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  1. I'm really, really worried guys. (I'm the thread author btw). I'm now 9 months post-Accutane . Here's my current situation: still losing 200-300 hairs a day. The shedding seems to be worsening again. My scalp itches and tingles at night because so many hairs are leaving the follicles. I don't know WHAT do to. I seriously don't want to go on minoxidil: I understand that it can, in theory, help, but 1. applying something regularly and feeling that I am "treating" my hair loss is gonna be SERIOUSLY psychologically damaging for me. I have bad anxiety and I really tend to hyper focus on my image and also on certain health issues. Washing my hair is bad enough. Applying minox regularly and then probably seeing no improvement or incredibly slow improvement will probably destroy me. At least now, I can dossiciate from this issue by only thinking about it when I wash my hair. My hair is SO horrible now. I seriously used to have the best hair out of the room at any party I went to. Sounds vain but I'm not exactly boasting bc I obviously now don't have that/ I'd say I have 40% MAX of what I had before. This loss is absolutely atrocious in severity. I started taking biotin at 10,000, then switched to 5000iu because biotin gives me extremely oily skin + acne, but then went BACK to 10,000 iu because I'm so fucking desperate to have y hair that I am actually risking having acne again. That's soooo sad to me; at this point, I'm so devastated about my hair, I'm thinking "If biotin gives me my hair back, and also gives me acne, who cares bc I can just wear thick makeup like I used to". I'm sure that this is irrational thinking and that acne would destroy me, but I'm just upset that I'm at a point where 'm risking severe acne, because I feel like it means that I'm actually officially regretting accutane for the first time. That's how bad this has got. The reason why I'm keeping up with 10,000iu of biotin even though it is bringing my skin back to pre-accutane (slowly but surely) is because my eyelashes are now incredible (!). They have grown significantly longer, are thicker and darker, and I have new ones growing from each follicle. This isn't wishful thinking - I have compared pics, and my eyelashes have gone from alright to amazing in a couple of weeks. I believe that, therefore, the accutane may help better quality hair grow in on my HEAD. But who knows? I'll see. If the acne gets bad, I will obviously have to cut my biotin dose to 5000iu. Got big exams coming up so I'm gonna forget about this and then re-assess in 6ish weeks. But it's so hard. And I'm so, so bitter at this point.
  2. Okay, my skin is already breaking out in pus-filled spots.. I am so upset that I can't handle 10,000iu. I'm gonna slip the pill in half, drink loads of water and see if I can cope with the 5000iu. If my skin starts getting noticeably worse, I'm just stopping this.
  3. So, I will probably regret this since it causes severe acne in some people (all I need to get again), but I've ordered 10,000 iu of biotin. If it breaks me out I'll stop taking it immediately. I just can't keep reading things like "accutane depletes biotin" and NOT supplement, when my hair loss is still so severe. Now, I'm taking biotin, bamboo silica, iron, zinc, D3, multivitamin, selenium, spearmint for my acne. I need to focus on my university exams now so I'll check back in in several weeks. Hopefully I'll have some positive news but I v much doubt that.
  4. Ugh I am so sorry, especially with your wedding coming up!! That is horrendous :(. This is so awful and scary. I'll keep updating - I pray this turns out okay for us!! Have you seen a specialist/been diagnosed? I'm stll praying that this is a hard-hitting, drug induced telogen effluvium and that we've just been affected badly. However, I can't help but feel that this something different. It feels like the Accutane has permanently affected my follicles.. I really don;t know. I'm only 19 as well. I get regrowth but it all falls out at 1cm (!!!!) so my hair is just getting thinner each week.
  5. Actually disgusted and severely depressed - I am going bald. The shedding has sped up so much this past month. Here's some recent pics to show all the skeptical people that yes, Accutane CAN cause 60-70% hair loss. Keep in mind, I had ridiculously thick Hispanic hair before. I am now completely different person. This is driving me to insanity. I'm so angry and upset. I hope these pics put some ppl with mild acne off going on accutane. I posted a pic on insta and constantly get messages from young girls telling me that they "barely have acne, just the odd spot here and there" but that they're taking ACCUTANE. This drug is serious as hell and these pics show that. If this situation worsens, I dread to think how I'm gonna cope with summer
  6. I haven't experienced anxiety like that.. instead, accutane triggered my already-severe anxiety and caused me some horrendous panic attacks. I feel veru unreal (derealised) when I'm in that state, and it's horrible. I tried 5-HTP. It helped me sleep and was a miracle, actually. I took 50mg before bed on an empty stomach and began to notice that I'd be tired at 11pm and able to sleep, when my anxiety kept me up till 3am before (and even then it was har to sleep). However, I don't like 5-HTP as a supplement. If I take it before bed, I will ALWAYS wake up with a migraine headache and eye disturbance. Maybe that;s just me being migraine prone, but it affected me in that way. It will also make me feel stupid and "doped" the next day,m as if I'm on Xanax. That's literally how it affects me.. it puts me in a hazy, calm state. YES, it did stop the panic attacks, but it put me in a very odd, dream-lke state and didn't let me function/work and always gave me severe headaches and fatigue. It works well for some people, though.. so it's worth a try. Another key thing is that mental health isn't comletely understood even to this day, and it's not as simple as more serotonin = better mental health. I used to believe this, but it really isn't true, as other chemicals are involved. It is true that people see effects from 5-HTP, though.. so whether placebo or not they do feel better. Despite what I've said about the side effects I experienced, if I didn't suffer from the headaches (and it was just haziness/tiredness) it might be worth it for me. I suggest you try a low dose (no more than 50mg, before bed) and see how you feel. The placebo effect of knowing you're actively taking something to help your mental health may be enough to help you. And I have found that it DOES make you feel "calm", like you're almost immune to those feelings of strong anxiety. It's just for me, that feeling of placidness = feeling a bit drugged and "off"
  7. I'm just posting again bc I am so sick of this. 8 months off this drug, yet every time I was my hair and dry it, I will pull out between 200-300 hairs. This doesnt include all the hairs I'm shedding in the shower and when I brush it. I honestly am aware that I have a maximum of 5 months before my hair's so thin and patchy that I'll be too upset to go out/socialize. I can't believe this is happening to me at this age. There is just NO improvement. I've been losing hair heavily for nearly a year now (this started during my course.. I WISH i had come off accutane immediately when it started).. My iron is fine now. It's just this drug - I can only hope that this iis TE and not a result of accutane changing the transcription of certain hormones/making testosterone act on my follicles (which I read about ).
  8. Update - 8 months off accutane: My hair is still shedding abnormally. Heavier than it was about a month ago. In no way is this slowing down - it seems to have leveled out. Hair is horribly thin now, I feel like a shadow of my former self despite having (mainly) good skin. My hair was amazing before. I'm not gonna even think about Minoxidil until autumn. Taking MSM now (2000mg a day), bamboo silica, zinc, iron etc.
  9. What do you mean, TE without hair shedding? Hair shedding simply refers to the loss of hair. TE is a type of hair no, you can't have TE or any form of hair loss without hair shedding. 30th of March update: Hey guys, I've now been off accutane for nearly 8 months. And my hair situation is NOT slowing down. I'm giving this until the end of summer, then I might try minoxidil.. but I'm not hopeful that will work. I think that IF i'm gonna recover, it will just take time. This is the most traumatic thing I've been through, ever. It is so, so bad. My acne has come back 10%, but my skin's mainly good, THANK god. I'm taking spearmint, bamboo silica (200mg a day), viviscal, iron, zinc and D3. Just gotta focus on my studies and let my hair sort itself out - but I feel like this is permanent damage. The teture of my hair is terrible. I CANNOT believe I took accutane and have possibly messed up my future happiness, permanently.
  10. Checking in from when I last posted, mid-Feb... it's going terribly, guys. I'm back to losing a CRAZY amount, like I was in September. I've been off accutane for 7 months. This is too much - I've never cried more over something. Truly think I have ruined my life with this drug. I'll post pics in a month or so bc it's too depressing, but I have 40% of the hair that I had before. I'm losing ALL my regrowth. My iron is fine, I'm taking vitamin D and hair growth supplements.. I'm doing all that I can o let my body recover. But accutane has fucked me up somehow - it's messed up the hair cycle. I am worried that this is permanent and not regular TE. My hair is so fragile as well - the texture is destroyed. I'm just not going to get my hair back. I sit and work at my desk since I have big exams soon, and I see short, 1cm hairs all over the white paper. Something has just gone terribly wrong for me. My skin is good THANK GOD, but I could not ever convey how much I miss my hair. If you're a young girl, honestly don't go on accutane. Yeah, first time I've said it - don't do it. I may well have ruined my adult life.. over a stupid choice to take this poison before my 20s.
  11. Supplements whilst on roaccutane

    Also, I don't want to scare you but I went on an 8 month course at 40mg and I have lost 60% of my hair. If you love your hair (which it sounds like you do since you take supplements already), ONLY go on accutane if you absolutely need to. If your acne is mild, try something else first. I just want to warn as many people as possible - i had the thickest, most gorgeous long silky hair and accutane has DESTROYED it. I've been off the drug for 6 months and my hair is still falling out heavily.. including 2cm long regrowth that should be replacing the hair I've lost :((((. I'm scared for the future and realise that this may never even end.
  12. Supplements whilst on roaccutane

    Maybe switch to viviscal for hair! Doesn't contain vitamin A (But is a pretty pricey supplement)
  13. Hey guys, If any of you have seen my long thread here, you'll know I'm suffering from severe accutane hair loss even 6 months off the drug (I'm a 19 yr old girl(. I've lost 50-60% of my hair and this has destroyed me. I sadly can't control this accutane side effect, but I neeeed to keep my skin good. I know that I have hormonal issues (oily skin), so am trying to lower my androgens by taking spearmint daily (I take 2 x 400mg capsules a day). I'm hoping that this will be a permanent "solution" to my acne. My skin is good right now... I REALLY want to keep taking this dose of spearmint. I'm supplementing all the possible vitamins to promote good regrowth of my hair. HOWEVER, it occurred to me the other day that spiro can cause heavy hair loss in certain people, like a bever ending TE. It lowers androgens, right? Well, do you guys think that me taking spearmint moderately could be prolonging my accutane TE by causing it's OWN form of hairloss? I can't ask a odctor - none have a clue. My gut instinct is that taking spearmint is fine and v unlikely to cause telogen effluvium, and that my hair has been solely destroyed by accutane. However, I'd love to know if any of you think that spearmint/lowering androgens naturally could cause some form of chronic telogen effluvium hair loss?? So, what do you guys think? Thank you