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  1. jjn added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    We Need A Better Understanding Of He Genetic Factors Of Acne
    Doctors know that genetics play a large role in the pathology of acne vulgaris. If this is the case, we should be doing lots of studies to find out which genes they are. We should be able to figure this out. I mean we have the technology to sequence the entire human genome for chris sakes! After we know which genes cause it, then we can develop treatments to turn those genes off.
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  2. jjn added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Using Gold Nano-Particles To Deactivate Sebaceous Glands

    Has anyone heard of this treatment before?


    It looks promising and it could be more effective than all the creams and other crap we have to put on our face. It might even be a safer alternative to accutane.
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  3. jjn added a post in a topic This Forum Feeds Our Insecurities   

    Seeing a therapist might help but at the end of the day what I want is my skin to be clear.

    I wish the medical community would come up with a permanent acne cure already. That would be so much better than wasting time and money on a therapist.
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  4. jjn added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Do You Harbor Any Resentment Towards Your Parents?
    I know deep down I sometimes have some resentment towards my parents. I think I feel this way for two reasons. The minor one is that Acne has a large genetic factor and I obviously get my genes from my parents. The main reason is that they didn't help me get treatment early when it first started. I was young teenager and I didn't even know you could see a skin specialist. If they had taken me to one earlier, I would probably be in much better shape today. Of course they ignored my skin issues because they just thought it was one of those teenage things that will go away on its own not because they were bad parents.
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  5. jjn added a post in a topic Acne/new Boyfriend   

    There should be medications that help with hormonal acne. You should see your derm to get a prescription.
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  6. jjn added a post in a topic (How Acne Affected My Life) & I Want To Believe That I Can Live With My Acne, But Another Part Tells Me The Opposite And Sends Me To Tears   

    Original OP hasn't been active forever a year. Hopefully everything is going well with her.
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  7. jjn added a post in a topic Acne Vaccine   

    OP any new developments from the company?
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  8. jjn added a post in a topic I'm Really Pissed Off That The Medical Community Doesn't Seem To Take Acne Seriously   

    I don't think the medical community should stop funding research into finding cures for other diseases. There is enough money to work on more than one thing. I just want some progress on our issues. The last time I heard of a new acne study was almost 3 years ago about a possible vaccine. Absolutely nothing since then. It is frustrating.
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  9. jjn added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    I'm Really Pissed Off That The Medical Community Doesn't Seem To Take Acne Seriously
    We spend billions trying to find cures for all these different diseases but I never hear anything about acne. It really pisses me off. Acne should be the priority for the medical community. While the condition itself isn't fatal, it effects almost every single teenager and many adults. That is hundreds of millions of people around the world.
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  10. jjn added a post in a topic Asian Doing Mixto For Acne Scars On Cheeks   

    Dr. Rahimi's clinic sounds great Unfortanately I live all the way on the other side of the country in Boston, MA.
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  11. jjn added a post in a topic I Don't Want To Transfer My Skin Neurosis To My Child!   

    You should teach your boy how to treat acne and how to prevent scars from forming.

    I would also put him on antibiotics as soon as I see any acne forming. You want to attack it before it becomes a serious issue.
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  12. jjn added a post in a topic It's me. Only the brave shall enter.   

    OP your skin really does look fine. My scars and red marks are worse than yours but it doesn't matter. We are not in a contest. Stop obsessing over your acne!
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  13. jjn added a post in a topic Im Not The Only One! :d   

    Just say hi and introduce yourself. Since you are a student, you will need a study/homework partner.
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  14. jjn added a post in a topic The most upsetting thing a stranger has said about your acne?   

    I am fortunate enough that I never had to deal with really mean comments about my acne (except from myself ). My 7 year old cousin once asked why I had so many cuts on my face in reference to my cystic acne (she was too young to know what acne was ). I'm not upset at her though because she is a a great kid.
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  15. jjn added a post in a topic Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !   

    I think this is day 34 or so for me.

    Today I got two small bumps on my chin. In the past, these would always get inflamed and turn into pus filled cysts. Let see what happens this time around.

    I thought I finally got my acne under control so I'm pretty disappointed right now.
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