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  1. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Eating Lots Of Sea Food Helps My Acne   

    sorry dont have the

    i dont have references immediately on hand, but seafood is like 3-4 times higher in taurine then meats like chicken beef and pork. also, shellfish have more mineral content then most other meats as well. dha and epa i snot found in any other meats in significant quantities. all these differences in these substances can have benefits for the skin/inflammation. therefore, this could be the scientific basis or explanation for the original posters observations. in other words, yes, these changes could benefit your skin and here are some reasons why.
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  2. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Eating Lots Of Sea Food Helps My Acne   

    omega 3s dha epa? and taurine and the minerals perhaps? these are the major differences from other meats.
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  3. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Why Masterbaiting Causes Acne?   

    lose alot of vitamins in semen, like taurine, b12 iron vitamin e,dha, omega 3/6 perhaps more.

    while it doesnt cause acne, it could make it worse.

    sardines could restore pretty everything that is lost, for a source of vitamin e try almonds, and for omega 3/6 try walnuts.
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  4. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Third Course Of Accutane   

    some people have been on 5 or 6 courses.
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  5. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Vitamin A Instead Of Accutane?   

    just my few cents i used to post on here a a lot a while ago. high dose vitamin a is toxic, i will make your body run worse overall.

    accutane is 13-cis-retinoic acid, which is a natural metabolite of retinol (vitamin a), so vitamin a must be converted into 13 cis retinoic acid i believe inside the cell. and exerts its affects on cellular proliferation(growth cycle), i may not have all the technical terms correct here but but one major problem in acne is teh sebaceous glands hyperproliferate and create lots of sebum as well as the keratinocytes and accutane corrects most of this for some time, in most people. but it is a natural substance. but the toxicity from accutane comes from the fact that its forcing cells indiscrimnantly to use this substance thats why it affects your lips and gi tract and other parts of your body sometimes.

    anyways, the gi bacterial flora may be involved in acne in a way that bacteria create a form of riboflavin, and this process is influenced by the amount of fiber in your diet, this form of riboflavin converts vitamin into retinoic acid intercellulary, so i would first check your fiber intake. whole grains and whole fresh fruits may help. if not this then only a fecal transplant may fix the damaged bacteria in teh intestines. of course this is theoretical but based on scientific observations.

    my acne is under control but i believe but flora has been permanantly damaged.
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  6. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I'm Clear Using The Gut Diet:)   

    i agree with some of the information here.

    i have read the evidence relating acne to intestinal issues.

    our society has made decisions with a model of bacteria ridden with half truths so much as that the pasteurization of milk, the chlorination of water, antibiotics as you have mentioned, the road away from real fermented foods. all these steps have simply traded one class of diseases for another. we no longer have severe transmissible infections, but chronic degenerative diseases from chronic inflammation, due to incomplete bacterial profiles due to eradication of bacteria essential to life.

    there are patterns of two autoimmune, inflammatory diseases i have examined,first- inflammatory bowel disease, which may be a caricature and extreme manifestation of the dysbiosis of the gut and the problems it causes, and multiple sclerosis. both diseases have the same patterns geographically as well as chronologically, as well as possible purely bacterial/intestinal origins. the patterns of geographic nature are that of industrialzed nations and that of a north south gradient, where more cases are localized in areas where there are longer winters and vitamin d deficits i propose this may be due to greater incidences of upper respiratory infections and the use of antibiotics, which lead to development of these diseases. the chronological pattern starts at the dawn of food manufactering era, 1029 and wonder bread or the role of white flour in aiding longer shelf stability to processed foods and these business interests. in both diseases, there is a spike in incidence rates from 1920-1930, wonder bread was popularized in 1920, but this is merely one contributer. the second and biggest spike is in 1945, the precise year antibiotics were widely available.

    the foundations of germ theory were the basis for many of the applause and spread of antibiotic usage, but is all based on 1930's science, it sold and outdated, based on an old paradigm of the human body and of the world, specfically in relation to our knowledge of bacteria and how they work.

    the most complicated issue here is to what extent of the damage have we done and how many diseases are associated with the use of antibiotics and processed food devoid of fiber to feed good bacteria in the gut, and how do we go about fixing it all? probiotics and high fiber is a good place to start, but some bacteria have become extinct in out gut as well.

    as a self proclaimed untrained amateur scientist and researcher, i wonder, how could others(who are presumably smarter then me) have missed all this info?
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  7. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic White Rice, Wheat Bread, Or 5Min Oatmeal   

    white rice has no vitamin no magnesium and no fiber.

    white bread same story but the government requires it be fortified with some vitamins, but not fiber.

    oatmeal is a great choice.

    i believe oatmeal and wheat to be the best grains.

    please dont believe everything you read on this website, there is some really bad advice here, be careful and think things through for yourself.
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  8. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic The Decision Of A Lifetime   

    i had similar feelings, but i planned on taking it anyways. i took two pills and just waited to see what would happen, immediatly my skin became better looking but suspected some wierd mental effects of the drug although wasnt sure. then i noticed my lymph nodes starting to swell in my neck, so i decided that was it i couldnt take it.
    so here i am now, managing it by diet with good success but i could easily eat foods that give me acne again.

    then there are other experiances with the drug, who seem to take it once clear up and get on with life somehow, and then the people how seem to take 3rd 4th 5th 6th rounds of accutane, still in the same spot. and even some claims of long term effects from the drug as well.

    what is going on here that scientists and the medical industry fail to see? they simply dont fully understand this disease or the human body yet, and in my opinion, not enough yet to be toying around with the levels of retinoic acid in the body either, hence the unforeseen consequences of accutanes confirmed link to severe birth defects. what other unforseen effects might their be? right? you will see the follow up for these medications of patients generally span a short time frame to know some of the possible long term effects, although some people who have taken it seem generally ok to me, i have also experianced some people with altered personalities on the drug and years after as well, but these are casual observation and not purely scientific, but shouldnt be ignored.

    with so many testimonys on this site of people acne being related to dietary variables, and my own observations, i would say it would be likely that acne is related to intestinal permeability and the presence of various bacteria toxins that are created by dysbiotic state in the gut due to low fiber/high sugar processed food diet. some peoples guts have become beyond repairable, leaving some beneficial bacteria extinct in the gut. others have simply rearranged the quantities of them and can make a full recovery by changing their diet to include more natural human foods with fiber to support the right bacterias proliferation. fiber feeds good bacteria btw. there are some studies that reflect a relationship between acne and gi issues like constipation, and gi with other skin disorders which have a response to probiotics, so the theory i am suggesting, is not completley fictional.

    i have been working on this problem for years and made it almost the meaning of my existence to explain and know, what the doctors never really knew, to study diseases from a in vivo subjective state, and also to further our understanding the human body, and how to maintain and restore health. from my intense independant studies, i see for some the only way to restore this natural flora that they have destroyed, is to obtain it from a healthy persons feces and ingest it in a pill. they are using this to save people lives from antibiotic induced c. difficile colitis, although it is not an approved treatment yet.there have also been a report of using this therapy to treat constipation, and in one man his multiple sclerosis symptoms disappeared. i suppose i could be wrong on this theory, but i believe there is something to this. teh researcher who is performing some of these studies is thomas j borody and he is a gi doc with much education in australia.
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  9. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Tuna In A Can?   

    tuna is high in mercury, eat only 1 day a month. there are saftey guidlines set by epa and usda, to limit all fish intake.
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  10. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic How quickly does Saw Palmetto work?   

    i think the question is, does it even work at all?
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  11. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become   

    oh yea stay away from sugar for sure, and fat, and excess meat.

    high sugar intake is related to insulin resistance, high blood sugar and insulin inhibit cellular repair processes and activation of surtuins.

    aerobic exercise and caloric restriction play a large role in restoring and activating these repair responses/surtuin genes, largely due to their effects on blood sugar regulation through increasing insulin sensitivity and ability to regulate blood glucose.
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  12. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Facing The Truth   

    oh yea, been there.

    i thought acne was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and all i wanted to do was kill myself.
    then for some strange reasons, i laughed and thought, wouldnt it be just some strange sort of self entertainment to stick around? and actually pretend like actually i could figure all these problems out? no matter how impossible they seemed? because i truly didnt know what i could do, i knew i sucked, and for such a long time, but did i really know i would suck forever? did the fact that because things sucked for like, so many years straigh mean that i would never find a way? maybe yes and maybe no, but that was something i didnt know, and didnt claim to know. i was honest and said i did not know that.

    so i decided to do this thing called life, DESPITE the present and past shittiness.

    then, i was diagnosed with crohns disease. i guess i was wrong, it actually fucking got worse, hahahaha!!!
    how would you like to trade a bloody face for never ending bloody diarhea???

    but guess what, i had decided i was doing this thing called life and i was here to stay and figure EVERYTHING OUT and solve every issue.

    no i did not solve every single issue, but that was my attitude, and i am surprised i even got as far as i have.\
    i have a really bad case of crohns disease and my entire colon is infected along with the small intestine, i have been able to manage my disease with some decent success without drugs for three years now. this sounds like a fucking sad story i know, but it also somewhat triumphant. from meticulous note taking, i have solved many problems on my own without any help from a doctor, this is not typical for such a serious disease as i have, after being to doctors for acne, i had pretty much wised up to how things work, i knew i was mostly on my own, and the doctors didnt know all that much, at least not enough to answer the question i had.

    It may sound like im saying i have it worse then you so you shouldnt feel bad, and i might have had it worse then you, but im not telling you how you should or should not feel, if you are ok with where you are im fine with that, if you are pissed and want something else, you are allowed to be. and it also sounds like im bragging, and i kind of am, but i do not care to impress someone on the internet, but i do want my story to be heard to get a point across, its not so much my story i want to communicate as it is an idea, you just dont know what the human mind is capable of achieving, and our human minds cannot predict everything in life, we are not in a very good position to judge what is likely or what is ultimatly possible, we may have a decent general idea, and as we get older, there are less and less surprises, but i know, when i just look at any example of modern technology or any scientific accomplishment over the span of human existence, that ive been duped, i have been lied to, and i know deep within my own mind and heart, that as a human being i am capable of much more then anyone would like me to believe, there are examples all around you of what humans have done to understand this universe with their mind, and to overcome the limits or understand nature, and that to some degree, things can be understood, and conquered, no not all the time, but much more then the people i have come into contact have led me to believe about myself.ive wised up, and still here to stay and to do this thing called life. and i will never give up on the things i want, even if they are a million miles away from me.its crazy and stupid to not have given up after all that i have been through, and thats how i like it, its fun and crazy. its not really over till your heart has stopped beating. And one other thing, i believe i gave up on myself too early and made a promise to learn from that lesson, and to never give up again, if i hadnt given up the time i did or the times i did, i would have been in a much better position then i am now. but you are free to choose to give up if you want, but who knows, your life might actually get better,but not by way of magic, you must do stuff, but i will bet your luck will be better then mine.
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  13. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Metformin For Acne   

    have you considered accutane?

    even though i dont entirely endorse accutane, i would rather endorse dietary changes, or in a worse case scenario, both.
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  14. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Roaccutane Worth It?   

    if you do go on it, take a lower dose for a shorter amount of time because it is sort of toxic and unnatural, and also, change your diet to the healthiest foods possible. some people will take accutane and "stay clear" for years after, i believe these are the people who also started eating better during accutane or directly after, then there are another class of accutane users, the chronic accutane addicts that have been on accutane 2-6 times, who likely believe that diet has nothing to do with their health and that only drugs can treat disease, this is not true.

    i would say if your acne is truly mild, learn as much about diet as you possibly can, make those changes and see if after 3-6 months your skin doesnt improve, but if your acne is very severe, consider accutane in a low dose for a short term, but still learn about what is a healthy diet, and you may possibly fare better then the rest.

    for some understanding of what accutane is, it is a substance which is a metabolite of vitamin a compounds, and is naturally produced in your body for various processes related to cell cycle control/timing. known as 13-cis-retinoic acid, it is created inside cells for signaling, and our bodys synthesize it from retinol, which is vitamin a and can also be made from pro vitamin a carotenoids such as alpha carotene and beta carotene and beta cryptoxanthin.
    so accutane skips all those steps and enters cells endogenously or from the outside instead of being formed inside the cell where it is naturally made, it is this unnatural route that can make it so toxic, from what i know it isnt normally found outside of cells, so the drug is absorbed by cells and slows the rate of proliferation or growth which can halt the process of acne, which is the increased rate of sebaceous gland cells and keratinocytes(skins cells), slowing the rate of these cells reduces sebum, and keratinocytes no longer block pores which allow p acnes to grow and become inflammed. p acnes survive in a sebum rich, oxygen deprived environment.

    good luck.
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  15. AutonomousOne1980 added a post in a topic Does Alcohol Make Acne Worse?   

    from my experiance, hard liquor but not necessarily beer improves my skin. believe it or not ethanol is a powerful antioxidant in low doses, it combines with the reactive oxygen species h202, which is hydrogen peroxide, to form a phospholipid called phosphatidylethanolamine, which makes up a decent part of the phospholipids in your brain. this phospholipid is also found in egg yolks. so essentially alchohol is an antioxidant because it turns dangerous free radicals into something useful and harmless, which may also be one mechanism that explains why some regular drinkers have better arteries and less heart attacks and why low doses of ethanol have increased the lifespan of c. elegans, which is a worm, by 50%, which is really amazing.
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