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  1. I have many years of experience with generic Tretinoin cream.  For some reason 6 months has always been my 'perfection point' in regards to breakouts on tretinoin. Most don't hang around long enough to experience that. I still use it religiously only I use .1% now every few nights. And .01% around my eye area (31 and NO crows feet yet, THANK YOU TRETINOIN!) It was almost a year in that I reached the perfection point in regards to collagen production. First it thins the hell out of your skin, then it begins causing more/tighter collagen matrixes. It also began really changing the shape of my atrophic scars as well as filling them in. Now w if I could just stop getting cocky, going off of it, and having to redo the whole dang timeline haha. I'm destined to be on this until menopause I fear.  Hope all of you plagued with acne make tretinoin your best friend and keep it in your arsenal as a secret for life! You deserve to be acne free AND age slower than those who have blemish free skin after all of the suffering.    I use it the way you initially did but I have a fantastic tolerance now as I have used it a long time. If you aren't looking like a snake shedding it's skin, I would do a pea size for your lower face, pea size for upper region, and if you're doing your neck area, pea size there. Tretinoin DOES travel a bit under the skin. Any more than what I have said will not make it work any better/faster. But a stronger percentage may be needed if you have thicker skin, and studies say the higher percentage the faster the results. (Males and more melanin usually means thicker skin). 
  2.   I know this is late. But most of the zinc that isn't absorbed by my skin is rubbed off as I sleep at night. I am familiar with the type of comedones I get from a pore clogging substance and I haven't experienced that with pure zinc oxide powder. And Jojoba oil will NOT clog your pores. I also use evening primrose every other night, and that oil has yet to break me out. (My skin is a real bear too)
  3. Just Did Prp And Dermapen For Acne Scars

    Hey all! Wanted to give an update. So I had two treatments with PRP and dermapen, then one last treatment with just the dermapen. Those were quite some time ago now. Lasting effects: the itty bitty tiny pinprick scars you get after breakouts that look like orange peel skin are still GONE. My nasolabial folds generally have lines and I have yet to have them reappear. I had a combo hypertrophic and atrophic scar where tissue was like tethered on the side of my chin from a cyst that would haunt me for a few years... It has never come back.  I did have a pretty deep atrophic scar on the other side that SLIGHTLY filled in but is still just tethered down pretty bad so is still an indent (fixable with filler if the doc scrapes the needle back and forth as she's filling, I have had permanent results from this action).  Overall I'm glad I did it and if I had a tax return with a grande or two to blow I would highly recommend it as a starting point and would do it again. I can imagine it does wonders for premature aging and sun damage too!