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  1. Swits added a post in a topic My Epiduo experience   

    call me crazy but i wash my face with head & shoulders and then apply epiduo and i still dont get any burns or irritation like everyone here talks about. there was an initial breakout but its minimal considering head & shoulders dries your face quite a bit so the acne you do get is very small and dried up. my advice to people starting out would be to wash with h&s shampoo, then apply a PEA size of epiduo before bed. i stress PEA because you only need a smidgen of this stuff for it to work. also try to spread it as thinly as possible and do not use any moisturizer unless your skin starts to crack from h&s. like bp, your skin should get used to it though.
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  2. Swits added a post in a topic Second hand smoking and acne. What do you think?   

    no. second hand smoke is even a debatable issue whether it causes increased risk of lung cancer.
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  3. Swits added a post in a topic Ending a month early   

    yeah finish your treatment or else you're gonna be stuck saying what if when you start breaking out again.
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  4. Swits added a post in a topic Fading red marks during treatment.   

    I'm in the same boat as you right now. I tried Jojoba oil, it reduces redness, but the marks are still there and I think it's made me break out. I'm going to be trying emu oil soon. Right now I wash my face with a bar of soap with sulphur, and it's been great so far. It reduces the redness and makes your face paler, plus sulphur speeds up the shedding of skin cells. It does have that sulphur smell to it, but it's really subtle and I like the smell. Plus my face feels so smoooooth.
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  5. Swits added a post in a topic I Love Roaccutane!!   

    it seems like you had a lot of bumps under the skin. did that all clear up?
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  6. Swits added a post in a topic Niacin is AMAZING for acne!   

    i couldnt imagine taking a gram. you'd flush so hard, not to mention niacin makes you tired and lazy. i'd sit around and mope all day
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  7. Swits added a post in a topic Good and bad foods while on Roaccutane?   

    before going on accutane i noticed certain foods would get me really oily. now that i dont get oily at all, eating certain foods makes no difference. drinking alcohol is fine, you just cant get wasted. under 6 beers is fine if you keep hydrating yourself and take it slowly.
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  8. Swits added a post in a topic Accutane beginner   

    I would definitely wait if i were you until about 17/18. This is a really serious drug and you don't want it to interfere with your growth/maturing process. Plus accutane makes your skin scar easier so it might workout even worse for you. Go back on antibiotics if you want the relief.
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  9. Swits added a post in a topic YIKES!   

    yeah take into account that people that have bad experiences are gonna come on here and bitch about their side effects so they can have some form of internet sympathy to make them feel better. everyone that's had good experiences won't say a word because they don't need to since they're clear. i just finished my first week of accutane and so far it's been going great. yes you will most likely get headaches and notice your mood go down or have a hard time concentrating but DRINK WATER. honestly, it's all about dehydration. as long as you keep yourself hydrated you'll keep your mind clear.
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  10. Swits added a post in a topic My worst nightmare...   

    you should pick up eckhart tolle's "a new earth" and read it through at least once. it may just in fact be the guidance/help you're looking for.
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  11. Swits added a post in a topic Almond Milk   

    love almond milk. my favourite is almond breeze unsweetened, which is pretty much just almonds and thats it. 0 grams of sugar. they also have chocolate milk with added cocoa and it tastes great. and its still got 0 grams of sugar. blows my mind
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  12. Swits added a post in a topic ( Almond Butter ) This diet things is tougher than I thought...   

    yeah its definitely the nuts. avoid all nuts, even if their organic. you may want to try soaking real almonds and shedding the skin off, that may help. its all because nuts contain a lot of lecithins which break you out. most of them dissolve when you soak them in water.
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  13. Swits added a post in a topic Best regimen for nice skin in a few days?   

    try not eating any meat or dairy and only eat your 3 meals a day. drink some green smoothies in between if you feel hungry
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  14. Swits added a post in a topic Should I take colostrum??   

    try improving your diet and see if theres a change. basically cut out any foods you think that are breaking you out. if theres no change, its most likely hormones. you have to realize that at your age its most likely hormones because you're going through puberty. so if hormones is the problem, colostrum can screw you over big time. just a warning
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  15. Swits added a post in a topic cured my acne doing 3 simple things   

    what do you eat when you've only got that one meal?
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