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  1. Another Vitamin D3 experiment

    Hi All, Unfortunately I have to stop this experiment for now as I have developed some heart issues. My cardiologist doesn't believe my high dose vitamin D3 and K2 have anything to do with it as I had these heart issues long before this experiment. He is suggesting NO supplements until further testing is done so they don't mess up the test results. This is very unfortunate because I had a week of completely acne free skin on my face and back which I haven't had since last summer. My skin was still oily but clear. If anything I may have proved my theory correct but now it may be a month or 2 before I can try again and by then the sun would have returned. Maybe instead of supplements, perhaps a UV lamp? Sucks because my skin is breaking out again being on NO supplements and even though I'm eating healthy to protect my heart. I beg anyone that feels vitamin D3 may benefit them please consult with your general practitioner doctor first.