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  1. So as I have lost over half a stone recently Im looking at trying to gain some weight again. I have increased my calorie intake a lot but wanted to start taking some protein shakes as well during the day. Is this allowed while on accutane? I don't think it should effect anything should it? But just want to be sure. Any one know? Thanks
  2. End of Month 6 Accutane

    Haven't done an update in a while because I have been rather busy with work and university so thought I would try get one done now. I have been really lucky up un till the last few weeks or so and have had minimum side effects (dry lips and the one nose bleed in the first few weeks but thats about it) up until a few weeks ago when my body seemed to have turned against me.   I started getting bad stomach pains and pains in my body that I had not had before, especially ones where my liver is (luckily these have died down a lot now, as i started getting really worried) Started getting a lot of headaches and really bad lower back pain also. The back pain was probably not helped by the way I have been sitting / laying while studying. I feel tired all the time and have really bad changes in my mood, its really strange but I have had a few moments where I have gotten really confused, like I can't remember what I'm doing or saying. Then I go through the stages of being really down where I just don't want to talk or be around anybody then the next minute I'm back to my normal self. My hair seems to be shredding a lot more and my eyes feel dry. I have had pain in my ankle joints and this weird burning sensation on my arms and legs (which also has seemed to disappear the past couple of days, thank god) I also started getting a red sort of rash every time I get out of the shower, on my upper chest it lasts for about 40 minutes then disappears. Its only there after I have showered, don't know if its just my skin reacting to the body wash/ conditioner or shampoo I use. Anyone know what this could be? Yesterday I started with a bad throat. My lips are dry and today I have started to feel dizzy and my muscles just feel week and tired. Im not sure if this is the first signs of a cold / flu though as a couple people I work with have not been well recently, but I'm literally ready to give up. Im not strict with my accutane anymore. I have skipped taking it numerous days in the past couple of weeks because I'm so stressed out about my symptoms. I have lost half a stone because of this and thats a lot to say that Im only a slim guy in the first place. These are not probably helped by the fact that I don't intake enough water, Recently I have started drinking about 2 litres a day but before that I was lucky if I even had a glass of water.   Worked out roughly that I will need to be on these another 4 months at my dosage of 30mg if I'm going to require the full dosage but right now I'm ready to throw in the towel. Nothing seems to be happening with my skin any more. Ok fair enough I don't have any more cysts (except the pimple i stupidly squeezed that got infected) but my blackheads just dont go and its really frustrating.    Just don't know what to do anymore. 
  3. Hi. I know your frustration. Im in to my 6 month now and still getting the occasional cyst and my blackheads are just not shifting. Im only on 30mg daily so not as high as you but I would definitely recommend taking a photo diary its a lot easier to see the difference. Don't give up just yet though you will get there. Whats your dermatologist said about it? Have the commented on any improvements?
  4. So I have been on Accutane coming up to 5 months now. 30mg a day. Been on steroids at the same time for the side effects but I haven't really seen much difference  apart from an improvement in my hyper pigmentation. Getting a bit frustrated now so I was wondering if anything that is done that effects the liver also effects the effectiveness of Accutane. Such as eating and drinking a lot of stuff thats beneficial to the liver, stuff thats high in antioxidants and helps detox the liver. If something is detoxing the liver would this be flushing out the Accutane before it gets chance to work and get in to my system? Or am i just being impatient? I know 30mg a day isn't a lot.  
  5. 110 Days Accutane

    Okay so Im on day 110 coming up to the end of my fourth month of Accutane and things are finally starting to have a noticeable difference. I have 0 active cysts. The cream that my derm prescribed me has seen to the remaining few that were there. I have one large pimple on my back but its not a cyst and I know its not going to leave a huge red mark like a cyst would so I'm happy. There are patches of skin on my back that have become clear from blackheads and clogged pores which haven't been clear in years. Most of the blackheads are more prominent and I have been told that they are all starting to rise like little bumps so I'm hoping that this is them getting pushed out of my skin.  In a week or so I was going to start some light exfoliation on my back, mainly to help speed up my PIH recovery a bit, alongside my vitamins. I know this isn't recommended while on tane but I thought it would also help bring my clogged pores out also. 
  6. Month 4 Accutane

    Im currently a few days in to month 4 of Accutane and I have just got back from my check up with my dermatologist. She asked me if my acne had improved and I said I couldn't see a difference myself except for the PIH calming down which she was surprised about but when she had a look she said it had definitely improved which was awesome to hear. She has kept my dosage the same and provided me with a cream to put on any active lesions which will help them die down. She is also getting me in for surgery next month to have any of the stubborn blackheads / comedones burnt off :/ as they don't seem to be shifting. Im also able to have the few comedones on my face done as well if I wish which is great to hear. So its all looking good at the minute