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  1. Johnny199r added a post in a topic Jojoba Oil Not Working   

    Use Cetaphil dry to very dry moisturizing cream. Nothing else has ever worked for me and I've experimented with the regimen for 10 years.
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  2. Johnny199r added a post in a topic Biggest Mistakes People Make to Treat Acne:   

    I note on the do's and dont's list, that Moisturizing creams are a "don't. I use Cetaphil dry to very dry Moisturizing Cream, because every single other moisturizer I have ever used (and I have tried pretty much every single one in my 10 years on the regimen) don't stop me from peeling. EVerything from Cerave, to Dan's jojoba oil to neutrogena moisturizers do nothing to stop my flaky face. How is it possible that people can use that stuff?
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  3. Johnny199r added a post in a topic Any Advice For A Confused 19M   

    The dark spots are usually a result of picking and then exposure to sunlight. You can't do both.
    Changing sheets and towel does nothing. I workout 5 days a week like yourself (I'm in 29), in short, there's no easy answer.
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  4. Johnny199r added a post in a topic Starting Regimen Again   

    Don't touch tha AHA. It left me with red scar marks all over my forehead from the former pimples. I havent been able to get rid of them in 2 months so far!
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  5. Johnny199r added a post in a topic Clarus Gave Me A Life.   

    Props to you. I'm 29 and have done most of things on your list with no success. I feel like it's time for me to take the plunge.
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  6. Johnny199r added a post in a topic Dry Skin   

    I had the same problem as you. I live in Northern Canada, where it gets down to - (MINUS) 50 c in Winter. The kingdom of flaky skin. The only and I mean ONLY moisturizer that works is Cetpahil dry to very dry skin formula. The other 10-15 moistuizers I've tried over the years do absolutely nothing and are a rip off (Dan's moisturizer, Any Neutrogena product etc).
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  7. Johnny199r added a post in a topic ACNE CURED at 39! NO SH**!   

    does taking flushing vs. non flush niacin make a difference?
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  8. Johnny199r added a post in a topic ACNE CURED at 39! NO SH**!   

    I've taking 500 mg of niacin daily for 2 weeks and have had absolutely no results
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  9. Johnny199r added a post in a topic A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4   

    This topic directly relates to what I've believed for years about sunlight. Every summer/fall, I spend at least an hour or two in the sunlight every day with no hat, and my acne diminishes 99%. I use a few topical treatments that I've found help only with the help of the sun.

    In my experience, the sun is the only cure. For me, nothing else has even affected the sun's power. I could eat whatever I wanted, sleep whenever i wanted, be in any physical condition I wanted, and as long as I had the sun, I was 99% improved.

    I live in a cold climate where decent sun only comes between June-Oct (it was -52 celsius here yesterday) so I cant get any sunlight for most of the year.

    I've tried zinc and fish oil before and it didnt help. I'm now trying vit a,c,d, niacin, zinc and fish oil. I've been on it for 2 weeks with no results.

    I personally have found no direct link between diet and acne, as I've cut out every type of food subgroup at one point in my testing and have found no difference with my acne. The only great healer has been the sun. Not only do I live in sub-arctic Nothern Canada, I'm also a lawyer so I'm indoors all day. I just dont know how to fix my condition short of moving to florida and becoming a lifeguard.
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  10. Johnny199r added a post in a topic Vitamin D... I'm finally clear!!   

    My acne gets a lot better in the summer and worsens when the sun goes away the rest of the year. I live in Nothern Canada (it's -20, yes minus twenty outside right now). I tried Vitamin D in the spring, I took 1200 UI a day and it didnt help. Please people update this thread. I'm thinking about trying Vitamin D3 and upping the amount. I'd get tested for Vitamin D deficiency, but it's impossible where I live as I couldnt get to see a doctor here in the remote North unless I have a stroke or heart attack.
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  11. Johnny199r added a post in a topic the caveman regimen   

    Hi, I'm 26. I dont have moderate or heavy acne but usually have around 2 pimples at one time. But they're big. I only started getting acne at 18. I've tried accutane, minocycline, tetracycline, bp regimen (on and off for 5 years) any type of acne product you can buy by every company, Ive tried taking omega 3, 6 zinc, vitamin B, C supplements. I have a stress free life, I dont stress about anything. I work out hard, at least 5 days a week, I was a university varsity soccer player for 4 years. I've cut out and added every type of food or drink to my diet over the years. I can say with absolute confidence, no type of food or food group affects my acne.

    The BP regimin worked 100% for 2 consecutive summers where I spent every day outside in the sun. Those are the only times it has worked. It only worked with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Which is impossible to keep up. It also caused me to get acne on my forehead, which I never got before.

    Sunlight seems to help me, I backpacked around Australia for 3 months last year, and I still got pimples, but it was better than in North America, and I used no products, only shaved with a razor. But I was in the sun everyday.

    I live in Nothern Canada now, where it goes down below -50 in winter and theres limited sun in the winter, which has not helped.

    I, like most here, know that taking these products forever is not the way to go. They definitely harm your skin over time, and in my case, make the acne spread to new areas and they're expensive, time consuimg and annoying. But like a drug addiction, they're a hard habit to kick because we feel we need them.

    No one in my family has ever gotten pimples before me. My skin is not oiley at all. besides the pimples, its perfectly normal.

    This caveman regimen sounds promising, but like everything else, I'm realistic in not expecting it to work, because nothing has worked for me.

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