its own once it receives the nutrients it needs. Acne has a permanent solution and it mostly starts in the gut. I'd like to know how thesis working out for you. Keep us posted. Lots of healthy vibes! Jen If you like you can watch one of my acne tips
  5. Hi blip! I haven't read that book, but I can completely relate to that concept. I suffered with chronic acne for many years. I tried antibiotics, birth control, steroids, lotions, weird diets (The apple diet...if you ever come across it, don't waste your time.) and so much more. After so many unsuccessful attempts I gave up on contaminating my body with so many toxins and decided to find the root cause of my skin problem. I began to change my nutrition for good. The improvements on my skin and overall health have been incredible. I have been acne-free for over 6 years without having to worry about new eruptions. BUT! I do recall that my skin improved the most when I also changed my mind set together with my nutrition. Acne is a warning the body is sending us to let us know that there is something deeper going on. We just have to listen and truly believe that the body is not against us. It is always doing its best to heal us. I do believe that visualization works together with action. This is why I have my clients understand this concept first before we start treating the root cause of their acne. The mind works in miraculous ways. I wish lots of health in your journey! Jen
  6. 40 yo and finally acne free...mostly

    Hi 10ecgirl! I am really happy that treatment is working for you! I was on Spironolactone about seven years ago too, and it really didn't work for me either. Previous to that I was on birth control, antibiotics, steroids, lotions, etc. The typical acne treatments. I have also found peace with my skin, I have been acne free for over 6 years now and everything was just by treating the root cause of my skin condition - my gut. It is a blessing to enjoy an acne-free life. If all of us knew how easy it is to fix this annoying skin condition permanently just with nutrition and without toxins, dermatologists would go bankrupt. Keep it up and wish you years of clear and beautiful skin! Jen