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  1. At dinner, I had grass fed ground beef with quinoa, plain. Then I had some bone broth from here: just boiled water and pieces of chopped turnip and literally half of a tablespoon of the juice from this 'Horseradish Leek" one: into it.I also had one relatively large organic orange bell pepper. I also took a claritinto try to stop the histamine response (or whatever it is) usually get when I try to eat probiotics for the first time which I think some of the ingredients would be causing me to break out (getting new pimples). Earlier today I took some enteric coated peppermint oil, fish oil, and goldenseal pills. I have 2 new red spots right now. Basically from my pube area up to my pecksall under my ribcage has a slightly warm, tingling, painful sensation. I feel really weird brain fog right now...
  2. Hi. I've been dealing with acne for a long time. I'm a 25 year old male. I've been on antibiotics, Accutane, and used various face washes. I've been to many doctors, digestive specialists, and dermatologists. They all either told me I'm Sol, some lame recommendation like "don't drink dairy" , or give me something that doesn't work. Ihave noticed a super tight correlation between certain foods I eat and when my acne appears. Things containing probiotics (fermented foods, probiotic pills) always seem to give me very red, inflamed, large, painful, white pus-filled pimples from a super small amount of the food. The thing is, I want to heal my gut so that I don't have acne anymore, but it seems that taking probiotics does just the opposite. What should I do?