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  1. Hi guys Its been a long time since I was on the forum - I can believe my original post has almost 600,000 views. I was 31 in 2005 when I posted that vinegar and tea-tree oil had cured my bacne, wow that 11 years has flown by. I thought I'd come in and give an update, the original post has been archived now so I've created a new topic. After applying the rice wine vinegar and tea-tree oil for a few months the results were so good that I cut back the tea-tree to nothing and just did a monthly vinegar application or whenever I felt my back getting very oily. After a while I cut the vinegar out too, I pretty much have no bacne any more and I only use the vinegar if I'm doing a lot of gym work, I do still get blackheads on my back (or so my wife tells me, I can't see them) but these days I'd be lucky to get one cystic bacne spot a year. I have no idea how this cured my bacne and prevented it from coming back but it's done so for over a decade now. If you're interested in the actual technique I used please check out the original post Vinegar Cured my Bacne from 2005 as there is a lot of info in that thread but the basics are as follows: - I bought rice wine vinegar from the supermarket but I assume other types (apple cider etc) would work just as well - I bought Australian Tea-Tree oil from Thursday Island Plantation brand again at the supermarket and again I assume any tea-tree oil would work - The technique is simple - put some tea-tree oil drops on your fingers and rub into the effected area (onto dry skin) - Once the tea-tree oil is rubbed in, put some vinegar on your hands (I'd cup my hand and pour it into the hand) and rub into the effected area until dry. I rubbed until I could feel the top layer of skin coming off (like an exfoliation) but I had extremely oily skin so this level of pressure may not be appropriate for you. - Take a shower to wash off the oil and vinegar (mainly to get rid of the smell, you can leave it on if it doesn't bother you - it might also be better to shower if you have sensitive skin) That's it - a cure that cost about $10. I hope my original post has helped a few people as I know how devastating bacne can be. All the best to those reading this post too. Cheers M.