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  1. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Niacin is AMAZING for acne!   

    I don't take this but vitacost is by far the cheapest. I live in Canada and shipping is usually only around $4. It's routinely 50-80% cheaper than anywhere else for almost anything you can think of.
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  2. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Diet X: Surprisingly Has Cleared All Skin Everywhere   

    Well it's nothing more than Atkins taken to the extreme with more food involved. Nothing revolutionary. I'm impressed with your results though, how tall are you? I'm about 10lbs lighter at 6"1' but this is my limit unless I want to gorge myself because I do far too much cardio and I love it too much to quit (Long hiking trips, swimming (Butterfly really burns calories), kayaking, snowboarding/cross country, etc...).
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  3. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic what can i use as a vegan/vegetarian substitute for fish oil?   

    This hasn't been established anywhere. What has been established is that males can't usually process it. She should be fine with most plant sources of omega 3.
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  4. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Urine: The Miracle Drink   

    I know fresh, non infectious urine is sterile but urine is also what your body expells. This includes many things that you don't want to consume again such as heavy metals and cleaning residues (Which everyone has and is everywhere). I wodul be especially worried if you eat things like cilantro and other chelation agents each day.

    Just addressing an earlier poster, the people that are smart and drink urine mean nothing, especially if they are uneducated to begin with (Yes you can be intelligent but not learned). Besides, there are tons of examples where smart people were convinced to do very stupid and bad things.

    can someone please give me a link that tells me what good it does to drink it, preferably with a modern twist. I know there are probably no studies but I'm looking for X compoud in urine is known to do Y in the body, which is a good thing, not BS like excess heat and the like.
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  5. blackbirdbeatle added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Fast Healing
    Why is it that after you reach a certain age your healing drops so dramatically? I understant it basically but I'm hoping that there is an answer that I can use myself and nothing absolute.

    Case in point is that I used to heal rapidly and without any sign until I was about 21. After that I would get redmarks like crazy, despite not picking and improved hygienics and not changing anything in terms of lifestyle. Thank god I don't have acne anymore but I still heal slower with other wounds. Is it a decrease in hormones? Am I not absorbing certain vitamins or minerals? I understand you can increase things like vit. C, Zinc, etc... but I already take the RDA at least in the best forms. I eat tons of veggies, lot's of protein and good fats (Even my beef is grass fed only), exercise everyday, etc... yet I still can't get to the healing rate I had a few years ago. And this was a dramatic and sudden drop in healing too, over the course of a month maybe.

    Maybe try Q-10? Melatonin(I know they gave thousands of times the melatonin that is in a regular pill to a bunch of people over the course of years with no ill side effects and only mild drousiness in some people)?

    I posted it in this section as I would enjoy some scientific links or studies as to why we heal a lot faster when we are younger.

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  6. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Could someone explain the fiber concept   

    Shit! You're right. It even took me a second to see what the hell you were talking about. So much for my omniscient knoweldge in nutrition.
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  7. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Could someone explain the fiber concept   

    This is all you need to know about it:

    Insoluble scours your digestive track .
    Soluable scours your arteries.

    They do some other stuff too but just take 15grams of each per day and forget about it.

    Edited for being an idiot.
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  8. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Is seaweed bad for you???   

    Liver has massive amounts of vitamin A.

    Seaweed has carotenes and it's only converted to vitamin A at the rate in which your body needs it, and never in megadoses (And this is in a perfect environment. The 60% is probably the potential).

    Also it has large amounts of iodine like you said. Take that how you will.

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  9. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Alcohol, Insulin and Glucose   

    If you believe that your acne is caused by an increase in blood sugar and the insulin response that happens, yes. Sometimes. From what I've read, just from a insulin perspective, it's okay to drink most alcohol moderately or lightly with out having a negative effect and in many cases having a positive one.

    Women it seems are also less affected than men.

    From all the people here that say they break out after a night of partying and blame it on the alcohol, I wonder if they have considered all the factors of that night?

    Did they put sugary mixes in their drinks? Did they stay up all night? What did they eat before or when they were drunk that night? Is it because alcohol causes acne period or becuase they can't processes it themselves? I know asians that puke afer one mouthful of beer and have bad reactions.
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  10. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Alcohol, Insulin and Glucose   

    Yes I know it affects other things. I just wanted to point out that the evidence says that alcohol=insulin spike is false in most cases. I'm sure if you are drunk everyday you won't care about acne anyway.

    I realise the new thing on this board is taurine but you have to realise that there have been a ton of well researched and thought out acne cures here over the years that only pan out for a percentage of people. Most people drink at night so I'm sure that if you get taurine the previous 10 hours you are awake and not drinking you'll be fine.

    As for it being a diuretic, well I'm pretty sure that it's an easy fix if you are well hydrated throughout the night and don't go crazy with alcohol.
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  11. blackbirdbeatle added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Alcohol, Insulin and Glucose
    Okay I just want to nip this in the bud. Alcohol itself does not cause an increase in insulin. If anything it decreases it. Diabetics sometimes even need to eat before drinking or take insulin becuase they will be in trouble if they don't.

    Alcohol when consumed causes the liver to stop the insulin glucose thing for a while and takes care of the alcohol first.

    Now obviously I'm talking about hard alcohol and wine (Very little carbs like 5grams and the body processes the alcohol before the carbs so it's negligable).

    Beer is a bit worse but even then it takes around 5 or so beer (Of the typical watery beer North American variety) to equal the carb content of one can of pop and again the effects on glucose and insulin are much different than with pop or something with the equivalent carb content.

    Again, alcohol causes a lowering in blood sugar. So much so that it isn't uncommon for a drunk diabetic to come to the ER in a hypogycemic coma (The GF is a RN).

    Read this study:

    Notice at the end how it states that heavy drinking (like 8 glasses a day every day) is an increase for type 2 diabetes but moderate to low is a reduction. There is even an increase in sensitivity (A good thing).

    They make reference to other studies done (Linked in this study) where the people were younger (20's), in shape and drank only lightly or moderately and they too had a decrease in resistance/increase in sensitivity. This was with beer, not hard alcohol so you can imagine that hard alcohol wouldn't have any effect , or a positive one if taken in moderate to low doses, which is shown time and time again in diabetics.

    Note this study was done with NON diabetics.

    Of course all this goes out the window when you are drinking sugar filled drink mixes(But not as much as you would think).
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  12. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Will we ever be able to eat foods such as pizza, chocolate etc   

    Pizza and chocolate isn't all bad. You can't compare real pizza and chocolate with Pizza Hut and Hershey's.

    It's all about the ingredients.
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  13. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic Matcha tea better than Green tea?   

    Matcha is green tea. It's just the leaves ground into a powder. It's just the green tea that they use in traditional Japanese ceremonies, all frothed up.

    It's better for you because it's more readily absorbed. That's not to say that green tea as loose leaves isn't great for you, it is.
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  14. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic New Study Bull Crap!   

    Butter is good. Red meat in moderation is good and bad but the good far outweighs the bad IMO. All those red meat cancer studies leave out far far far too much to take seriously. What if I eat lots of fiber? Digestive enzymes? Free range meats? What if I eat tons of veggies? What if I exercise religiously? What if I have no stress?

    I grew up in a rural area and everyone I knew ate red meat at least 4 times a week. Of course this was organic. And everyone did the above things I pointed out. The average age of death in the area was in the high 80's. People came from all backgrounds and nationalities as well.

    No, if you have a largely healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally, nothing in moderation is going to kill you earlier.
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  15. blackbirdbeatle added a post in a topic What oil do you use to cook?   

    Butter if fantastic for cooking. Canola is much better than olive oil for cooking.
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