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  1. The obvious question to ask is, is it possible to do blood tests to see if you have a candida or fungal problem? Rather than play guessing games, wouldn't it be easier to know what type of fungus you might have thus pinpointing exactly what treatment to use!!?
  2. I'm just so pissed off at the moment, why didn't my gastroenterologist offer any of this info?? Like I say, just because nothing really sinister is found doesn't mean ones gut is in good health!! I recently went on 10 days of "intestaclear" followed by Mutaflor - did nothing!! If the more natural path of zapping candida etc was going to work, this surely would have done it.... Surely the ultimate gut restorer would be a "Poo transplant"!!?? I think if that didn't work you'd either conclude permanent damage is at play or our problems just aren't gut related!!?
  3. What do we all think? Well up till now we'd have to all agree that none of the natural anti-candida supplements or liver flushes etc have done a thing really!! The most effective treatment thus far would have to be changing diet, this would be the same even if you weren't a Tane victim, eliminating sugar is the key but has that fully worked?? - NO it hasn't!! Would trying something stronger work like a prescription drug? Possibly but not sure if anyone's gone down that path up till now?? If I took an anti candida prescription drug and my 20 year head pressure went away I'd say it was a success.....
  4. I woke up this morning thinking about this drug, curious to know how does one feel when on it? Are there side effects and how long should you be on it? Also, what happens when you come off it? Do you revert back to how we feel now or is there healing and improvement in our condition?
  5. I really appreciate your feedback- thank you!! That test guitarman posted is something I'm looking into. I mean if I'm seeing a neurologist I'll ask for the eye test too just to rule out any lumbar puncture. I didn't even know that's how they determine lumbar punctures so that's handy to know.
  6. Can the person who by now has had the Lumbar punch speak up and notify all of the outcome please!!? very curious on this treatment....
  7. I agree, lets all be respectful. At the same time whether a new member or not, I wouldn't come on the forum declaring....IT'S THIS or THAT. Naturally that's going to upset a few people on a forum looking for an answer established over 5 years ago. If I was to believe the first doctor I went to after tane I'd come on here declaring- IT'S VIT C.......we all know it's not. So yes, screening what one says on here is also important, just my opinion with respect to finding a bloody cure!!
  8. I hate to say it after all we've been through with tane but isn't there anti candida drugs we can take??As opposed to the path of supplements. Ive given up on supplements- at best they provide about 5- 10% relief but that's it. I recently took Lamisil to clear up an infected toenail - I responded very well and it cleared up, prior to this I took all the topical treatments and none of them worked - I had the infected nail for over 5 years because I didn't want to touch another drug, I take Lamisil and it clears up in weeks!! My point is, it's going to take more than supplements to get us out of this mess we're in with tane, yes supplements might aid but it's going to take another drug to get us out of the woods, that's regardless of whether you think our problems are candida related or something else. I would look at some of the stronger Anti-Candida prescription drugs.
  9. Glad you got some positive results with recent blood work!! Perhaps an area we need to further investigate is cardiovascular disease? It comes up quite often as a side effect or a condition but what does it really mean and how can it be treated? It could definitely explain many of our problems, everything from fatigue to erectile dysfunction, headaches to poor sleep..... the list goes on. After we exhaust all the blood work looking at Vit, Min and Hormone levels we should also look at Oxygen levels and blood flow - these things also need to be working well to minimise all the problems we seem to have!!
  10. Its CANDIDA..... you could be on to something that might have merit BUT I'll say this again, we all know Accutane effects people differently so to say it's candida to someone who got bowel cancer from Accutane and there have been cases, do you really think zapping the candida is all they had to do? Same applies to those showing signs of brain damage - just zap the candida? i don't know....
  11. So this is talking about Vit K in fecal matter, what are they saying if you are low? Wouldn't they just put you on Vit K supplements? Has anyone had a Vit K blood test at the very least?
  12. We've been over this before!! Again, dismissed by gastroenterologist the very specialist who would advocate such a programme. Perhaps you can search this out with your gastroenterologist but I'd say they'll want to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy first. Not so easy to just walk in and say I want a fecal transplant. They'll want to try antibiotics first such as Rifaximin & Vancomycin before they'll even entertain a fecal transplant.....been there, done that.
  13. This is what I've also mentioned. what happened because of Accutane treatment might not be specific to accutane. I posted a study awhile back showing accutane can basically act like a super antibiotic. This could then fall in line with some cfs/me theories. It could have caused some gut imbalance that triggered autoimmunity. Mario thinks it's the liver, I'm kind of leaning towards the gut. Thats what I thought and I'm still open to it coming from gut but just like seeing any specialist they don't know what to do!!? My gastroenterologist in the end flat out said I don't have a gut problem, shouldn't such a specialist know more than just gut bacteria theory's- isn't it their job to also know about "Autoimmune" issues?? I don't know, maybe I was unlucky and saw someone very dismissive, perhaps other gastroenterologist are happy to delve a bit deeper....
  14. Yep, testing has to be the way forward, that detailed list further up the page has some great ideas with plenty of merit but the "Self Diagnosis" angle is just too hard to pursue for most of us. No one on this forum can be accused of not experimenting and the reason we've had to go down that path is because tanes damage is all over the place - no one fully understands its method of action nor does anyone know what it's actually done to us. Having said that if we do have an "autoimmune" issue to deal with we need to get over the fact that tane caused it and try and treat the symptoms like any other person who has an autoimmune issue to deal with. If along the way some blood tests etc show us to have some things in common this will help narrow that treatment down to make it more manageable I would hope.
  15. Yeah for me it's time to stop fucken around with small tests and start delving in a bit deeper looking at autoimmune issues. I know it would vary depending on what they find but generally speaking what do they put people on with autoimmune issues?? Is this where steroids come into play that people keep mentioning?
  16. Just to be clear, they had the "Autoimmune Dysautonomia Evaluation, Serum" test correct?? If not, post exact name of test we should be asking for?
  17. It would be interesting to know for sure if tane sits in liver for years, only a biopsy could determine that. But even so, if you knew for sure what would you do about it? Youd prob just revert to what we all use to talk about - control your Vit A intake or you'll feel even worse. This is how we came to discuss Liver flushes and taking Tudca etc but no one has recovered this way other than one guy on YouTube. Like I always say, it is possible that tane can fuck up your liver and give you brain issues at the same time!! I've spent so many years thinking it's just one area that if I can repair all issues will go away....unfortunately for me that's not the case. Im spending more time lately on brain function, on how to improve it.
  18. Ok, sounds like NSI is near impossible to obtain - I'm certainly not buying it off eBay. Did you guys who have tried it not look into treating Testosterone first? You're obviously taking or about to take NSI for neurological issues but what if there's a simpler option, an easier product to obtain, what if increasing testosterone is the key to it all? Just asking so I can gather info and connect the dots etc.....
  19. So to be clear, NSI-189 is a prescription drug and not just something you can order on the internet?? Also, you mention side effects but did you stop taking while using it? You've mentioned you take Ashwagandha - I personally wouldn't take this along with NSI, not saying you necessarily did but my point is we can overload on all these supplements yeah, it's equally important to know what to lay off in all this mess, being on too many things at once could also trigger some negative side effects!!
  20. Cannibas use for most I'd say is not an option. I'm a sales executive and need my car to drive from A to B, all it would take is to be pulled over by police and tested for drugs that could be the end of my job. I appreciate the auto immune info - you're prob right...
  21. I also think it wouldn't hurt to be doing some of these liver flushes whilst at the same time treating hormones - the view being that one will help the other and that it is possible to do things simultaneously. Last Year when I was seeing a new expensive doctor at the same time as the gastroenterologist, I stopped seeing this doctor and put all my energy into working with the specialist thinking everything is about to change - he's going to fix my gut and I'm finally out of this mess...that didn't happen, here I am a year later in no better state other than I'm on top of reflux issue. I might go back to this doctor as she was about to put me on Vit D and Testosterone, I'm at a point now where I don't give a fuck, I'm willing to try it. I didn't really want to interfere with testosterone too much as I thought it could fuck me up even more but what have I got to lose!!? Im 42 next week and have spent the best years of my life dealing with this bullshit, prior to that I hated much of teenage years dealing with acne. I just laugh at how much of my life I've spent either dealing with acne or worse dealing with Accutane. I don't know if it's all pathetic or I'm super resilient- prob both at this is strange.
  22. Dont get me wrong - I'm with you on the liver flushes. At the end of the day though they have to work yeah? I did 5 of them following procedure perfectly ( Moritz cleansing technique ) I got nothing in terms of energy or less dryness etc. You're right, everyone is unique and you may respond entirely differently. I do believe they get something out having seen first hand on 2 of them what I passed. Let us know how you go!? Ps, Some debate that all you're passing is the olive oil, if that were the case though you'd see the same result every time but trust me you don't, each flush yields a different result.....sometimes heaps of stones, sometimes just a little and on others nothing!!!
  23. In playing the devils advocate here, to anyone who got brain damage or bowel cancer from Accutane - no amount of liver flushes or Tudca or anything is going to help a person yeah??? To the guy entertaining the idea of lumbar punches to relieve head pressure etc, if he gets relief what does that say about addressing the liver?? For me the whole idea of addressing the liver is to get rid of this head pressure, get rid of brain fog, to sleep better etc. What if with all the liver work I've done, it's now clean and I need to address CNF and spinal fluid etc some other problem? With the list of side effects from tane, it is possible that one can have a side effect that isn't liver related correct? Just throwing that out there....
  24. Yeah tried it but nothing, I mean I'm not saying I was just on it for a week - I gave it some time but got nothing? With the liver flushes, first and third absolutely saw those green putrid stones come out, fourth and fifth got nothing which in a way is good as perhaps I passed all stones that were there BUT the whole idea of such a cleanse is to feel energised and revitalised I would think but I felt no different??! stopped after 5....
  25. Excellent- well explained!! and just so I can eliminate once and for all, doing the Moritz Liver flushes in our case is a waste of time?? I mean his book is pretty convincing that people need to do these deep purifying cleanses and whilst for some ( outside of Accutane ) this procedure might yield results, would you agree that for us though it's not that useful? Currently I'm on Glutathione- I just looked it up again and I think bloody hell this has got to be the product, it protects liver, cleans up metal poisoning, they even suggest for alcoholics to use it but after 2 weeks I'm feeling nothing!!? Where do I start with cleaning up liver? Besides taking any of the common liver supplements i.e milk thistle, turmeric etched etc??