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  1. Accutane Progress Pics (severe cystic)

    Thank you! i actually have tons of ice pick/box car scars though but I can live with those as long as the breakouts stop ahh
  2. Accutane Progress Pics (severe cystic)

    I guess it depends on your skin type. Mines really sensitive so everything scars and takes forever to go away, and I've known that since I was little. What's your experience with your skin like?
  3. Accutane Progress Pics (severe cystic)

    Thank you that means a lot to me my roommate told me yesterday that my skin was clearing up and it just feel so nice to know that your skin IS improving, and it's not just you trying to convince yourself so!
  4. Accutane Progress Pics (severe cystic)

    Thank you all, these comments keep me going!
  5. Accutane Progress Pics (severe cystic)

    I'm getting on just fine! The dry lips, thirsty, and redness is what bothers me most but it's not not even that bad.
  6. Hey guys! Current status: started month 4 In November 2016. Started off 40 mg/day month 1, 60 mg/day month 2, and now 80 mg/day. I'm making this post because as a long-time subscriber to this unwanted skin disorder, I've always found solace in reading other people's journeys/YouTube videos. I think it goes way beyond "yay other people have it worst" , and more "I appreciate people's courage to post these pictures online and I want to be a part of this confidence." Personally, I've been wearing foundation every single day since the 7th grade. I am now a 20 year old college junior. It's taken MONTHS of training myself into loving the body I am in (still working on it, but hey, Atleast I don't cry when I look in the mirror as often anymore), to finally only wear tinted moisturizer. I've even begun wearing no makeup at all at the gym and around close friends. It sounds silly but I literally have to say to myself "Head held high. Stop dodging eye contact. Not everyone who looks at you is disgusted, calm down." I'm hoping to stop wearing makeup when school starts, because I honestly feel so much better when I'm not hiding. --- Accutane Progress Photos --- Routine: 40 mg/day, birth control, DeVita Aloe Vera Face Wash, Cerave Moisturizer, Coconut Oil at night, Neutrogena sunscreen Day 7 (day 7 and day 1 look pretty similar so here it is!)sorry for the angry face and shower cap haha. I don't often have bare face photo shoots so this is my best attempt Day 20. wore foundation yesterday for the first time in weeks! My skin peeled like dried Elmer's glue, totally not doing that again lol! Lips chapped like I just went to and back from the Upside Down (Stranger Things, anyone??) Day 33:beginning of month 2. I was bumped up to 60 mg/day, one 40 mg pill in he morning and one 20 mg pill in the evening. So far, my skin really haven't been that dry. It only gets a little flaky when I use too much sunscreen. I've been out in the sun for hours each day, which is bad i know, but I haven't gotten a sunburn - just more redness and tanned skin. My lips tho, wow. It's worse than "chapped" because it actually feels uncomfortable dry all the time and I'm always thirsty. No dry eyes or nosebleeds so far. And if it wasn't for my scars, I feel like my skin would ok retry good right now! Day 48(1.5 month): as of right now, I don't have an active zit! As for side effects, I get a rash/eczema looking thing on the back of my hand when I go to the gym and use arm weight machines... maybe because I'm pulling on the skin? My lips are still pretty dry, sometimes I have to exfoliate them so I don't look like I just ate white frosting . My skin gets a little flaky at times but it's not too bad at all. I'm really happy with how everything has been an upward progression so far. Also, I haven't washed my hair in 3 days and it's not greasy yet or anything haha thanks Accutane LOL. Day 62 (beginning of month 3): bumped to 80 mg/day! I broke out a bit this past week (one on the side of my nose near my eye and one on my lower cheek) and I actually feel a cyst-like bump coming up too. But it's okay, ANYTHING a tolerable after going through what I have LOL! And it's probably midterm stress. So the back of my hands and my forearm have been getting this weird rash that turns into a bunch of mini scabs. They've been coming in and out the past month but it doesn't bother me much. I'm at that point of dryness that I NEED aquaphor every moment of my day. I'm always thirsty. You can tell from the picture that my lips are super red. They peel a lot. However, my skin is still not THAT dry, which I'm grateful for. I'm great about sunscreen everyday, but I am outdoors ALOT so I might be doing something dangerous... i stay out in the sun for running, kayaking, etc but I haven't gotten a sunburn or anything bad! Day 81: (about 3 1/2 months!) nothing new, just dry lips, the occasional zit, and progress Day 100 (started month 4): hey guys! So the past 2 weeks have been a little rough, side effects wise. I have rashes all along my arms. My lips are peeling and cracked on both sides. But the worse one is my constantly bloody nose. I haven't actually dropped blood from my nose but the inside is covered in blood and my super dry. I also broke out other 3-4 large zits on my right cheek and you can see it in the picture. I've been slacking with taking the pill at consistent times with healthy high fat foods. I will need to get on top of this again!