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  1. Doxyclying & Epidou not working

    Umas, thank you! I was hoping maybe it is taking longer on me than normal... (of course it would right?) My Dr is telling me to stick it out for 12 weeks and that sometimes it can take up to 8-12 weeks to completely get clear. I haven't had any new breakouts in a couple of days, but I definetly have more acne than the normal person should at this point. I really hope it's just the Epidou like you say.
  2. Hello! So I've been on Epidou and Doxycycling since January 12th of this year. I'm getting quite disappointed because I haven't had much relief although my cystic acne has turned into more superficial acne. (White heads and a tad smaller) I take 100 ml twice a day and use the Epidou once a day as instructed. I also take tons of vitiams. It's discouraging to read most people claim to have their skin much better by 4-6 weeks with both medications. I get at least one pimple a day which definetly adds up! Does anyone else have experience with this? I really want to know how long it took you guys! Thanks. ☺