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  1. Mr. T added a post in a topic DHT ! ! !   

    can someone explain what's DHT and how does it effect acne?
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  2. Mr. T added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    DHT ! ! !
    well i've once read here that masturbation causes more tes' to become into DHT which will cause more acne, and today i've read thatt eating SOYA will make the body preduce "equol" (enzyme or something like that) which will stop the effect of the DHT.

    i think i'll give the soye a try
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  3. Mr. T added a post in a topic possible B5 side effects   

    I have the same problem which also started at the day i start takking the b5, but it wasent sobad, and i didnt connect it to the b5, but it could be because of the b5.
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  4. Mr. T added a post in a topic B5 problems - Shiny, Eggfriedrice and others   

    can you link us to some quality cheap b5 that ships around the world?
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  5. Mr. T added a post in a topic B5 and Sleep   

    btw...the b5 in my country is shitty expensive...
    i've been taking 5 mg of bp for a couple of days and i can see already a diffrence,
    oh and i've been combing the b5 with dan's regimen (only at night) and in the morning i just wash my face with soap.

    my question is...can i stick to 5 mg or it wont make much of a diffrence and the only reason i'm getting better with this dosage is because of the combination with the regimen?

    i just want to save on the b5
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  6. Mr. T added a post in a topic Regimen & B5   

    you mean B5, right?

    well, how much did your friend take??? which brand???

    thank you.
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  7. Mr. T added a post in a topic Regimen & B5   

    thank you but i've already read it...
    i just want to know if it will be even more effective?...
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  8. Mr. T added a topic in The Regimen   

    Regimen & B5
    will it be safe effective to combine the regimen with the B5 vitamin???
    i'm on the regimen for about a month and i'm having a terrible breakout in the last 4 days (whice is much longer than usual ](*,) ), so i want to be as effective as possible.

    has anyone here tried it before???

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  9. Mr. T added a post in a topic BP Bleaching Everything!   

    i dont get it you talk like you don't wash off the BP... :-k
    or you shouldent :-k
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