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  1. Did infini destroy my skin?

    Hi beautiful ambition, im from Sydney but i had the treatment done elsewhere in Australia by Dr Lim. Ive had one previous CO2Re treatment with him (low density co2 I think it's fractionated also) and it worked out okay, not much improvement just some texture improvement. but this is scary. Like in a week the loss of collagen and the dips in my skin. My jaw looks so much worse than I've ever had it, my scars were definitely not like this. I worry about fillers there because I do have a hypertrophic scar that's bound all the way down which dr. Lim is also treating, but fillers would like donut around it and not sit correctly I think... i use bia fine all the time, even without treatments. I used Osmosis stem factor the first few days after treatment and the aqueous moisturiser they gave me, as well as QV intensive on top (which is occlusive) that they've given me previously. So it's very moisturised. I take neocell collagen, HA supplement, bovine collagen supplement, zinc, vitamin c, liquid multi, liquid minerals, vit d supplement, eat no sugar or dairy only healthy foods, and avoid the sun (always use sunscreen) this is has really destroyed my confidence...
  2. So a week ago I had infini done with low density co2 and Prp mask all my skin seems to be healing okay, except along my right jawline. All my scars are so much worse! And when I saw worse, I mean like deep areas loss of volume, increase in tethered scars and rolling scars. Anything that was just barely visible before is so much deeper and worse and scars I never had or noticed ate now apparent. is this part of the healing process? My jaw was NEVER like this before. I know if from every angle and light. Please help me, right now seeing this the anxiety is so bad I can't even breathe properly oh God just to see the pic and upload it the pain
  3. Feeling heaps low after a couple months of feeling great. Am am not doing uni work. Left work early yesterday. A week ago I had infini with low density co2 and prp. My skin all over seems to be healing okay...except along my right jawline where some of the worst scaring is. Rolling and tethered scars that were only barely visible on some lights towards my chin are now so much deeper! There seems to be like a huge dip and that dip is riddled with tethered scars and everything I had looks so much deeper. I don't know if this is supposed to be part of the healing process... but I can't breathe. I'm trying to fix this- I don't want it to be worse