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  1. Omg girl, I've been in this exact condition!!! I'd still be badly off if I didn't have an awesome care regimen. I am NOT selling snake oil, I don't work in the skin or pharmaceutical industry, I'm actually just a nursing student  I know the pain you're in physically and mentally and I desperately want to help you. SO, here's my advice. 1. Get some hibiclens from the drug store. Avoiding the eye area, a few times a week while in the shower, apply it and let it sit a minute or two. Do this until those heads that are yellowish and skin weeping any off white liquid (this is staph) are no longer doing so. 2. Get a script for tretinoin .05 and about 15 to 20 minutes after washing your face at night, apply it, one very thin layer, all over the effected areas. You will peel or flake (or not) like a mother trucker for the first month. And all of those flesh colored small bumps will come out as the inflamed acne. Bring them ALL to the surface. This will take months. It's that nasty 'purge'.  3. Stop using soaps except for the hibiclens a few times a week. Play with some oils to see which your skin likes best, but the safest for sensitive skin (yours is right now) is jojoba oil. To wash with the jojoba oil, apply it liberally, get a soft thin baby washcloth with warm water, and wash it off.  4. Moisturizing is a must so you can minimize the damage the acne is doing to your collagen and to ease up your physical pain. Again, oils, do NOT grab that freaking loaded moisturizer filled with all kinds of BS. Evening primrose is a beautiful one (I have more info on why if you're interested) and NO it won't clog your pores. You can also just use your jojoba oil lightly all over. And NO it also won't clog your pores. SMOTHER your lips with vaseline, no other lip products. Get the inside corners REALLY well too. 5. Healing. Order a bag of zinc powder from online. A nice hefty pound or so of it. Also, if you can eventually you'll need some Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate powder also. You will dab your finger into the zinc powder and touch ALL open pimples with it at night after you put on the tretinoin. Make them nice and white. This is super powerful tissue healing. The Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate powder (a vitamin c powder that DOES penetrate the skin) will be mixed with the jojoba sometimes on your face (once a week) over your tretinoin when you sleep.  6. Stop seeing an esthetician, stop getting any facials other than a steam and extraction if you MUST.    Your skin is being overly treated with chemicals and behind that your skin isn't properly shedding and renewing new cells. Manual exfoliation is going to freak it out so you need a topical like tretinoin. The tretinoin will not only bring all acne to the surface via exfoliation, it's going to shrink that oil gland to nothing after the pimple is healed. If you continue to use it for close to 12 months (or even quicker), your collagen webbing under the skin will double and the your pitted scarring edges will soften and plump. the vitamin C will also help rejuvenate and plump everything as it's VITAL for new collagen growth. I do NOT RECOMMEND  anything internal other than healthy food and lots of water. Please, seriously, my two cents is STAY external. Tretinoin will do exactly what accutane does it's just most don't stay with it long enough. There are numerous NIH studies published to back all of this up, and I had skin EXACTLY like yours. I want to add that I'm concerned your doc is pushing accutane that quick. I don't use Taz, I use plain generic tretinoin cream, and it takes 6 months (was 4 for me)  to finally finish bringing ALL of them to a head. And what do you do after accutane? That is ridiculous. Not trying to be a hater but do derms have some kind of deal with accutane suppliers? It's insane how quickly some of them reach for it. 
  2. There's no science whatsoever to back up an antibiotic making acne worse. Retinoids are the only ones that thin the skin and bring hidden bumps to the surface for a one last goodbye to acne. I would NOT use it. Antibiotics internally are going to effect you SYSTEMICALLY. It's your integumentary system that needs help, not your liver, stomach, kidneys etc. Yeast infections are the least of your worries (will happen too). If your acne was just bacterial, topical hibiclens would clear it. Pick it up at the drug store and just avoid your eye area. Hibiclens keeps any trunk area acne away for me. Leave it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing, it will make your skin an area where bacteria can not thrive at all. And bacteria can NOT build a tolerance to hibiclens.  If your acne on your face is consistent, my guess would be your cell turnover sucks, which is why retinoids work so well for people. It's an exfoliant and it shrinks your oil glands. It's an ugly process but I am perfectly clear on it (tretinoin cream) and I STILL have mucho cystic acne whenever I try to stop it for longer than a couple weeks.    I'm not a fan of epiduo because it's very drying over time and meds like that do nothing to increase collagen as the months go on or help antiaging so that suffering is for nothing, sadly.  
  3. Should I stop taking Accutane?

    I would never recommend accutane to begin with unless you had done a full 6 to 10 months of an external retinoid like tretinoin. I can't imagine using a fully loaded gun like that in my body when the problem is the external oil glands. Seems dangerous and WAY overkill. 
  4. Retin-A Making Pores Larger?

    That's really strange. I have insanely sensitive skin and usually if something can go wrong, it does with my skin. I have had some panic moments with tretinoin cream where my skin was so dehydrated I looked like death (clear skin though). But I would slap on vaseline at night and some nights mix Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate powder with it and just massage the heck out of it and my skin was magnificent. Dollars to donuts anyone who uses it long term and isn't happy, it's because they allowed their skin to become super dehydrated. There's just too much published in the NIH backing up the effects of tretinoin. It does have to be used correctly and in adjunct with lots of water and external hydration. 
  5. 4 weeks in is not long enough to judge anything. You should still be purging a bit, they just may not be inflammatory pimples (red and swollen). The blackheads are what turn into pimples later, they're little plugs of keratin and sebum. I had this on my nose as I was purging. I don't really get blackheads anywhere else, so I know it is normal. PLEASE stay with it at least for 6 months. If you have a major date or function I know it's tempting to stop but PLEASE don't. You'll thank yourself later. I also highly suggest ditching the saw palmetto unless you're taking it for prostate health and same with milk thistle. I would simply eat right, drink water and keep going with tretinoin. Don't screw with your hormones.
  6. I have many years of experience with generic Tretinoin cream.  For some reason 6 months has always been my 'perfection point' in regards to breakouts on tretinoin. Most don't hang around long enough to experience that. I still use it religiously only I use .1% now every few nights. And .01% around my eye area (31 and NO crows feet yet, THANK YOU TRETINOIN!) It was almost a year in that I reached the perfection point in regards to collagen production. First it thins the hell out of your skin, then it begins causing more/tighter collagen matrixes. It also began really changing the shape of my atrophic scars as well as filling them in. Now w if I could just stop getting cocky, going off of it, and having to redo the whole dang timeline haha. I'm destined to be on this until menopause I fear.  Hope all of you plagued with acne make tretinoin your best friend and keep it in your arsenal as a secret for life! You deserve to be acne free AND age slower than those who have blemish free skin after all of the suffering.    I use it the way you initially did but I have a fantastic tolerance now as I have used it a long time. If you aren't looking like a snake shedding it's skin, I would do a pea size for your lower face, pea size for upper region, and if you're doing your neck area, pea size there. Tretinoin DOES travel a bit under the skin. Any more than what I have said will not make it work any better/faster. But a stronger percentage may be needed if you have thicker skin, and studies say the higher percentage the faster the results. (Males and more melanin usually means thicker skin). 
  7.   I know this is late. But most of the zinc that isn't absorbed by my skin is rubbed off as I sleep at night. I am familiar with the type of comedones I get from a pore clogging substance and I haven't experienced that with pure zinc oxide powder. And Jojoba oil will NOT clog your pores. I also use evening primrose every other night, and that oil has yet to break me out. (My skin is a real bear too)
  8. Just Did Prp And Dermapen For Acne Scars

    Hey all! Wanted to give an update. So I had two treatments with PRP and dermapen, then one last treatment with just the dermapen. Those were quite some time ago now. Lasting effects: the itty bitty tiny pinprick scars you get after breakouts that look like orange peel skin are still GONE. My nasolabial folds generally have lines and I have yet to have them reappear. I had a combo hypertrophic and atrophic scar where tissue was like tethered on the side of my chin from a cyst that would haunt me for a few years... It has never come back.  I did have a pretty deep atrophic scar on the other side that SLIGHTLY filled in but is still just tethered down pretty bad so is still an indent (fixable with filler if the doc scrapes the needle back and forth as she's filling, I have had permanent results from this action).  Overall I'm glad I did it and if I had a tax return with a grande or two to blow I would highly recommend it as a starting point and would do it again. I can imagine it does wonders for premature aging and sun damage too!