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  1. dudeman added a post in a topic eggs   

    Egg whites are fine for me. If you feel bad or "off" after eating them, then they aren't good for you. Otherwise, go for it.
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  2. dudeman added a post in a topic the limits of diet/holistic health, and keratinization   

    What seems to be controling hyperkeratinization for me is : high quality food based multi-vitamin, food based B-vitamin complex, and avoiding all grains and sugars. Protein doesn't cause keratin buildup, it's an insulin/blood sugar related thing.
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  3. dudeman added a post in a topic acne and diet   

    Oh yeah, I eat almonds (preferably soaked in water overnight, makes em' more digestible) and almond butter with celery sticks (good stuff).

    I don't eat soy regulaly anymore, I'm pretty convinced that eating soy on a regular basis is bad news. No traditional culture eats as much soy as the average Western vegetarian. A little tofu once every couple weeks if I'm at a restaurant, but that's it. I completely avoid any of the veggie burger (isolated soy protein, textured "vegetable" protein) garbage.

    Hemp protein powder is awesome. I make protein smoothies with it. Shelled hemp seeds are also good, especially for the omega fatty acids. I gain muscle weight so easy with hemp protein, it's almost crazy. And it's relatively alkaline, unlike whey or soy protein.

    I don't eat any legumes right now. I might try them out again later, but I'm clearing up too fast right now. I don't want to risk anything.
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  4. dudeman added a post in a topic acne and diet   

    I quit eating sugars and grains except for one piece of fruit per day, and within 4 days I saw a drastic difference. I'm vegetarian, so I'm not doing strict paleo, but I'm eating eggs, RAW MILK goat cheese (raw cow cheese is ok for me too, maybe not for other people), vegetables and nuts. I also take a tablespoon of powdered wheatgrass in the morning with water, which helps you get quick results on this diet.

    (See my thread "Almost clear")
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  5. dudeman added a post in a topic I need quick temporary acne relief!   

    Don't eat ANY grains or sugars from now until the TV show, it'll most likely help a lot with the inflammation. Get some powdered wheatgrass too, I've always used that stuff in a pinch because it helps reduce redness and inflammation.
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  6. dudeman added a post in a topic Diet and B5: A Theory   

    I've been getting a lot of b5 naturally, through diet, and I've noticed my face is a lot less oily than when I was taking it in pill form. Probably because it's more readily assimilated.

    One thing to remember when on high dosages of b5, though: Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, spaced between meals, throughout the day!

    (I think you might be onto something with the Enzyme idea, too)
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  7. dudeman added a post in a topic Alternative and Complimentary medicine   

    Hehehe. True enough, for a certain segment of doctors.
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  8. dudeman added a post in a topic Alternative and Complimentary medicine   

    There's been a very intense interest in alternative therapies in many corners of the traditional medical community. I'm hoping that once I get my degree and am licensed, I can start working in that field to further this.

    Unfortunately, since naturopathic remedies (herbs, etc.) can't be patented, there's been little interest up until recently. But so many people are using alternative therapies in recent years that it can't be ignored by doctors anymore (partially because they're starting to lose a lot of money due to it).
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  9. dudeman added a post in a topic got an idea   

    Yo yo yoooo...If I was in da Blackhedz group my name would be Pimp Els. Awww yeaah. Pimpin' Els bringin' down da hizouze.
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  10. dudeman added a post in a topic what has cleared me 100% (no BS, only 2 products)   

    Hey Botcha...I'm currently on Dan's regime. Since I started taking all the vitamins and doing Dan's thing, I have definately gotten clearer and I don't break out nearly as much. But my face is so dry after I wash and put the BP on, it's crazy. I can barely open my mouth to eat before I put moisterizer on.

    Anyway, my questions:

    1. all I really have are red marks (ice picks or enlarged pores, I don't know) from old acne, especially on my cheecks, and a couple cystic like things that haven't come to a head but are decreasing in size. Have you found that your regime clears up cysts and/or fades red marks?

    2. I'm really afraid to go a whole day without putting anything on my face. Do you think it'd be alright to use your regime, and then put a small amount of BP cream on afterwards? I don't want to risk having a major breakout after clearing up so much.

    Thanks man.
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