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  1. Okay there seems to be so much animosity on this forum towards scar sufferers of all severities. I thought perhaps this thread could work for us to post how we are feeling today about our scars in a safer environment, free of judgement and hate. There is one for those with acne, and I was sure there used to be one for scarring. Anyway if this isn't the proper place for this thread, perhaps a moderator could move it to the appropriate area. it should go without saying, but all welcome to vent. It's gonna be dark and gritty, but maybe an appropriate place to vent feelings about scars will lessen the hate in other threads...?
  2. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    Okay, my scars have become way worse due to needling. This isn't even a cause for debate. It's been two and half months since my third and final treatment and 7 months since my first. So much worse. i went to another cosmetic doctor here in Sydney to have filler to fill them up. She said it's impossible for needling to cause this. She said it's probably aging. So, in 6-7 months at age of 25 I've aged so much that all my scars are worse and even though needling is 'supposed' to help, I look worse? Right.... she also said I've had lost of volume loss. She used fillers and they seemed filled out (except my right jawline) but in three weeks they've become almost as visible. I also had skin booster. How could my body use all the filler so quickly? my scars are worse. I've used all of my money to try fix this. I was better off last year before needling. I also have large areas of depressions in my face like thumbprints. All that collagen loss . I dont have have money to survive . And why would I want to. The thing that keeps scar sufferers going is the hope of something to help. When even the least invasive treatments have made me worse, how can I afford or do anything else? sorry for the depressing post. ...........just want to close my eyes.
  3. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    The problem with Sydney doctors is that they charge a crazy amount of money just for visits. I am seeing a cosmetic surgeon who does acne scar treatments on Wednesday, and just a consult is $240! Thanks for the advice though ...I'm just so angry and scared Idk what to do. The damage is done, and if needling makes it worse, how can I hope to have any other treatment like Infini, or lasers, excision for my boxscars, etc, without my skin becoming more damaged? my right jawline was always my worst side and it is much worse now! Small pimples have left dents , etc, and I want to get fillers, but there are so many smaller dents, as well as wide box scars, It's just gonna look lumpy! my skin is much worse than when I started. Please be careful even with professionals. Personally, I've given up hope. I didn't even get scars like this when I had severe acne for years! PS: in regards to previous posts on this thread -people don't just come here for 'attention'. Also, you cannot judge them and diagnose them as having variants of BDD. You don't know their stories, what they feel and why. people also post for help, reassurance, advice. It's human. I must also have missed the criteria upon joining where you have to reach a certain benchmark of severity for acne and/or scarring before you're allowed to post.
  4. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    This is after. I know lighting is different but I think you can see the change! Please help.
  5. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    Let me clarify, for those who have not fully read what I've written: this was my 'good' side. My scars always have bothered my more on my right side/jawline, where I have hypertrophic and boxscars,but I could kinda hide that with some beard. I I had one minor cheek scar until December last year on my left cheek (the cheek in the photo). . The fact that these are appearing out of now where is scary. It is a shock. I haven't become used to it, nor do I want to. I don't understand why this is happening. Little pimples leaving dents, rolling scars worse, now on my other side near my cheekbone I have a deeper rolling scar. I've had one minor pimple there and it's left this? is it needling? The last time I scarred was in 2014. I haven't had any major pimples since then. This is a couple pix of my good cheek before...I barely took photos because it never bothered me
  6. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    It's been about four weeks since my third Dermapen session. i can't anymore. my skin looks horrible, like I've stated there are worse scars! They have deepened and I have experiences some new shallow indents from minor pimples! i don't know if the worsening of my present scars is due to the donut effect from filler. Or due to the needling. But something has made it worse. So much worse.
  7. I call that perfect skin. I don't see any major scarring, so of course they could continue their lives.
  8. I can't do this anymore. My acne I had under pretty good control first time in a decade almost. I was feeling more positive, and my scars and texture seemed a bit better, I tried to do dermal fillers (not for scars just to make me look like I had a fuller face) and they seemed to have 'donuted' around my scars. Or were injected in clumps. Idk, I also finally was able to start skin needling with a professional . 3 treatments, and either that or the fillers or both has caused my severe. Scarring. I don't mean red marks I mean rolling scars . I never worried about my left cheek. It was my good side . Now it has worse scarring i can't eat anymore. I can't go to uni. I can't go out and socialise. It took me ten years to reach a point where I felt better. Then once again someone has treated my skin and given me SCARRING I NEVER HAD how can I make it better when even the most basic treatments make it worse? i cant breathe i cant live and i cant go through this pain again except now i have severe scars and i havent had acne on my cheeks!! i cant live anymore i cant do this again i just cant and no one cares
  9. Tbh if that's what you call scarring, then I feel even worse about my skin...
  10. Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    I'm from Sydney and hoping to see him also! It would be great if anyone could tell us if they have seen him for a treatment.