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  1. Did infini destroy my skin?

    @beautifulambition I would pay whatever. I have paid whatever. I have worked my butt off for this. The doctors should treat us the same and offer the same options. Point blank. But do you know what I get told? 'You'll have to live with it ' or 'turn down lighting inside and avoid mirrors' I already do that! I came for help. I'm still in shock after I saw my skin under lighting from underneath on the mirrored desk surface. That, and opening the camera to photograph my skin in daylight, has been branded on my brain. I can't forget/excuse/pretend it isn't there any longer. So we are supposed to avoid catching glimpses when it's our faces! Avoid photos forever? And it is inevitable at times. We have to avoid brightly lit areas etc. so we have to live a sub-par life, to satisfy them? F**k that honestly! I'm sure Naomi does the nokor subscision but I'm worried. All things make it worse! I'm so scared man. I'm hoping Dr Davin Lim gets back to me soon. Sometimes his admin forget to forward emails to him. I called a while back seeing if I could get light microdermabrasion and they were going to ask and never got back to me. I've also been firmly massaging my face filler lumps for months. Nothing. Thanks for the advice as always beautifulambition. I was thinking...maybe a mini face lift? To pull the skin back and make the crinkly old texture and some scars less noticeable?
  2. Did infini destroy my skin?

    I just don't also get why filler placed deep is still lumpy on my skin also one of the major areas of depression is around/from a hypertrophic scar on my jaw. A bad one. It liked sucked all the collagen from the surrounding area to build itself. The infini and stuff tuff has helped make it flatter, it looks like a raised bunch of small round dots mashed together and jagged. but now there is also like a deep slash hollow where the scar is raised above and meets the surrounding skin. It's like a big pin pressing the surround area down. Besides the fact a little further along there are other tethered scars. Can you subscise around/under this? ive emailed Dr Davin Iim the pics and awaiting a response. Ive had skin boosters multiple times. Makes the skin seem plumper and better but no real long term benefits. but Maybe I should have skinbooster plump all the skin, which only lasts 6 months, then get subscision as more of then deeper filler is gone . idk. I just can't believe how bad my skin texture and scars have become through 'profressional' procedures and not acne some just have told me to live it, and move on, Iike Dr Adrian L. if I was a movie star or famous would they get told the same thing? I had to give up acting and tv auditioning because of this. Yet people go to have their their non scarred skin look better, to get rid of minor things like pores or whatever. No one tells them to just 'live with it', do they? No. People with no problems are 'allowed' to make theirs better, but scar sufferers have to 'live with it' and are branded 'vain'. Where is the justice in that?
  3. Did infini destroy my skin?

    Dr Naomi is willing to try some subscision on the deeper ones. But how can I do that now with all filler? i had filler placed deep, but I either have to wait it out, and I can't bear to see how destroyed my skin is. I've met the person of my dreams also, and started a new relationship, trying to hard to make my life work. But I can't meet the family and we've never hung out in the day time because of my skin. I can't wait do Live this looking the way it is Dr Adrian Lim said maybe some more filler, but he won't do anything else. He said to learn to live with it. To get on with life. Not to wound my skin. No one will do sculptra. They say it isn't good for scarred skin, I had it once 6 years ago and I don't know if it was that, or my acne was already bad, but I had a huge cystic break out for months. Im at a loss. I wanted some texture help and some specific scars helped. I now have this i can't deal this anymore
  4. Did infini destroy my skin?

    The doctors here say they can't do anything for me. Im lost. Dr lim is my only hope. But so far his techniques haven't worked
  5. Did infini destroy my skin?

    Ok, I've waited three months since my treatment there is NO significant improvement in my skin. I thought my skin texture was a bit better except for one section, but catching glimpses of my skin outside reveals. otherwise so ive had fillers to try widen and fill my face from dr.naomi, for my jaw, cheeks etc. I wanted something to detract from my scars! I've had them a few times as I've always had a thin face. I told her not to inject superficially for skin, but deeper for structural improvement, so that I can continue to see my skin progress. anyway i don't understand why the filler stays in some lumps on my skin, along it look rolling when it is injected sub cutaneously, apparently it's because I have thin scarred skin. anyway, infini and co2 with dr lim has not given me any main improvements. Skin texture looks horrid, one particularly section near my left mouth has a crease and More rough skin texture. dr lim didn't want to do subsicion and filler because of fillers already in my face. The skin booster I had fill my scars i had almost a year ago and will have gone. The other filler is deep structural filler! And you can CLEARLY tell where skin is tethered as I will show in pics. Even other injectors like dr Naomi can't understand why he wouldn't attempt some filler in between the rolling areas regardless what caused it, just to even it out I wanted help with some specific scars first. Then maybe some textural improvement. There is large areas of volume loss (whether that's because areas are raised due to deep filler or whatever, but it shouldn't matter. You can see the tethered scars, like a pin in a cushion bringing the whole area down) The hypertrophic scar on my right jaw is flatter, but there are little bumps on it of scar tissue as it's gotten flatter, and the side of it looks like a deep gash in my jaw. It's very stuck and tethered. I don't know if I'm explaining this correctly. The problem with these doctors is that they DONT know how it is to live with scarring, regardless how many people they treat. It's different when it's YOUR FACE. They do the angled lighting to see areas of volume loss. But they need to see it from different angles! For example, have you ever looked at your scars with lighting just above you and lookin down on a black backed mirrored surface? Or a shiny silvered mirror surface? From beneath? You want to see volume loss, that's how you see it!! When your face is animated also. No one has seen my scars in that light to measure the true depth of scar and what is going on. They don't want to listen to patients because they think they know better how to see scars. If they had them themselves, they would know that ONLY SCAR SUFFERS know how to really see scars. Seeing my skin like that shocked me. I can't help seeing my skin like that because at my job, I have a mirrored surface with a light directly overhead when I'm writing stuff on the desk and I can't help seeing it. Let me just say I was happier before Dr lim, before filler, before the skin needling a lady did. My skin is truly gross. People would say to me 'I can't really see scars it's not that bad" (obviously they have perfect skin so they don't know) but I just wanted a couple of scars fixed and maybe some texture improvement. Not this. Now those same people have noticed my scars. I get told now to stop wasting money because it's being counterproductive. That it isn't helping. Even my best friend was shocked when she saw me skin in that mirrored surface from beneath. I don't get why Dr lim continues to not fill in my scars, because of 'other filler' that was placed deep anyway. I've been going to him since august last year. How much patience do I need, when it's getting worse and not better? Like are you friggin kidding me? Why does filler I've had previously injected DEEP stay lumpy sometimes? Why can't these doctors subscise my skin where it is clearly tethered? SHould I look at alternatives like a mid face lift, to pull my skin? I don't know what to do. I'm so depressed from this. My skin texture is so bad. I've asked if my skin can be tested or an ultrasound to see what's happening. I've seen people with scars but the rest of their skin is normal and plump. Not mine. And not one person Listens to me. I hate doctors that in their arrogance forget to listen to patients, and when patients come to the practice informed or with research and asking about options, just treated as anxious hypochondriacs.
  6. Did infini destroy my skin?

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their supportive words and help. Means heaps So far I am waiting it out. Dr. Lim was kind enough to email me, mail me and also called me personally at night to talk me through it. He has said to give it a few months, that it will looks worse before it gets better, and that anything can be helped, that he has a multitude of procedures, just that we have to see how my skin goes for now. I really appreciated that, because when you see your skin and it looks worse, it really can do a number with your head, and make you think the worst. So here's hoping, at least I have a caring doctor to support me, as well as this board.
  7. Did infini destroy my skin?

    When treatments are making your skin worse, then by definition they are not improving your skin. This 'negative stuff' is largely a direct consequence of having saved up money, hope and time for my skin to permanently look worse than before. Furthermore, when the aforementioned treatments are performed by a doctor who is the 'best' in his field, no has 'leading edge technology' but they make you look worse-being detrimental to your self image, and future career- then there isn't really hope for other treatments, again causing a spiral into this 'negative stuff'. Talking to someone I think won't solve the issue of destroyed skin. like i said previously, I hate posting this negative stuff. I want success. I want it for myself. Want it so others can also have hope. But it is what it is
  8. Did infini destroy my skin?

    My skin is getting so much worse. It's almost three weeks. At this point I don't trust infini nor Dr. Lim ive given up hope. I went in there for skin texture and scars. There must be something wrong with my skin. Right now I have more scars and deeper scars than ever before. Ive wasted my time. Yeah money. My life. I've just signed a deferrment on uni. I doubt I'll return. I refuse to see my family or friends anymore . They see my in getting worse and ask me why I went there, what's the point etc etc. i used to be good looking. I was supposed to have an agent. Regardles of whether people have it worse, the point is my skin is much worse than when I began.
  9. Did infini destroy my skin?

    what risk? I thought it was just the donut effect. I dont know how much longer I can wait to fix this. I cant stand looking at myself. I cant handle being around people, I was feeling bit better about myself. Dr. Naomi has used skin boosters, but my previous fillers from elsewhere havent dissolved and its almost a year! Ive called Urepublic and they arent taking new patients until June. I asked them to please slot me in where they can because I am desperate. And now these two smaller new scars due to the pimples and stupid me popping them! They hurt bad, and i was worried the longer they were there, the more damage. They popped and all. Now i have two more new ones to add to the bunch of scars. My skin is just horrible and very noticable now. I saved up for ages -almost two years- to have this treatments and fly up there. Look what happened. I feel hideous and and so upset right now, and I hate having to type this terrible, depressing stuff. I want to be like "yes! it is getting better". I try SO hard. for what? Ill post pics on here.
  10. Did infini destroy my skin?

    I have been on oral HA and a host of other things also to help. I stopped after a month. I wouldve loved to do subscision with saline, but it wasnt offered. Thanks for your advice though, ill have to look into that more I emailed and called him after my first treatment when I was seeing negative reactions. He emailed and sent me a letter addressing my concernes. He has told me I would be a difficult case to treat, because of previous treatments that I have done and fillers in for my scars that have donated and not fully worked. The negative reactions were not really in areas with fillers for scars though. Anyway, on the day of my appointment I arrived earlier and he took some more pics and spoke to me, which I appreciate. He compared the first photo prior to treatments and the ones just taken. He pointed out there improvement in certain areas and divots, and from the photos it seemed apparent. However, I do not see these scars in every angle of light I look at, not noticeable. All my noticeable scars, even the SHALLOWEST ones haven’t really improved, and only some of my skin texture. He said “not really knowing what is scar and what isn’t” and that my skin needs to rest for a few months, to maybe come back if I want in 3-4 months time for another infini. He is trying to do overall improvement, and then do a targeted approach. Except the overall improvement hasn’t done much, though according to him and the pictures it has, but as I said even my shallowest scars haven’t improved. The thing is, he says he doesn’t know what is really scar because other people have gone in there and treated with filler etc and it has donuted, whatever. It is quite apparent which parts are very tethered tbh, This time last year an aesthetician performed dermapen on me, three sessions, which made my skin texture worse and started causing scarring. I went to try having some filler in my scar at one place, made it appear more apparent. I went to Dr. Naomi (who is excellent in fillers my mum goes to her and she is a genius) but even her filler technique didn make my scars that less noticeable and made them appear a bit deeper. I flew to Dr. Lim and then this happens with my skin. There is no hope! I do want to thank you for your kind words though, BeauitfulAmbition