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  1. Pregnancy Acne

    I don't know a great deal about PCOS but from my understanding it can cause major hormonal acne? My situation was actually the opposite of yours. I had beautiful glowing skin and amazing hair throughout my pregnancy and 3 months after more than half my hair fell out and I got bad cystic acne all over my face and body, which nothing would help. So I had to try to focus on being a new mom (of twins) while feeling so extremely bad about myself. I also took showers in the dark and tried not to look at myself in the mirror. Since having them 2 and a half years ago I've learned that skin is only part of what you sacrifice. I don't know what's worse, skin or sanity. No sleep sure takes a toll... In my search to fix it I've read a LOT of women's stories and have noticed there are pretty much two pregnancy/acne groups; those who have amazing skin during pregnancy and then get hit hard afterwards (like me) and then those who all of a sudden get bad acne during pregnancy, but luckily for them it clears up right after or within a couple months of giving birth. My bet would be you won't need anything like spiro, which I personally wouldn't want to risk anyway. Huge chance it will clear right up afterwards. Right now the very worst thing you can do for your acne is worry and stress, which will help put your hormones in overdrive. Stress is also bad for your baby. The best thing you can do right now is make sure you are eating a really healthy diet with lots of veggies, no junk food, no sugar, minimal processed foods, take a prenatal vitamin and make sure you get enough protein and that your iron levels are good. Also, I also could never use Cerave cleansers. It made everything SO much worse. Sulfur is safe to use during pregnancy and is really effective for acne. Here is the sulfur soap I use, though it's only 3% sulfur and there are much stronger ones, I found it to be strong enough: Clearasil's adult tinted acne cream has also been a lifesaver. The internet seems to think it's safe to use during pregnancy but I would check with a doctor because along with sulfur it also has2% of resorcinol, which I'm not sure about: Others that are good: ~ This is actually my favorite. I use the tea tree one but the unscented one is going to be better for pregnancy. Most stores carry this, especially health food stores. Not even sure why castile soap clears acne, but it works well and Dr Bronners is the best. ~ ~ (amazing stuff!!!) Anyway. Hang in there. Baby will make it all worth it. People won't be judging your acne while your pregnant or even afterwards, people get that hormones are like this. Try not to STRESS... PS. there's also places online like circle of moms which helped me feel not-so-alone with all my pregnancy problems. Other moms will give you advice and support and know what you are going through: ~ ~
  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear it's not working. A lot of people have success but unfortunately some don't. If you're still taking and not having any luck after all this time I would stop. But I'm so sorry my suggestion made it worse I should have mentioned that if you've taken antibiotics you should take a probiotic of some kind, I find it easiest to take them in pill form but you can eat healthy yogurt every day, drink kombucha or eat fermented foods like kimchi. The antibiotics kill all the bad bacteria in your gut but they also kill the good, that's why after a while they can make your acne worse if you don't rebuild the good bacteria in your gut back up afterwards. I don't know why most doctors fail to mention this when they give people antibiotics, but it's really important. Anyway, that's going to help you. You might check out the love vitamin website. It 's a great website for healing acne naturally and has a lot of info on hormonal acne and supplements. I hope you can find something that helps.
  3. Have you already tried Vitex or any female balancing supplements? I had a horrible hormone imbalance after I had my kids and tried every natural thing I could find and nothing worked for me. But I didn't have a lot of money, if I did I would've had my thyroid tested and and also see if my adrenal glands were functioning properly. I gave up and got on birth control pills and it helped a lot but not as much as I thought. I regret doing it and am scared to come off of it. There are foods you can eat that could help, like a carrot a day, egg yolks Naturopaths are awesome for helping figuring out hormone imbalances and hypothyroidism. If you can, I would try that...
  4. 3D print new skin

    I thought this was really interesting. 3D printing has been around a few years but it still blows my mind. But I could see it being a scar treatment in the future... Sorry if this has already been posted before. This site has changed so much since I've last been on and I was having trouble searching old info on here.