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  1. crevin added a post in a topic How I Cleared My Acne After 26 Years. Try It.   

    Can anyone tell me the names of the cleanser/hydrating gel the OP uses? I remember seeing them in one of the posts, but after scrolling through twice I have been unable to find them!

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  2. crevin added a post in a topic accutane headaches   

    I am in the same boat as you, only I've gotten severe back pain/joint pain. I am only on 10 mg/day but my skin has improved a TON in just seven days. I am wondering about maybe doing 10 mg every other day or 10 mg every three days or something...

    Yeah, definitely consult with your derm. A lower dosage might do the trick and you might still get results. Post back.
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  3. crevin added a post in a topic Wedding Day Count Down - Accutane Do Your Stuff!   

    Hey, good luck! Your skin looks similar to mine. I'm 24 yr/male. I like your post about the side effects-- it's really cold where I am and I've been working out a lot recently, so the dry lips and sore back might not be related to the isotretinoin. I started a day after you, and I might be imaginging things, but the redness in my skin seems to have already calmed down. But then again, my skin always tends to be good for about one week of every month so I don't want to get my hopes up. Maybe it'll get really bad here in the next week or two...

    Are you taking Accutane or a generic? I'm on 10 mg of Clavaris/day.
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  4. crevin added a post in a topic Tazorac Users: When was your "Tipping Point?"   

    here is a link to my thread:

    those pics are after 6 weeks of nearly nightly, continuous use of tarzorac .1 gel, cleansing with cetaphil gentle cleanser, and moisturizing with cetaphil gentle moisturizer (before applying taz).

    prior to those 6 weeks tho, i was off and on taz because my skin would flare up at times and get AWFUL, so I would take breaks. I stuck with it hard for 6 weeks and my skin got much, much better.

    there is also another thread a guy just posted with before/after from august until now. it looks like it took him several months to get results.

    i would say if you are at about 8 weeks... you could start to see a big improvement anytime... but it could take as long as a few months (that's what my derm said).

    good luck!

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  5. crevin added a post in a topic Concerned Mother of Teenager with major breakout   

    You have to give antibiotics time to work-- usually takes months. Does he have older siblings? I am 25 now. I always got kind of annoyed when my mom would tell me "Wow , your skin looks great!"-- because I always felt like she was just saying that since she was my mom and loved me. However, when my sister or brother made comments, it REALLY helped my self-esteem, since they were mean to me at times, so their opinion struck me as being more truthful and honest.
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  6. crevin added a post in a topic About fish oil   

    I agree with the previous poster-- both of those are good brands-- make sure to get liquid form (supposedly absorbs better). Another good brand is SPECTRUM Cod Liver Oil (Lemon flavor)-- tastes good and is high quality.

    Also, since EFA = essential FATTY acids-- take some source of fat with them. They are fat soluble, so they will absorb better if you take them with fat (scoop of cashew butter or almond butter would be fine-- or peanut butter if you don't think it makes you break out-- or, just take them with a meal, because virtually all meals have some source of fat... unless you are eating raw broccoli or something!).

    Most people say take 1 tablespoon, twice a day, and separate them out as much as possible. I take a tablespoon with lunch and another tablespoon with dinner.
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  7. crevin added a post in a topic To those who think you must sacrifice skin for muscle...   

    Rethink real fast and make a new post, one that actually makes sense.
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  8. crevin added a post in a topic To those who think you must sacrifice skin for muscle...   

    I never said I didn't do weighted exercises. I was just ridiculing the heavy lifting that people do with their legs, mostly with regard to squats. I do sprints with a chute. I also do sprints with ankle and back weights. I also do jumping drills with dumbbells. You people don't know what it means to "blast" your legs with your laughable 400 lb squat reps.
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  9. crevin added a post in a topic To those who think you must sacrifice skin for muscle...   

    Don't mistake me for being a scrawny marathon runner b/c my body would put all yours to shame. I definitely am not the biggest around but I am extremely cut. I do lots of high intensity running and swimming exercises. You lugs that just squat 500 lbs wouldn't stand a chance if you stepped up to me b/c you have tons of muscle on you that is worthless and serves no purpose. I am lean and mean and will rip you to shreds kiddo. I only workout my upper body in the gym because I don't want to sacrifice agility and quickness by getting massive legs that are worthless. All you Kimbo Slices would get torn up by me.

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  10. crevin added a post in a topic To those who think you must sacrifice skin for muscle...   

    Sorry necro, but I would toast you in any kind of foot race, whether it be a sprint or long distance. You can't possibly sit here and tell me that sprinters and professional runners spend a considerable time in the gym doing weighted leg exercises, can you? All that added time you spend lifting weights only takes away from any real running training you do. If you are squatting 400 lbs and busting your muscles in the gym, there is no way you can go out and run at 100%. I only do weighted exercises with my upper body because that is about the only way to do it, other than swimming or rock climbing.

    I think the majority of people would rather be in Lebron James shape or Carl Lewis shape than looking like Hulk Hogan. Balance is way better than bulk. I am not saying you sit around and don't do cardio, because I know you have to do cardio to cut fat off. But like the original poster said, it is MUCH more purposeful to have lower body strength geared towards activities that might actually occur in your life than being able to squat 400 pounds. How often is squatting 400 lbs going to come in handy? Oh no, that kid can pick up one heck of a garbage can. You can have your Hulk Hogan build. I am fine looking like Mike Tyson. Not to mention, gorillas can't fight worth crap b/c they have no agility and trip over their calves!

    You are a freakin joke you gorilla. Not to mention, a majority of girls prefer the lean muscular look as opposed to the gorilla look.

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  11. crevin added a post in a topic To those who think you must sacrifice skin for muscle...   

    Sorry, but this made me laugh. Nothing is more ridiculous than people who go lift heavy weights and get "strong" legs but couldn't run a 10 minute mile if their life depended on it. I am like the original poster, although I mostly just do interval training w/ sprints and the occasional long distance run just to switch things up. But yeah, leg workouts are a joke. Its fine to do squats every now and then and leg extensions or what have you, but working your lower body with weights like the upper body is ridiculous. Nothing is funnier than a guy who looks like a gorilla.

    And as far as fast twitch goes, you get plenty of fast twitch development from cardiovascular exercises, esp intense sprints and intense jump roping. My vert has increase way more over the past year since I've done away with fast twitch workouts in the gym and focussed on sprinting.
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  12. crevin added a post in a topic Low-Protein Diet might be the solution for me?   

    It's funny, b/c a lot of people say the "beach" or "Swimming" clears up their acne. I think it is in fact the sun doing it, because I swim year round, but my skin only breaks out during the colder, rainy months. Since the swimming is a constant variable, it can't be that. I am guessing it is the sun...

    I think I am going to try getting sun exposure to clear up my acne, and then eating as healthy as possible so it doesn't return.

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  13. crevin added a topic in The Regimen   

    Anyone men out there try this...
    I am wondering if I should quit the CSR... and just let my facial hair grow out so that it just covers up my blemishes...

    any thoughts?
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  14. crevin added a post in a topic Healthiest/best way to prepare chicken?   

    how do I bake chicken? just jam it in the oven? temp? duration? i just have some foster farm chicken thighs.

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  15. crevin added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Healthiest/best way to prepare chicken?
    Hi, can anyone tell me the healthiest and most acne-friendly way to prepare chicken? And what kind of stuff do I need? Can I just bake it in the oven? Or fry it?

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