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  1. Mandelic Acid + Tazorac

    You can,but it really depends on how your skin will be handling tazorac.It can be really rough at first so its best to just use tazorac and something calming/moisturizing .After some time,when your skin will get used to it ,you can start using mandelac acid,if You want to , I personally have a very weird skin,whenever Im on tazorac,and try to add something more,like vitamin C serum,etc ,my skin goes crazy;/  Sometimes,really indeed,the less is more;)
  2. Tazorac

    So ,I have a question regarding Tazorac.Some people claim that it works best when you put a moisturizer before tazorac,but I am wondering how does it affect its effectiveness?I know that thanks to that it is less harsh and irritating,but does it also mean its less effective? Does someone know?