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  1. I know your derms say food intolerance is not a thing, but that's not their line of expertise. When your only tool is a hammer, all you see are nails. If you want to test your food hypothesis, and don't want to spend a fortune on a food allergist, try a juice fast and and see if that has a positive effect on your skin.  You'd be surprised the foods that Chinese medicine prohibits for damp conditions. http://amycdarling.com/pdf/Avoiding_Damp_Accumulation_Through_Food_Choices.pdf That said, I can't put any oils on my face.  Even taking vitamin E orally seems to make me break out. Fish oil REALLY causes breakouts for me, personally. However-  have you gotten your vitamin D levels tested?   I found that mega dosing D helped me tremendously.  (If you're trying to eliminate oils and need moisture- not all of us do- 99% Aloe mixed with DMAE powder is my go-to moisture/serum.   I'm also really sensitive to shampoos and conditioners that end up on my jaw line. )
  2. I had some around for blisters and figured why not? It worked! It kept it clean and moist as well as kept me from touching it and introducing dirty oil. Band aids with their gummy strong adhesive is a no, but this adhesive is gentle and pulls of effortlessly. Cut to fit a tiny piece to go soft -side down on the lesion. Cut a piece 3x as long to cover it sticky side down. Put a dot of aloe or E oil or A drops underneath before applying. Sleep in it and notice drastic results in the morning
  3. Hating My Reflection.

    If makeup Makes you feel better, there's nothing wrong with that (though it can inhibit healing and cause more acne.) You sound like a wonderful person. Good luck with accutane - you're doing the best you can for you . And no ones beauty lasts forever , so cultivating inner strength is the hidden gift of the acne struggle
  4. In a narcissistic and image obsessed world, our faces come first and our other qualities second. We know the crushing insecurity skin problems inflict on us, whether it is a constant unending affliction or intermittent over a lifetime , which can be more difficult in its way. There's no question my life path has been roadblocked by my skin, career and social rewards stolen by this disease that so many profit from. Denied these external rewards and their emotional kickbacks, something equally valuable - character and self reflection - have been forged on the spiritual path of my twenty year on off war to save my vanity. As with the experience any hardship , you will be stronger and more aware for enduring it. You will learn patience, you will make friends with your biology and understand holistic processes, you will be able to advise and sympathize with friends , you will get to know yourself when you retreat from the world to heal and consider what you're missing (or not) and may discover talents and abilities. You will learn to appreciate the present moment and the lessons it offers you right now. You will accept your skin and do what you can for it without hating yourself , and vanity will only guide and not rule you. It's a handicap , but that is so often a blessing. I know you're at your wits end, but breathe, alter your perspective, accept yourself and know that compassion is more beautiful than beauty
  5. Hi, guys. It's been a while since I've posted. Except when I travel and there's a change in climate, I've got my acne under control with Chinese herbs, SAL soap and 99% pure aloe along with juicing, magnesium, vitamin D, B12, and A. I just wanted everyone to be aware of the things that they believe might help them that turned out to be irritants. It took me over 10 years to realize that hyaluronic acid causes dry cystic breakouts on some people including myself. I have only used it on five occasions- once when it was used as a serum during a procedure in a salon, twice when it was used as a cosmetic filler in a plastic surgeons office, and I have purchased two bottles- once during severe breakouts thinking it would help me, and recently when my skin was perfect I had no idea it was exacerbating the problem until I used it on clear skin and experienced awful dryness leading to immediate Acne, The same special kind of acne that only I've ever experienced on the other occasions when hyaluronic acid was introduced when I had only little to no acne. I did some online research and yes there has been studies about this naturally occurring non-animal substance that acts as a humectant. If you have ever experienced a so called humectant conditioner drying out your hair, you will understand this phenomenon. Unless the humectant is sealed over by a protective layer of moisturizer, the humidity of the air outside will pull the moisture from the cuticle of your skin or hair into the air and not The other way around. So I deeply apologize if I ever steered anyone wrong and recommending this product that has been recommended to me by professionals over the years. If you have sensitive skin, stick to aloe- not aloe with the leaf, and Not the drugstore sunburns with perfume in it, but pure aloe gel from Amazon, many brands are available. Make sure you use the product quickly or Replace after a month or two because there is no antibacterial or preservative agent in pure aloe and you only want clean ingredients on your skin. Best to you and Think clear - acne detective, case closed