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  1. Ya you can,according to this study; spearming tea lowers the testo level.There are a couple of more studies on pumed for the anti androgenic effect of spearming tea.If you're interested you can look it up:)
  2. For me its one of the best ingredients I've ever used.Especially if youre getting older and need something that works both - a little anti aging and anti acne. I perform on myself every week 20% azelaic acne peels and it works beautifully for acne and for improving skin tone.But for you I recommend buying a cream or gel with AA.Studies show that gel is better because it penetrates better and works quicker but I myself am a fan of AA creams.Only because after battling the acne for so many years my skin simply cant handle gel treatments anymore,dehydrates and gets dry very quickly.;/ EDIT: Products with lactobionic acid are also great for hyperpigmentation.I am using a 10% Lactobionic acid toner from time to time and it makes red marks go away very fast.
  3. Azelaic acid is really great for hiperpigmentation or evening your skin tone.Definitely one of my fave ingredients;) What type of skinoren do you have ,gel or cream? A couple of years ago i tried on myself a combination of BP and AA,used it alternatively .And ofc sunscreen during the daytime. It was a really great combination and 99pct of my acne and blackheads were gone.And my skin tone (thanks to azelaic acid) was really great,very evened out.So You can try it that way.Or you can just stick to just using skinoren,as its both anti inflammatory and antibacterial so it may turn out enough for you.I know that BP is very harsh for some people.I myself can't handle it anymore and stopped using it.
  4. It shouldn't .At least I've never heard or read about that. I've been also experimenting with spironolactone (but I'm a male) a couple of years ago,took it for 8months but hadnt had any shedding or worsening of my hair situation.But I do know,that some people react badly to spiro. Regarding to your hair situation after isotretinoin,what about trying a growth stimulants?I won't recommend you a minoxidil because i dont have a very good opinion about this particular substance but maybe some alternatives such as adenosine?
  5. You shouldnt use Epiduo and Tazorac together,thats too much for your skin probably.Especially if Tazorac was still irritating your skin after a year of usage. Remember that a chronic inflammation aka irritation,red skin,etc makes acne worse and causes faster aging.You shouldnt use Epiduo every night if that also makes your skin irritated.You can start by using it 2times per week and if you feel that ur skin is doing ok you can put it on every other night or every night .If not,its fine .It will still do its job. Buy a good sunscreen and a good moisturizer with ceramides.The side effects of using retinoids aka redness,irritation are often caused by destroyed barrier function of the skin so restoring it is crucial to minimaze these side effects;)
  6. Haven't you heard about a secondary cancers that you can develop after cancer treatments such as chemotherapy? I would've never said that any type of cancer is better than acne.As a med school student I had my internship in a oncology centre in my city in the daytime chemo unit during my first year and saw very disturbing things,so as much as I hate acne and also understand that for some of us it may feel like it's the worst thing in the world.Its really not,not even close.