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  1. Pandora3co added a post in a topic Licorice Extract For Fading Spots   

    Thanks for the link. I've seen licorice mentioned as a skin spot lightner on several other web sites as well. The person reviewing it on this site said they mixed it with uva ursi extract 1/1 mix. I believe they used it all over, but I would want to try it on a spot basis first to see how I reacted to it. I'd have to order the stuff online..... I may also just try an asprin mask one or twice a week too, as it's salicylic acid without all the other chemicals that can come in OTC masks. I use a Neutrogena SA lotion now, but if I can replace that with an asprin mask I'd rather do that. I'm slowly trying to replace all the chemical laden products I use with natural alternatives where possible. I'm slowing getting there.
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  2. Pandora3co added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Licorice Extract For Fading Spots
    Has anyone tried licorice extract for fading post acne spots? It has one very good review under product reviews, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has tried it with any luck. I'm just so sick of the pimple going away after a day or two but the red spot where it was remaining for weeks!!! I've tried a couple expensive dark spot lotions with no success, and prefer non-chemical products anyway.

    I already use tea tree oil ,jojoba, and emu oil for moisturisers, and a mix of ACV and lemon juice as a toner/cleanser, so I like to keep my products more natural if possible anyway.
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  3. Pandora3co added a post in a topic My friends were making fun of someone with acne in front of me.   

    Yeah, and this is the last time she will be seeing him (and her) most likely. I just really hope it dosn't happen again with someone else because even though I've got my acne under control right now, it is NOT cool to make fun of someone for something they have no control over. But most people just don't get that. *sigh*
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  4. Pandora3co added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    My friends were making fun of someone with acne in front of me.
    So I'm at my best friend's, ex-boyfriend's daughter's birthday party and when I got there my best friend, her mom, and another mutual friend were telling me how the girl he cheated on my best friend with was at the party. (FYI we were there only because my friend likes her ex's daughter so much) I asked what she looked like and got the response... "She's skinny, brown hair in a pony tail, and she's got zits all over her face." I just stared at them for a moment, and then suddenly the 'other mutual friend' pointed at the girl and said " OMG there she is isn't her face DISGUSTING?!" raising her voice with each word until disgusting was I'm sure loud enough for the girl to hear. Both my best friend and her mom were like "Yeah that's nasty" but not as loud.

    I'm now consistently basically clear and have been for about a year but I was still really upset by this. Both my best friend and her mom have known me for over 15 years and KNOW I have struggled with pretty bad acne most of my life. I'm not sure if they felt now that I'm clear it's OK to say stuff like that infront of me or what, I dont' know. They never said stuff like that in front of me when I was breaking out and now it makes me wonder if they said stuff like that behind my back. OR maybe it's because she's the "other woman" that they all felt they just HAD to say something bad about her and acne was the only thing they could come up with. She was actually a really pretty girl who just happend to have acne.

    And now on top of it I'm feeling guilty that I didn't call them out on it, but I also didn't want it to look like I was defending the girl that my friends ex cheated on her with.
    The whole situation just made me feel really uncomfortable and kindof ruined the whole thing for me.
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  5. Pandora3co added a post in a topic WHY IS JOJOBA OIL BURNING MY SKIN?!   

    Not every product works for everyone. If something is making your face burn, stop using it!! You may need to experiment with different moisturisers to see which is best for you. It sounds as if you may have sensitive skin.

    Hopefully others can offer suggestions as to alternatives.
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  6. Pandora3co added a post in a topic What food makes your acne worse?   

    Dairy. Cutting that one thing out of my diet has made a DRASTIC difference in my skin. But you should also know for years I suffered with nausea\pain after eating sometimes so sever I went to the hospital. They did tests and never really figured anything out, then I lost my insurance and just sort of delt with it. About a year ago on a co-workers suggestion I eliminated dairy from my diet and OMG. Almost no more nausea/pain and as an added bonus ... almost completly clear skin! It's really hard to eliminate all dairy because it's in so many things, but I really try to watch what I eat now to make sure it's not in it and am feeling much better/looking much clearer because of it.
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  7. Pandora3co added a post in a topic Itchy Bumps... Folliculitis, acne?/?   

    I think, THINK (fingers crossed) that I found the answer to my iching. My mom kept asking me, what did you change in your routine? what's new? I kept saying nothing, nothing. Because I wasn't using any new soaps or lotions or anything. Then she said "Didn't you mention you used up all your conditioner recently?" It dawned on me that about 2 weeks ago I used up all my old conditioner and because I really didn't like it and it was very expensive (almost $50 a bottle), i started using an old conditioner I found under the sink rather than getting more of it. I didn't even think of hair products causing itching. This evening I took a shower and used a different conditioner than the one I've been using for the past two weeks and I'm not on benedryl and I (crosses fingers again) don't seem to be itchy. Just a couple "twinges" here and there but NOTHING like what it's been like for the past week and a half. I really really hope that other conditioner was what was causing it.
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  8. Pandora3co added a post in a topic Itchy Bumps... Folliculitis, acne?/?   

    This has been happening to me to recently too almost exactly how you describe. Legs, neck, arms primarily for me. Someone suggested it was an allergy and to try benadryl allergy pills and sure enough it stops it from happening while the pill is "working". Once it wears off I start randomly iching again. This has been going on for almost a week for me and it's driving me crazy. I just popped another benadryll about 10 min ago cause I started iching again. For me though I start iching and THEN the bumps appear after I itch. I'd try benadryll. It's helping me and I don't think it would hurt you if it was not an allergy.
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  9. Pandora3co added a post in a topic Mixing Mineral Powder and Water   

    I tried mixing EM and jojoba oil once. Though it might make a good tinted moisturiser.
    No coverage and it streaked all over. I havent' tried it again.

    If you can get it to work for you, I'd like to know the mineral to liquid ratio cause I really wanted to make a tinted moisturiser.
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  10. Pandora3co added a post in a topic YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS?   

    You know what really grinds my gears?

    People who have no sense of SELF RESPONSIBILITY. There's something called "consequenses of your actions" - Sometimes it's JUST YOUR FAULT!

    You know what really grinds my gears?

    People who have an overinflated sense of ENTITLEMENT. No - you cannot have everything right now just cause you "deserve it" - NOT YOURS!
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  11. Pandora3co added a post in a topic How big is your appetite?   

    I'm very under weight (105lbs) but I eat like a pig. My freinds have actually made fun of how much I can pack down at one time. I will usually easily finish resturant portions of food, including a soup and dessert. And I snack alot too. Some times in the afternoon I get the shakes I'm so hungry (yes I've eaten a lunch at noon) and I'll have to eat a couple breakfast/power bars to make it to dinner. Then I'm ususally snacking a couple hours after dinner too.
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  12. Pandora3co added a post in a topic Calling all Former Proactiv users!   

    I used Proactive for several years strait before I switched to Dan's regimine a year ago. I have had great results in switching. My skin was so used to the Proactive BP that it handeled the switch to Dan's - which is way better in my opinion - rather easily.

    I've added a bit to my regimine so it's not exactly pure DKR but it is working pretty well for me. If i keep it up every day twice a day, I stay about 95% clear. Proactive I was still at a moderate level of acne. It took me about 5-6 months off Proactive to start seeing that 95% clear mark consistantly and if I slack off ... well I break out. I guess that means I know it works!
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  13. Pandora3co added a post in a topic I'm supposed to be at a birthday party right now.   

    Yeah I've got goop all over my spots now and am off to bed I guess. I just hope they are better tommorow cause one of my best friends birthday and another friends is tomorrow and I HAVE to go out for it. It is a crazy weekend for me. I don't have a ton of friends and they all have birthdays right around the same time! Tonight was a coworker/friends birhtday so It's not that bad that I didn't go.
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  14. Pandora3co added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    I'm supposed to be at a birthday party right now.
    Update - well all the goop I put on my face paid off. My big lump has shrunk to a small lump and most of my scabbies are better. I went out today and bought a new outfit and it's awesome. I have another birthday to go to tonight and I'm so excited with my new clothes that even though my face isn't perfect I'm still looking forward to going!!! Now I just have to do my make up and finish getting ready.

    I'm so upset right now. Tonight is a friend/coworkers birthday. She invited me and I told her i'd go but I did somethign really stupid tonight.

    My face had been doing really good untill about 10 days ago. I even posted on 4/1 how good my face was doing on a new make up. I think I jinx myself cause a couple days later I started breaking out again. Pretty bad. So today I'm looking at a growing lump on my chin and a bunch of scabs all over my face..... and I started picking.

    So I end up with a hugly swollen lump on my chin and a bunch of bloody oozing skin where my scabs were!!

    There is no way I can go out like this now especially since I'm like supposed to be there right now and my face is still bleeding in spots.
    I'm now left to come up with an excuse as to why I couldn't go cause I could never tell the real reason....

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  15. Pandora3co added a post in a topic PMS: Girls, How much does it affect/disrupt your life?   

    Mine used to be about a 8 emotionally and 10 physically. (sometimes I'd cramp so bad I'd miss work).
    Now I'm on the Depo shot and dont get any period at all!!!!
    So I voted a 1 and 1.

    Depo - best thing I've ever done!
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