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  1. sld123 added a post in a topic Treating Very Severe Scarring   

    Blahblah - I saw Dr. Mitchel Goldman in La Jolla. Is DeepFX really the way to go with scars? The realself reviews weren't that great. I already asked Dr. T for another doctor I could see regarding fillers. I guess I should mention that he said that the fillers would go away and that I would then write a bad review on him on yelp. I said I wouldn't do that because I'm realistic about the outcome, but I was thrown off by that. He just said that he didn't want me to waste my money.

    Lightninginskillet - Thank you for the kind words.
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  2. sld123 added a post in a topic Treating Very Severe Scarring   

    I am really confused right now. I recently went to a dermatologist that Dr. Taylor referred me to regarding fillers. The doctor straight out refused to give them to me and said that I would just be wasting my money. I took facial pictures in this box-like machine (different angles) that showed sun damage, inflammation...etc. He first started off by asking me questions; what I had done for my scars, my ethnicity...etc. He then asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted fillers and he just said "why". I was extremely confused and I answered "for my scars?". He asked me why my face was so red (because of the acne scar resurfacing, it's hot, I'm active..etc) and then showed me a picture that showed all the inflammation I was still experiencing. He said he wouldn't treat me until 5-6 months have passed and that the fillers would just be reabsorbed quickly because I was so inflamed. He then said a better treatment for me was DeepFX and that was mostly it. To be honest, I left feeling upset. Maybe I was being too sensitive, but I wasn't really happy with the way he spoke to me at times.

    I guess I should also mention that I asked Dr. T when I could repeat the whole procedure again (I was expecting months later). He said that I could repeat the procedure right now if I wanted to which surprised me. I had mentioned this to the doctor that I saw for my fillers and he said he didn't understand why he would push it so quickly since my skin was still healing. I'm not doing the procedure that quickly (in case you guys were wondering), but I was planning it right before Spring.
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  3. sld123 added a post in a topic Treating Very Severe Scarring   

    Hi Amcius,

    I was never offered PRP and I'm pretty sure the Asian guy didn't get it either. The only difference between the two of us is that I did not get fillers done one month after. I do think if I had come back with pictures after my fillers, my skin would have looked a lot better. I'm planning to call on Monday to get a reference for a doctor that can do my fillers. I also plan to ask how soon I can get laser resurfacing done again.
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  4. sld123 added a post in a topic I Finally Cured My Back Acne!   

    Have you tried yaz? I have tried several types of birth control pills and the one that helped me (but never got rid of it) the most before yaz was orthro tri cyclen. When I stopped taking it, my chest and back went nuts. When I started eating really well/ exercising (lost weight), my face cleared up right away, but my body never followed. It wasn't until I took yaz that I noticed the difference.

    Just wanted to let you know that it's been two days and my skin feels a lot smoother. Old persistent cystic acne is finally starting to get smaller. No new recent breakouts in a while *knock on wood*, but I think that has to do more with the birth control pill.
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  5. sld123 added a post in a topic Treating Very Severe Scarring   

    I apologize for taking a while to update. A lot of things are happening in my life right now and I kept forgetting my account information. I actually made another photobucket account for this *sigh*. Here is my almost 5 week update (well, it will be in 4 days). I tried to angle it in different ways because lighting makes such a huge difference. The scarring on my left side has always been deeper than my right. My worst scars are on my left temple; I knew that area was always going to be a problem. As a teenager, I would sometimes get nodules there and I think the damage was just too much. It's somewhat sunken in, so I don't know if lasers or subcision will ever really fix it. Personally, now that I took pictures and compared them to my old ones, I dont really see a huge difference depth wise in the temple area. Maybe there is some improvement, but I really can't tell. I think at this point, fillers will only be able to correct it. I wonder why temple scars are so difficult to treat? As for the cheeks, I do see more improvement, but then it might still just be swelling. The asian guy on realself had fillers done in the first and second month. I plan to wait until the third month to see how different my scars change since this is the timeline the asian guy showed. It's just frustrating to know that the scars may worsen later, but the scars already look like they can't get any worse in the temple area .

    Like I mentioned before, suggestions are always welcomed. Old pictures are on my first post. I know for most, the scars still look bad, but there is improvement.

    Here are my pictures (no makeup). Nothing has been done since the procedure. I am thinking about putting fillers in the temple area & other deep scars by the third month, but I might do it sooner.

    Left side

    Right side - sun was too low to get direct rays on face when I realized I had none in my pictures :[

    Pictures were taken about 730 pm, so this is the worst they will look (my scars look better in the morning). I'm actually trying to find the worst possible light to emphasize the depth guys. One thing the asian guy didn't do is have rays hitting his face so that you can tell the depth better. If I were to take these pictures in normal lightening, my skin would look amazing.
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  6. sld123 added a post in a topic I Finally Cured My Back Acne!   

    Thanks for the tip, I'll give them a try and get back to you. Our background is really similar btw . I'm also taking yaz (which is helping a lot), but I'm still trying to heal some old stubborn acne that won't go away.
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  7. sld123 added a post in a topic Treating Very Severe Scarring   

    Hey guys,

    I'm pretty embarrased to admit this, but I totally forgot my log-in information so I made a new one :S!!! I was trying to log in all day yesterday and I made an e-mail specifically for this account, but then I couldn't remember that information. It was a mess lol. It's been oficially one month since my procedure and as expected, my scarring has returned, but it has improved. The procedure was the least effective on my temples, my scars are still pretty deep there. I'm pretty sure there is improvement, but I honestly can't tell the percentage (and I'm not sure how people can figure that out). The scarring on my cheeks, however, is a lot better. It has definitely decreased the depth. Texture wise, it did nothing for enlarged pores (they might just be scars) near my nose area. The skin is still pretty red, but I have been messing up a lot guys. I know I'm not supposed to be in the sun, but there were times where I absolutely could not avoid it when I drove. I had the hat, but the sun still hit me at times. I always wear sunscreen, but I believe I might have already done some damage and may have hyperpigmentation. I'm not sure if it is, because that area in general looks red, but I think I screwed up. I definitely do not recommend this in the summer. Otherwise, my family members tell me my skin looks a lot better.

    The swelling has decreased a lot and it's almost back to normal. Since the 13th day until now, my face has looked swollen around the treated area (certain light emphasized it more). It's only been a couple of days since it has decreased, but it was a lot obvious before. I wore makeup and that covered the redness, but like I mentioned before, my work is very demanding and that just made my face redder and more swollen. It's also very hot here so that didn't help at all. I went ahead and returned to the gym (slowly) about the 3rd week because I was still becoming flushed during the summer so I figured I can't avoid it so I might as well. My cheeks are still numb and they feel tight at times, but otherwise, I have no problem eating at all.

    No one has said anything at work about my skin besides my family. I'm pretty sure they could tell a difference, but they didn't say anything about it. I was very happy about this because I find it to be very embarrasing.

    I already spoke to my sibling (who also has scarring, but no way near as bad) and we are planning to do it together again next year. I would love to do it sooner (winter time), but I'm assuming you guys think it's a bad idea . I am thinking about fillers, but I am still unsure about it. I figured the scarring would just get worse by the third month....the guy on realself told me he had it on the first and second month. I will post pictures and get opinions. Now , I'm wondering if you guys would like pictures in the afternoon or in the morning? My scars seem to worsen by the end of the day, but they look a lot better in the morning. Please let me know what you guys would like .
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