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  1. Can't figure out right diet?!

    Your problem is that your "safe foods" are giving you acne. The soybean cooking oil alone in USA means you pretty much can't eat at any cooked food at a restaurant in the USA without breaking out. Don't trust any ingredient for anything that isn't a plant or pure meat. lol Also, low glycemic index + low fodmap may help you Maybe try this: Pure spring water red bell peppers quinoa Radishes Wild-caught fish Pork shoulder Lettuce Sprouted pumpkin seeds Sprouted wheat bread Turmeric Cumin Eggplant Cherry / grape tomatoes Arugula Spaghetti squash Zucchini vodka avocado oil extra virgin olive oil
  2. I went to a derm who said not to put coconut oil on your skin because it is comedogenic. As far as eating it, I noticed that it makes me break out slightly and all other spots more red and inflamed, so I must avoid it. Now I only cook with avocado oil and use ev olive oil for dressing.