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  1. What Do I Have? Pictures Attached.

    I only see2 or 3 spots, if my skin is as clear as that id be in joy!
  2. I promise you i dont. i have 5 huge zits atm and all my hyperpigmentation are dark, my nose, and cheeks have noticeably large pores and blackheads and my face is really oily. I shouldve probably taken it with a better lighting but i do have real acne, believe and i just feel so down
  3. What makeup brand do you use? Some brands really give me bad breakouts so im dying to know!!! Hahahaha and whats your skincare routine?
  4. How bad is my acne really? Will i be ever get rid of it? I hate myself. I am repulsed just by looking at myself in the mirror. My acne got worse.. from a single pimple, i now have a lot of cheek and forehead hyperpigmentation, inflamed pimples and huge pores. I will never find someone.