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  1. To restart The regimen?

    Now after almost 2 years, I'm back here. It is also almost 2 years I left The regimen, not because it didnt work, but because I could not adapt my current lifestyle to religously doing the regimen twice daily. This past few months my lifestyle have been so haywire ( working 24 hr straight, every other day oncall, eating not so healthy meal and stress ). So do my face, it has become the worst acne I could ever have. Every month there would be big red cystic acne, which took weeks to subside only to leave dark red scars later. The current acne that I'm having now is the worst, it almost look like a carbuncle. Now I'm having dilemma, I've took antibiotics for plus minus 2 weeks, but it seem like have no effect at all. Should I restart the regimen again? I dnt think I could commit to it like how it should. I'm starting to loose faith that my skin will ever get better. I'm almost 28 now. Should I just do not care about my acne? No need to bother to find solutions for my acne?