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  1. 30 Day 2 Litre Water Challenge

    thanks for the feedback. Aye I'm not expecting a massive improvement but I felt it couldn't hurt to give it a try. thank you
  2. Ok so I have realised that I am well under average when it comes to the amount of water I drink daily. Sometimes its about 0.25  litres and most days its none at all. Im tired most of the time and sleep a lot. So I thought I would give it a go to see how it can improve my skin and my lifestyle. I aim at drinking 2 Litres a day which averages at about 4 pints. Want to see if It can do anything for my dark circles, lip dryness, tiredness, general health and most importantly my skin. 
  3. Month 7 Finished - Breakthrough

    For the first time in years I woke up this morning with no active cysts and I couldn't be happier. With the last one that had been lingering for a couple weeks had finally vanished and now nothing. Im still along way to go but without the cysts I know I'm nearly done. I have a few clogged pores and blackheads that still need shifting and my pigmentation needs work but its faded a lot (I'm starting a very light exfoliation on the clogged pores as most of them seem to be extruding). To think this could be the first year in ages where I don't have to cover my neck with hoodies, scarves and shirts and where I can finally go to a barbers and get my hair cut without having to worry about them looking at my once awful skin on my neck. I even had the courage to show one of my close friends my neck for the first time after telling them for ages how bad my skin was and they said 'its not even that bad' which was like music to my ears.    Im going to get in contact with my derm as i haven't had a check up in a couple months now and hopefully they can introduce something to help with the pigmentation and last of my skin problems. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. Onwards and upwards. 
  4. Ok awesome thank you. I was assuming it was just down to sensitive skin. Will check out sudocrem. Thank you
  5. Yes sorry. That was silly not to include. Yes I am.
  6. Okay so the past month or so, every time I have showered a red rash appears on my chest and side of my neck. It lasts about 40 minutes then disappears. It is only ever there when I shower and always in the exact same place and no where else. I tried showering with cooler water today and haven't used any shower gels or soap except conditioner which I washed backwards down my back so it wouldn't come in contact with my chest but yet its still there. Any idea whats causing iy and has anyone had it before?  Its not itchy or its not bumpy just red for about 40 minutes then disappears until next time I shower. I have recently moved houses as well so I don't know if it could be something to do with the water?    Im on my 6th month of Roaccutane and been taking 30mg daily.
  7. Okay so I'm coming up to the end of my 6 months on Accutane now and its has managed to clear my cystic acne (except for when i pick and squeeze at my spots and they turn in to cysts) I'm totally clear. But my blackheads just don't seem to be doing much. Apparently there has been a slight clearing in parts from what other people can see but I can see very little difference.    Im only on 30mg daily and have been for my full course, my derm said that the blackheads would take longer to clear than the cysts and on my last appointment she even offered me a surgery to have the more stubborn ones burned off. But my back is still plagued with blackheads and clogged pores and still feels rough. Surely it wouldn't take this long. Has anyone else had experience with blackheads while on accutane?    Did the clear? How long did it take? 
  8. Protein Shakes On Accutane?

    awesome thank you. I checked the ingredients and the label and it doesn't seem they are any added vitamins in there anyway so will give them a go. Thank you.
  9. So as I have lost over half a stone recently Im looking at trying to gain some weight again. I have increased my calorie intake a lot but wanted to start taking some protein shakes as well during the day. Is this allowed while on accutane? I don't think it should effect anything should it? But just want to be sure. Any one know? Thanks
  10. End of Month 6 Accutane

    Haven't done an update in a while because I have been rather busy with work and university so thought I would try get one done now. I have been really lucky up un till the last few weeks or so and have had minimum side effects (dry lips and the one nose bleed in the first few weeks but thats about it) up until a few weeks ago when my body seemed to have turned against me.   I started getting bad stomach pains and pains in my body that I had not had before, especially ones where my liver is (luckily these have died down a lot now, as i started getting really worried) Started getting a lot of headaches and really bad lower back pain also. The back pain was probably not helped by the way I have been sitting / laying while studying. I feel tired all the time and have really bad changes in my mood, its really strange but I have had a few moments where I have gotten really confused, like I can't remember what I'm doing or saying. Then I go through the stages of being really down where I just don't want to talk or be around anybody then the next minute I'm back to my normal self. My hair seems to be shredding a lot more and my eyes feel dry. I have had pain in my ankle joints and this weird burning sensation on my arms and legs (which also has seemed to disappear the past couple of days, thank god) I also started getting a red sort of rash every time I get out of the shower, on my upper chest it lasts for about 40 minutes then disappears. Its only there after I have showered, don't know if its just my skin reacting to the body wash/ conditioner or shampoo I use. Anyone know what this could be? Yesterday I started with a bad throat. My lips are dry and today I have started to feel dizzy and my muscles just feel week and tired. Im not sure if this is the first signs of a cold / flu though as a couple people I work with have not been well recently, but I'm literally ready to give up. Im not strict with my accutane anymore. I have skipped taking it numerous days in the past couple of weeks because I'm so stressed out about my symptoms. I have lost half a stone because of this and thats a lot to say that Im only a slim guy in the first place. These are not probably helped by the fact that I don't intake enough water, Recently I have started drinking about 2 litres a day but before that I was lucky if I even had a glass of water.   Worked out roughly that I will need to be on these another 4 months at my dosage of 30mg if I'm going to require the full dosage but right now I'm ready to throw in the towel. Nothing seems to be happening with my skin any more. Ok fair enough I don't have any more cysts (except the pimple i stupidly squeezed that got infected) but my blackheads just dont go and its really frustrating.    Just don't know what to do anymore. 
  11. Hi. I know your frustration. Im in to my 6 month now and still getting the occasional cyst and my blackheads are just not shifting. Im only on 30mg daily so not as high as you but I would definitely recommend taking a photo diary its a lot easier to see the difference. Don't give up just yet though you will get there. Whats your dermatologist said about it? Have the commented on any improvements?