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  1. im so sad ..im done

    Did you tell the doctor all these feelings? I feel like if you expressed you emotional state that they would have almost no choice but to put you on it - basically demand it 
  2. Caveman Regimen

    - go to very end for gist  Blame the industrialized society of today. I love the life we live just as much as the next person, but when people rather touch bleach than deal with farm animals ( just an example), I don't know what they understand is safe.  There re are so many highly toxic chemicals that are viable to us and we use them everyday. These chemicals go down the drain and back into the bodies. I highly doubt certain substances are supposed to be in our systems, and these substances may be contributing to a minor problem that we may have ad inevitably and exasperated it to a major and chronic problem. Chemical dangers are still very unknown and things that look nice and clean my be disrupting our endocrine system. it would seem hypocritical of me to say that chemicals are causing you problem so you should go ahead and start your caveman regime. But, the fact is that your are probably not going to be dealing with your issue in the most productive manner and should maybe see a dermatologist to help you get your acne under control - the faster you actually deal with it the less scars or loss of self esteem you have to deal with.  Acne is complex and not cleansing properly won't fix it.  long sorry short: acne is complicated, could be many things, don't think not cleansing face is going to help. Should see a dermatologist   
  3. Unfortunately, I just feel like natural selection failed us   why not accutane ? 
  4. Guys, what is this on my chest?

    Could just be chest rosecea  http://www.m.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/guide/skin-conditions-rosacea
  5. A pack of lies

    Honestly, I feel like it's all bullshit. I also feel as though those of us with persistent acne, through and into their early twenties, have some sort of disease or irregularities that cause this - this thinking doesn't really help my situation.  Really feel like saying just fuck it and letting my fave do whatever the hell it wants to do. 
  6. I know!^  so I thought about excision for some, I mean what's the worst that ca happen? I'd look like I have a "real" scar??
  7. does anyone else also feel that "real scars" look nicer than acne scars. I feel like acne scars make me look sick or something - btw I have them in the cheek.  I hate are the bumpy texture and would rather a straight scar 
  8. I read it helps 1/3 of people to go on a second course and if it's scarring why not I would say. But accutane aside, you have great features and seem like a pretty girl. If you decide to forgo any invasive treatment you still shouldn't worry at all because it's looks really mild - a lot of girls I knew would have similar acne.
  9. Acne is a disease because of the fact that certain aspects of your body, or in this case pores, are not working as intended for a "normal" body. You could say that crazy people are normal and they're only crazy because they're a minority. Just because acne is inherited and has the ability to become a "normal" everyday sight does not make it any less of a disease. Pores are not supposed to be plugged,skin is not supposed to under exfoliate itself. Some forms of acne cause physical pain, discomfort, distort the quality of life emotionally. Also, I have no idea why you need to compare acne to freckles. I don't know of anyone who has had they're ability to see compromised because of a giant freckle under their eye but i have seen photos of individuals who have their vision blocked from an acne cyst under their eye. acne is also caused by an unhealthy strain of P.Acnes bacteria, if not for that bacteria people would not present with that disease.