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    Hi everyone!
    I suffered from a spotty rash on my shoulder for about three years and all the doctors Iwent to see had no clue wot it is was and all wanted to treat it as acne which of course failed! So last month i got sick of it so decided to see a dermatologist and he also said it was acne and started me on oxytetracycline!! HUGE MISTAKE!!! i was such a mess the PF spread everywhere! my face and neck and everything was covered. only benefit of takin the antibiotics was confirmin it is PF which can now allow it to be treated. so i am currently using NIzoral shampoo 2-3 times a week and also nizoral cream which works loads better than the shampoo but it does stink! I cant get ZNP in the UK but having read all the articles on PF possible i have oredered 10 bars from the US today so hopefully can get started on that this week but i have noticed my PF to be worse since takin the oxytetracycline. Dr put me on sporonox but i went funny on them - dizzy and sick so going back to dermatologist this week to see what he suggests! This is obv such a common disorder wrongly diagnosed - i wish doctors learnt more about it, could help so many people without goin thru wot we all are! so does the ZNP bar work really well??

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