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  1. I call that perfect skin. I don't see any major scarring, so of course they could continue their lives.
  2. I can't do this anymore. My acne I had under pretty good control first time in a decade almost. I was feeling more positive, and my scars and texture seemed a bit better, I tried to do dermal fillers (not for scars just to make me look like I had a fuller face) and they seemed to have 'donuted' around my scars. Or were injected in clumps. Idk, I also finally was able to start skin needling with a professional . 3 treatments, and either that or the fillers or both has caused my severe. Scarring. I don't mean red marks I mean rolling scars . I never worried about my left cheek. It was my good side . Now it has worse scarring i can't eat anymore. I can't go to uni. I can't go out and socialise. It took me ten years to reach a point where I felt better. Then once again someone has treated my skin and given me SCARRING I NEVER HAD how can I make it better when even the most basic treatments make it worse? i cant breathe i cant live and i cant go through this pain again except now i have severe scars and i havent had acne on my cheeks!! i cant live anymore i cant do this again i just cant and no one cares
  3. Tbh if that's what you call scarring, then I feel even worse about my skin...
  4. Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    I'm from Sydney and hoping to see him also! It would be great if anyone could tell us if they have seen him for a treatment.
  5. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    I'm getting more and more worried that my skin is becoming worse. There are scars that were NEVER there before. I now because I've checked my skin so often over the last few years. i thought it could be the dermapen/skin needling but my aesthetician assures me that it is physiologically impossible for it to be doing this. i had some skin booster in my cheeks to help skin, but I never Had scarring like this before it, so it can't be that it's 'disappeared' so now I'm seeing scars again, The camera doesn't pick up how bad it is exactly. But I don't really have before pix because the scarring that bothered me was on the other cheek and jaw, this had one minimal one. Now it's becoming this. please someone explain what is going on!
  6. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    I have scars also, ice pick, boxcar, rolling and hypertrophic. But my skin looks old, aged, horrible, scarred, rough and I'm only 23!!! It also seems like it hasn't got 'plumpness' to it! Ive done a couple green peels in the past which didn't help and made my skin flake off in big chunks (the top layers) and I'm skin needling now but I think it has made it worse!!
  7. Hey everyone, so I've had a second needling treatment two weeks ago. After the first one I was red and all that but nothing bad happend, and a hypertrophic scar I have on my jawline for last 7 years went down by say 40%. There weren't really any other changes to my boxscar, rolling or ice pick or skin texture. Anyway I've had my second professional needling session two weeks ago (after a 10 week break in between) and my skin looks terrible! The scars look deeper, there seems to be a dip or rolling scar on my right cheekbone I never had, band my skin texture is horrible!!! no on seems to believe me when I say about my skin. They can see it's not the best but there is something really wrong with the way my skin looks! It looks wrinkly crinkled scarred I can't explain - it just doesn't look like skin should, and that's besides the other scars!! ive had that crinkly scarred texture for a couple years but it got better and I wanted to fix it and so. Did needling but now it looks worse!!! me aesthetician whom I've been seeing for about a year and half and has helped keep my acne under control and help says it is just some dehydration and need good exfoliation. I've had dehydration in past and my skin look crinkly but now my skin is moisturised with the same one that has been helping me for a year and half and helped rebuild and replenish my skin barrier (osmosis quench plus) but this isn't normal !!!!! Please help!!! thankssydboi The camera doesn't show how bad it is and I haven't shown pix of my scars. I'm smiling a little just to try show the crinkled texture and scarred look.