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  1. Alcar Acetyl L Carnetine 1gram a day

    I used this initially for my heart (it helps with palpitations etc) and noticed how much dryer my face became. It was so dry i could actually moisturize with emu oil which i did not mind at all. It took 1-2 weeks to kick in, taking 1 gram in 600ml of water every morning, from a bpa free cup. I did not change my diet, but i did also drink more water (because i was drinking this in the first hour of being awake) I stopped taking Alcar recently due to bad time management and have noticed how oily my face and hair has been lately, so i will be starting again tomorrow, as i have had tiny keratin bumps pop up around my face, neck and hair line. I find it works for back acne (my scars actually healed after 6 months of taking this and MSM in water) aswell as neck acne, oily skin and oily hair.