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  1. oceanmist added a post in a topic Which type of acne does zinc help?   

    yep. i recommend the 10mg tablets.. take on a full stomach (very important) or else u will get the worse headache/nausea ever... trust me
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  2. oceanmist added a post in a topic Manuka Honey.   

    im currently mixing a few drops into my Finacea gel that i apply morning and night, under my jojoba. on active zits i apply the oil directly.. and at night, also put a small glob of the honey.

    skin's doing allright.. a few zits but mainly just old/new red marks.. some faded.. some fresh. my skin heals really slow so scars have always been a bigger problem for me than the acne itself.

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  3. oceanmist added a post in a topic Manuka Honey.   

    i ordered some online too.. then a few days later i found it at a local honey shop near my house for half the price. grr! i bought it again anyways because i was desperate to try it asap
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  4. oceanmist added a post in a topic Manuka Honey.   

    ^ apparently its 33 times more effective than BP or TTO.

    been using manuka oil (and the honey still at night) for a few days now... skins looking better.. active zits dying down and no new ones. and no irritation or dryness at all.. like BP and TTO gives.
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  5. oceanmist added a post in a topic Manuka Honey.   

    wow. this is an old thread, surprised it got revived.

    im still using manuka honey. ive been using the regular manuka honey... and since i was almost out i went out 2 days ago and bought the the UMF 10+. i originally bought UMF 25+ but then i read that anything higher than 18+ can be very irritating when applied topically and produce detrimental effects according to a study manuka's healing powers. (the most effective is 16-18+ but i could not find that).

    manuka honey is really good at killing off zits, especially the cyst like ones. i dont bother with the bandaid anymore... i find it actually works better without it... ? since ive only been spot treating with manuka honey.... i also bought manuka oil (smells really strong, but we'll see how it goes), and im going to try applying that all over for preventative measures.

    overall, it is something i would ACTUALLY recommend to anyone.
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  6. oceanmist added a post in a topic My Light Experience   

    congrats on your success. can u tell me how long ur sessions are? i do 10 min, once a day. i tried doing 15 min but i think it irritated my skin so im cutting back.
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  7. oceanmist added a post in a topic What Can Be Achieved Using Holistic Methods   

    I am interested in trying out your method of no grain/more meat diet. but is it necessary to buy only organic grass-fed meat? and where on earth do you find buffalo...? also, do you eat seafood?
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  8. oceanmist added a post in a topic detoxing = headaches   

    i had some fish today and yesterday. im gonna stick with the fish for a while. my diet is already really healthy after doing so many changes.

    i saw that video a year ago... never managed to finish it. =P maybe i'll watch it again if i have courage. lol

    i dont know if i'd ever go 100% vegan.. im not that extreme.

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  9. oceanmist added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    detoxing = headaches
    everytime i try cutting out meat & grains (dairy's already out) and going for as raw food as possible... along with drinking lots of water, i get a friggin massive headache. i never knew why until i realized it's probably a side effect of my body detoxing. anybody experience something similar? and how to deal with it? if i eat something it goes away temporarily. i just finished dinner though now, and my temples are throbbing.
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  10. oceanmist added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Manuka Honey.
    Lately I've been finding this to be a pretty good spot-treater for a zit. I've used it on and off. It's a hit or a miss with it, but it's killed off a few growing pimples including cysts, literally overnight. most effective if u use it as soon as u've discovered the zit... ie. ASAP. otherwise, its usually a lost cause. to use: i put a dab of it on and cover with a cut-up tiny piece of band-aid before bed. if im staying at home, i'll do it during the day too. it has really helped my recent breakouts due to potential fish oil.
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  11. oceanmist added a post in a topic Other vegetarians/vegans on this site?   

    i read through the first 7 pages of this post... verrry interesting.

    im not vegetarian at all... but i try to eat more like one mainly for health reasons. but some other thoughts that go through my mind sometimes:

    -i love meat but sometimes i'll like poke it and the idea of consuming another animal's flesh becomes so disgusting to me.
    -i would never be able to kill my own chicken.. butcher houses horrify me. but when u have like sliced meat on a sandwich u never think about it that way. although the other day i roasted my first whole chicken.. and as i was preparing it.. i felt really disgusted. if that chicken had a head on it i wouldn't be able to cook it. same goes with shrimp. somehow i manage to get through fish... but i refuse to cook lobster because of how u have to drop it in boiling water ALIVE.....
    -i watched half of the meat.org video last year... couldn't finish it cuz it was disgusting
    i do agree that the meat industry is very corrupt, but i'd never argue against like.. as someone mentioned before, an inuit person hunting their own fish or something humane like that.

    if i did become "vegetarian".. it'd be more vegan actually since im already allergic to eggs and dairy intolerant (definately breaks me out). but im also allergic to soy, and legumes/lentils give me reallllly bad stomach aches. hah...

    oh yeah i do hate it when ppl bash vegetarians saying that its actually not "healthy".... yeah right! and these are the same ppl who eat the typical greasy-laden, high-fat western diets....
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  12. oceanmist added a comment on a gallery image 4-5 months post tane   

    doing much better but still having a few troubles
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  13. oceanmist added a post in a topic If you could have any meal and not be affected by it, what would it be?   

    have u ever tried rice milk ice cream? its gluten-free u know.. and the vanilla kind has no added sugar cuz the brown rice its made from is mysteriously naturally sweet..

    at first when i tried it, it tasted kinda funky. my family doesnt like it.. they prefer the haagin-daz of course. but soon i became addicted to it! its a love-it or hate-it kinda thing... but it can grow on u too!

    there's also ice creams made from nut milks too, which i hear taste ridiculously good and rich... comparable to real ice cream. although i havent seen any in stores.. u can make it urself if u have an ice cream maker i believe.
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  14. oceanmist added a post in a topic If you could have any meal and not be affected by it, what would it be?   

    a grilled cheese sandwich.
    gourmet thin crust pizza.
    a funnel cake or a honey cruller donut.
    haagin-dazz coffee ice cream.
    ben & jerry's chunky monkey.

    however ive learned to curb my eating habits and adapt my cooking to suit my needs and my tastebuds. it can be fun to experiment. ie:

    pasta --> brown rice pasta
    french fries --> roasted sweet potatoes
    ice cream --> rice milk ice cream or homemade sorbet
    chocolate --> 85% dark chocolate
    baked goods --> replace white flour, butter, sugar with rye/oat/spelt flour, olive oil, agave nectar

    of course these are still considered "treats"... just that i dont have to freak out over eating them.
    i do miss melted cheese anything.. although i plan to make my own rice/nut cheese (i can tolerate grain/nuts, just not dairy)
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  15. oceanmist added a post in a topic Fish oil/Omega 3's connection with chromium   

    hmm. this is interesting! i just posted that i think fish oil suppplements causes break outs for me. i should mention here that a naturopath once told me i had a chromium deficiency. so.... make the connection... and ... i could have my answer as to why fish oil would break me out.
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