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  1. sourpunch added a post in a topic You guys may have already read this   

    im not sure if this will solve any questions. mainly bc food affects everyone differently. just because someone breaks out on cheese doesnt mean everyone will break out on cheese. also, how would it be a real experiment if most all of us use some sort of topical, vitamin, antibiotic, etc? even if the person who logs his/her food everyday, im sure if he/she starts getting pimples, he/she will use the bp, sa, etc on those pimples or general area, which will taint the experiment. also the issue of compliance must be addressed.

    Theres just too many more questions left unanswered/unaccounted for in the end. This would be useful mainly for people to read what aggravates other peoples acne--and not necessarily what aggravates their own acne.
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  2. sourpunch added a post in a topic colorstay active light is sooooooooooooo   

    im usingthe color stay with soft flex. it still separates if you look closely at me, especially in areas such as my upper lip or forehead, where my frown lines/forehead lines are. most of the time its on for at least 10 hours cuz im in class. ive never used it before it didnt come with the softflex, but i am pretty satisfied with it. i dont think it makes me cakey looking--just dont splurge it all thick in areas. i do love the coverage, and the color fits me good. so the active light, is it really light coverage?? i could use something with a more medium coverage, or at least less than what the colorstay original's coverage.
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  3. sourpunch added a post in a topic Anti-antibiotics   

    my derm instists that doxy will not mutate my bacteria!! ::hmpfff:: i want off of it--but will use it for the time being since im starting anew regimine and dont want to break out like crazzzy!!! doctor's orders....
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  4. sourpunch added a post in a topic i feel so alone myself   

    i feel just like you most of the times. you just have to keep yourself preoccupied and have other things going on in your life. I have school right now, and im keeping myself busy concentrating on that. I pretty much suck at everytjhing else except academics--but thats okay! ive come to accept me as I am. maybe you should concentrate on something you are good at? just hang in there, ive been dealing wth this crap for 11 years now. its frustrating, but thats life...blehhh...
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  5. sourpunch added a post in a topic spironolactone   

    was there any thing you said / tips to help the doc prescribe it to you? at my last derm visit he clearly said my acne was hormonal but then prescribed me doxy. i asked him about spiro, but he just sort of shook it off....he said doxy was better. ::sighs::
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  6. sourpunch added a post in a topic Did Clindamycin work for you?   

    it did not work for me. actually, it really didnt give me an initial breakout either. i dont like it b/c it was watery. this is the one in a small bottle?? i like thick stuff on my face. its only been 3 weeks, i think you should give it longer before usingthe nixoderm.
    what is nixoderm?
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  7. sourpunch added a post in a topic It works... but I don't know why.   

    i hope fruit is not my culprit...lately ive been substituting fruit for junkfood that i used to eat...arghhh!!! this is all very confusing. fruit should be doing more good than harm!
    i eat about 6-10 fruits/day.
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  8. sourpunch added a post in a topic 10 percent bp   

    i use 10% all the time! i used to use it all over, but now i only spot treat here and there. its great! i like the 10% better than 5% --for no realreason tho, just preference.
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  9. sourpunch added a post in a topic family...   

    parents are the worst...not to mention extended family. just horrible.
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  10. sourpunch added a post in a topic bentonite/acv mask or queen helene's mask?   

    i love the QH mask...i use it everynite (prolly more than i should)...i like the tightness feeling. It does dry up some pimples, but not so good on those huge suckers!
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