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i dont like the foam
on 19/07/2016
I cannot tolerate any kind of foam cleanser because I have dry, sensitive skin. I have been searching for an organic cleanser that wouldn't make my sensitive skin burn on my cheeks and would also moisturize and not leave my skin dry after cleansing. The Made from Earth Green Tea Cleanser is perfect for me - no foam and It feels so soothing, smells heavenly, and as suggested on the package, I often leave it on for several minutes as sort of a treatment mask for my dry skin before rinsing it off.<br/>I will never use anything else after finally finding this
try somaluxe instead....
on 25/09/2014
I put the Somaluxe Moisturizer on before I go to sleep, and when I wake up. After about 3-4 days I have noticed that the bags below my eyes are about HALF the size. Pretty great… but wait a second. After ~2 weeks of usage, the bags under my eyes are 99% gone. Try the Somaluxe. . .I hadnt heard of it either - but it works!
on 21/09/2014
I subscribe to ProActiv, and it dosen't help me. At all. I have oily skin, too. So, I tried the Citrus Clear products and I didn't expect any results. After just one week of using Citrus Clear products, my skin has cleared up noticeably.
on 08/07/2014
I am a dermatologist myself who still gets occasional products and I would never recommend Neutrogena. I think the Citrus Clear brand is fantastic. It is a new brand, that has the cutting edge acne technology. I have not ever seen formulas like this in my career and have been recommending Citrus Clear to all my pacients - and we all love the results!<br/>What most people don't realize is that the citrus formulas are not drying AND help with inflammatory acne (red painful bumps or pus bumps). There is nothing similar to this product on the market. The closest competitor is Panoxyl which makes (4/5/8/10 % benzoyl peroxide products all of which are too drying).
on 14/06/2014
Since you have sensitive / oily skin like me, go with the Somaluxe Face Wash. The scent actually wakes me up and makes my skin feel so smooth when I'm done. It doesn't dry my skin out either it gives it a nice clean glow which I love. The best thing for me is the Somaluxe Face Wash helps with my acne and blackheads it doesn't completely git rid of it but it does keep my skin under control so I won't have more breakouts. I tend to use this in the morning