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  1. Derma Rolling for the first time

    Hello, I have had lazer but I have found I have had the best results by needling. I started off with a 1.5mm and then moved onto 2.0mm. I was quite brutal with my rolling and my face looked horrible and I bled a lot but the results speak for themselves. The more damage you do, the better the results. I use to needle every month and did so for about a year. I then stopped needling all together and a year later, I can see a massive difference in my face. Yes it took that long to see improvements but I am extremely happy with the results. You cannot expect miracles but you will see an improvement. I have an thread about my progress you can look at if you want. Sadly its now been archived but you can still have a read. /topic/306901-acne-scar-treatments-ive-had/?do=embed">